September 29, 2010

Jessica Cark named Miss Latina Racine

Jessica Cark, a student at the University of Illinois-Chicago, was named Miss Latina Racine and awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

Jessica, a freshman in the Biology Pre-Medical program at UIC, was selected to participate in the Miss Latina Scholarship program because of her academic success, leadership in student activities and volunteering.

Maritza Garcia, a freshman at UW-Parkside in the Biology Pre-Medical program, was named runner-up and awarded $1,000.

Awarded $500 scholarships were Marina Carranza, a freshman at UW-Platteville; Julie Esquivel, a freshman at UW-Parkside; Maria Maack, a senior at Horlick High School; and Ruth Peña, a freshman at UW-Parkside

The Miss Latina Racine Scholarship Corporation also awarded partnership scholarships: Awarded the Leonor Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 was Rhea González, a junior at UW-Parkside majoring in English literature and history; Awarded the Ernesto and Margaret Malacara Scholarship of $1,000 was Rachelle Clemins, a graduate student atUW-Madison who is completing her second year towards a master's of science in educational leadership.

Miss Latina Racine Scholarship Corporation is a non-profit organization that has been offering scholarships to Latina students from Racine County for the 14 years.  The corporation offers  scholarships to Latinos in Racine County.  To apply, or for more information, write to Miss Latina Racine Scholarship Corp. P.O. Box 085836, Racine, WI 53408.

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  1. Congratulations to Jessica and all the other young women!

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  3. Hope this will be of any help to someone needing.

    American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation Minority Scholars Award

    These are $10,000 school scholarships
    that are awarded annually. Applicants are required to be current first-year or second-year students who are permanent residents or citizens of the United States. Students of eligible minority background include African American/Black, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, and Hispanic/Latino. Each medical school dean or dean’s designated representative is allowed to submit up to 2 nominated candidates.

  4. Whatever happened to the Miss Caucasian Caledonia contest?

  5. to Anon @8:54
    it's called fairest of the fair.... or miss racine

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