September 29, 2010

Racine County Food Bank adds three new board members

The Racine County Food Bank added three new board members to its Board of Directors. Board members include: 

Kelly Martyn, Operations Manager, Commercial Revolving Accounts, CNH Capital, joined our Board of Directors at the May 2010 meeting. Kelly has served on United Way of Racine County’s Board and is a 2002 graduate of the Leadership Racine Program.

Cyndi Knapp-Finley, Assistant General Manager for Regency Mall, also joined our Board of Directors at the May 2010 meeting. In addition, Cyndi currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Racine Friendship Clubhouse and is a 2006 graduate of the Leadership Racine Program.

Kelli Stein, Desktop Analyst Specialist, Information Systems, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare officially joined the organization at the September 2010 meeting. Kelli recently served as an alderwomen for the City of Racine and is a 2008 graduate of the Leadership Racine Program.

In addition to the new members listed above, the 2010 Board of Directors includes the following members:

Christopher Geary, an attorney from Hostak, Henzl & Bichler S.C. currently holds the position of Chairperson. Chris has served on the Board of Directors since February of 2002, and previously served as the Vice-Chairperson.

Georgianna Gotthardt is a volunteer for the Racine Police Department’s Crime Prevention office located at Regency Mall and serves as Secretary. Georgianna has served the RCFB in various capacities since 1995.

Mary Lofty of Lofty Learning has served the RCFB since April of 2002 holding many different positions, most recently serving as interim Treasurer.

Tom Marry, Vice President – Asia & Commercial Products Group with Modine and has served on the Board of Directors on and off in various capacities since 2006.

Robert Perry is a retired worker for the City of Racine first joined the RCFB in November of 2005. Robert also volunteers at the Wayman A.M.E. Church food pantry.

James Raab is the owner and operator of Dovetail Woodworking and member of the Board since October of 2003.  He has also served on the “Thoughts for Food” Planning Committee for many years.

Stephanie Sklba is Vice President of Community and Government Relations at Gateway Technical College and has been donating her time and talents to the RCFB since January of 2005 and is a 2001 graduate of the Leadership Racine Program. Stephanie currently serves as the Vice-Chairperson.

James Yorgan owns and operates Plumb Gold Ltd. in downtown Racine and joined the organization in May of 2007. Jim is a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1986 and serves as the Treasurer for the Food Bank.

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  1. How much do the members receive by way of cash compensation?

  2. Needed: A cradle-to-grave social safety net for all citizens. Then we wouldn't have to set up and operate community food banks which rely on private sector donations and volunteer labor.

  3. It is an all volunteer board, all of the members donate their time and talents. The only compensation is that good feeling that you get when doing something good for your community.

  4. Anon 5:05
    What are you smoking?
    You don't think the county, state, and feds (all my tax dollars) spend enough on:
    special ed

  5. Dear Anon. 8:52 AM, Because we chuck two billion bucks a week out the window to support an unjust ifiable war in Afghanistan, we neglect the needs of of our own people. If we were smart like the Western Europeans, we'd stay out of corporate porkers' foreign wars on distant shores and use our wealth to assist our own citizens. Assuming we got the heck out of the damned Near East and Central Asia, we could give our people a cradle-to-grave social safety net without raising your taxes.(As for "smoking," I've never used so-called recreational drugs in my life. Dope is for dopes!)

  6. 7:14 - you had us fooled about the pot - because you are a dope.

  7. Dear Sir, Nope. I'm just a realist who files an honest report on our kleptoplutocratic system. Seriously speaking, if we learned to leave Central Asia and the Levant alone, we'd save at least two billion bucks per week. Assuming that we cut back on military spending in the Far East and Europe, we'd have even more loot to invest right here in the USA for the benefit of our fellow Americans. More than fifty years ago, Dwight David Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex and its tendency to get out of control. It's time for our people to vote for men who'll rein in the thugs who've saddled us with the priciest war machine in recorded history.

  8. One reason the European social democracies have been able to treat their citizens so well is the sad fact that the USA stepped in after World War II and shouldered what should have been their defense-related responsibilities. With our grunts shielding them from the Soviet Union's expansionist schemes, the Western and Central Europeans could build superb welfare states using wealth that otherwise would have been spent on armaments and armies.

  9. If we stopped playing cosmic cop games and slashed military spending, we'd have ample funds for social programs. Unlike our government, the savvy Western European regimes have invested heavily in their rank-and-file citizens'well-being. Over there, most governments cherish and protect their people. Unfortunately, our ruling class throws ordinary Americans to the economic wolf in the name of an antiquated "free enterprise" system which should have been buried with Ralph Waldo Emerson back in 1882.

  10. Needed: An end to corporate oligopoly,oligarchy and oppression. Big business boardroom bullies have had their day. Once we've cleaned up the mess they've inflicted on us, we must organize to build a government-funded social safety net for all American citizens. With federal social programs firmly in place, we'd no longer be required to rely on food banks and other private sector entities.