March 2, 2010

Waterford Police Chief endorses Herrera

Town of Waterford Police Chief Tom Ditscheit has endorsed attorney Georgia Herrera for judge. She is running against Atty. Gene Gasiorkiewicz in the April 6 election for the Circuit Court branch to be vacated by the retirement of Judge Stephen Simanek.

“I researched the candidates, and Georgia Herrera’s qualifications are superior," said Chief Ditscheit. "She served Racine County as a tough, no-nonsense criminal prosecutor. She knows western Racine County well, too, her husband’s family is from Burlington, and her husband Jeff Leavell grew up in Burlington... She’ll work hard to keep our streets safe.”

Herrera has many police endorsements; Gasiorkiewicz was favored by the Racine County Bar Association poll.


  1. With all due respect, the Chief who is another elected official, clearly did not read both qualifications. Both candidates were prosecutors.

    Safe streets are important to all, but that is the job of the Chief not a judge. (Unless she is a "trophy judge" for the police department.)

    Gene's qualifications are far and away more superior and he was chosen the most qualified (by a stunning majority) by his peers not elected cronies.

  2. I respect the opinion of a law enforcement professional far over the popularity contest called the local Bar Association Poll. With all due respect, the Chief did read the qualifications, he assessed the candidates on their merits, not on some gold old boy mentality! I am aligned that Herrera is absolutely the superior candidate and this endorsement is meaningful!!!

  3. Both candidates were not prosecutors to the same level and degree.... Informed voters check the facts. Herrera clearly states how many years she worked as a prosecutor/assistant DA, her opponent is very vague, there is a reason for that. Herrera defines her teaching experience, by providing the number of years and University, her opponent is not as clear - again, there is a reason for that. Herrera worked day in and day out as an Assistant DA, excellent preparation for being a Circuit Court judge!