September 24, 2010

SC Johnson warns of internet job offer scam

SC Johnson sent out a press release today warning people about a fake employment offer found on the internet -- $25 an hour! ... available only  after you spend $279 for training software. Alas, the job is in the Too Good To Be True Department:
SC Johnson is Aware of Fake Employment Offers

SC Johnson was made aware today of a fake employment offer, allegedly from our company that has appeared on the internet. This scam falsely promises a $25 per hour data entry job, after the applicant pays $279 for training software. SC Johnson would like to make it very clear that we are in no way associated with this offer, and anyone seeing the ad should ignore it, or report it to the website where it is being posted. SC Johnson does not require any software or similar type purchases as a requirement for employment.

SC Johnson is alerting the public to this scam, because as a family company we take seriously our obligation to help protect the public from fraud, especially given the nature of the fraud and the number of Americans currently seeking employment.

Kelly M. Semrau, SC Johnson spokesperson

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  1. You know, if SCJ didn't make it next to impossible to gain employment there, schemes like this wouldn't exist.

    I have family working there, and they'd like to be real employees, rather than temps, but SCJ hires it's own employees so rarely, it's cheaper for them to hire temps and dispose of them after they burn out rather than be a reasonable employer.

  2. Hmmm... I see...

  3. They are a good company, however it would be nice to see them hire more local people for the better jobs.

  4. What do any of the three previous comments have to do with an Internet Scam?
    Funny, I am a life long Racine resident who found employment at SCJ and has had a great career. What did I do? I went to school and got a degree in a profession that was needed by business. What I didn't do is sit at my pc and whine...

  5. Anonymous 2:23pm, the second comment was not intended to imply whining. Quite the opposite. It's an ambivolent response to comment #1 which, I agree does seem to be whining. After seeing many of these type of comments directed at SCJ over the years, I am underwhelmed by them. FYI, you and I share the same employer.

  6. Sorry 10:11 & 6:59. I misread your comment. The amount of hatred for SCJ usually displayed on this site caused me to to assume that your comment was more the the same.
    I apologize - from 2:23