September 27, 2010

Advancing Wisconsin hiring Racine canvassers

Advancing Wisconsin is hiring canvassers to go door-to-door in Racine prior to the Nov. 2 election.

Canvassers can make $10+ per hour talking to potential voters about political issues.

Here's the ad that's circulating by email. We saw a copy sent out by Community for Change to notify its members:
A message to all members of Community for Change
For those you who are expert canvassers, here is an opportunity to also get paid while you work.
Advancing Wisconsin has started canvassing operations in support of a progressive public policy agenda across the state. Field Organizers will be knocking  on the doors of voters to talk about the issues that matter most to  Wisconsinites. Please contact us for more information about our canvass  operations! 
Hiring Field Organizers in Racine!
(September & October)
We need outgoing, bright, and articulate individuals to go door-to-door and talk about issues like health care, jobs, economic development and education in our state.
FIELD ORGANIZERS are the HEART of our work!
Advancing Wisconsin is a statewide progressive, grassroots organization. Our core mission is to talk with people in the community about critical issues.
Earn $10 + / hour
No Fundraising Work
Mondays -Thursdays 2:30 – 9:00pm 
Some weekends
Apply NOW at:
Submit a resume to
Call Ted with inquiries: 262-312-4921

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  1. So Kelly is getting the Yes We Can crew back together to stump for Tommy, Cory and Johnny. Bet they even have absentee ballot sign ups too!

  2. Another non-baised in kind donation from the Racine Post.

    Why do Democrats have to pay people to do this sort of work? Not enough people fired up about John Heckenlively?

  3. Looks like a lot of money going to be flying through hands. hmmmm wonder where it all comes from..... let's see... $10 an hour x 8 hrs a day =$80 x 5days a week = $400 a week for only ONE worker. x 10 workers = $4,000 for only one week using ten workers in one city. The amount of money for this organization to pay people to do this is huge. Just where is that money coming from?

  4. The person who came to my door claimed they weren't representing anyone, so much for being above board. Then I was given pro Lehman liturature after answering four questions about who I would vote for. Then I asked here why she didnt ask me about the dumb train (KRM), that no one wants.

  5. must be our stimulus money at work ! the left never ceases to amaze me. I do political work for free.....not a lot but as time permits...because I feel it is important. more desperate measures....

  6. The Translator9/27/2010 2:34 PM

    This post needs some translation:

    1. Community for Change = the old Yes We Can Wisconsin, aka Obama for President.

    2. " in support of a progressive public policy agenda" = the Liberal agenda.

    3. Canvassers can make $10+ per hour talking to potential voters about political issues = We will pay you to talk about the Liberal agenda

    4. Advancing Wisconsin is a statewide progressive, grassroots organization. Our core mission is to talk with people in the community about critical issues = We are a astro turf move funded liberal orginization. We will talk you into voting absentee, heres an application with all the Democratic candidates already filled in for you.

  7. One came by my home did not stay long. Next time I let the dogs go

  8. The Racine Post has become the promotional wing of the Democratic party.

  9. Wow! What a bunch of whiners! If you want to talk about "astro turf" then let's talk about the Tea Party and their multi-billionaire backers, the Koch brothers. Their Dad was an original member of the John Birch Society and fruit don't fall too far from the tree. They are payrolling the "grass roots" movement called the Tea Party in the MSM, but is just the usual collection of right wing nut jobs with a new nickname.

  10. Just for 9:23 I am going to give $20 to Scott Walker and $20 to Christine O’Donnell.
    Should the workers come to my home I got a water hose

  11. 9:23, you are off your rocker. You want to see some Astroturf, see any left wing event with their matching signs.

    The vast majority of persons involved in the TEA party are volunteers. That means they aren't getting paid.

    Your precious unions are even hiring protestors.

  12. Josephus says to all you right-wingers who carry water for the Republican extremists who want your vote and then will screw you economically, wise up. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, and the middle class is declining rapidly. The income gap is the greatest since 1948. There were no net gain of jobs during the eight years of the Bush Administration despite all of those tax cuts. Start reading reality and fact-based stuff instead of the propaganda spewing out of the Fox News (an oxymoron) lie machine. Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it.

  13. Anon 2:35 you forgot your meds again.

    Is that you John Heckenlively?

  14. Josephus is not JH 4:16. The med thing is so old. Everybody uses it now. I am a reality and fact-based student of history and the present who has discovered that since the Reagan Administration real wages in this country have declined even factoring in inflation. See former Republican Kevin Phillips' book Wealth and Democracy which says it all including his book Bad Money. The power centers in this country are the military which rolled Obama regarding Afghanistan, the multinational companies, and right-wing extremists. Republicans are economic Darwinists whose only goal is to amass as much money while you can when you can. They could care less about the middle class. They are selfish people. OOPS! I forgot to take my cholesterol meds this morning.

  15. There are a lot of unpaid canvassers doing campaign work these days. I hope the resentment against paid canvassers isn't misplaced onto these fine volunteers. Let's please not jump to conclusions.

  16. Advancing Wisconsin has a links with Planned Parenthood and the Fair Wisconsin group. Fair Wisconsin is an advocacy group for the LGBT agenda (electoral & legislative advocacy). Advancing Wisconsin is NOT an unbiased group for the best interests of Wisconsinites, but is a group promoting a liberal agenda. Therefore they are a branch of the Democratic party as you will see in the biographies of their Board Members. Oh and yes, Where IS the money coming from?

  17. Josephus says to RacineGal, "So what?" As if the Republicans don't have their surrogate groups out there as well. In fact, the conservative Supreme Court ruled not to long ago that these outside groups can spend as much money as they want under the guise of "free speech," something that our Founding Fathers never intended. Money has corrupted our system to the point that our democratic republic is wilting away, and the wealthy plutocrats shall inherit the earth.

  18. Kelly is a Racine treasure. She is helping get out the vote, and get people involved. Josephus is brilliant. Listen to him - he knows the facts and history.

  19. I'm a tea partier and I never heard of the Koch Bros. until last week. Since I was in on the beginning of the local one (April 2009)I'd like to know where these wealthies were when the hat was passed around! We all made our own signs and still do. Time to pull your heads out. It must be hard drinking your Kool-Aid in there.

  20. Progressive Agenda means HELPING HUMAN BEINGS.

    Yeah, so evil. So rude.

  21. Anon 5:50 it does not help anyone to implement socialism, a great evil spritually and economically. Get it - we care about our country and families and morals! I know that won't impress you, so we're done.

    Anon 9:48 - right on. We are grassroots. The communists that are the subject of this post are not grassroots. Clue. If you have to pay for involvement, that's NOT grass roots! Now everyone knows.

    Get ready for a REAL change in November. And I can't wait till the paid-up mouths come by my house - I got a whip for them, verbal of course!