February 28, 2010

Racine native wins top Snowdance prize

The Covenant: Ron Schulz, John Adams, and Rich Smith reeling in a catch of smelt

A Racine native who now lives in Jonesboro, AK, won the top prize in the 2010 Snowdance 10-Minute Comedy Festival Sunday.

The Over Our Head Players concluded this year's five-weekend run of eleven original comedies selected from 240 entries on Sunday, presenting the Best in Snow first prize of $300 to The Covenant, written by Tim Bohn, now of Jonesboro.

Please Report Any Suspicious Activity with Ron Schulz, Rich Smith
and John Adams in a very suspicious moment on the Boston MTA

Second place and $100 went to Please Report Any Suspicious Activity, by Rick Park of Boston, MA -- who was last year's first prize winner. Third place, also with $100, went to 10 x 10, by Roy Sorrels of Santa Fe, NM.

The prizes were determined by audience votes throughout the festival's run. After Sunday's final performance, and the final audience tally, the ensemble came together for the Closing Ceremonies, highlighted by the Dance of the Salmon -- a Snowdance celebration of Salmon-a-Rama, the festival's kindred spirit in competition. Then, the ceremonial Snowdance snow cone was sealed away for next year’s competition.

The Covenant featured a father, his son, and the veteran smelt fisherman they encounter. Please Report Any Suspicious Activity is about two dolphins in a spat after a visit to the aquarium. In 10 x 10 two actors raced the clock performing 10 scenes in 10 minutes.

10 x 10 with Barbara Akey and Rich Smith
telling the tale of a grouchy grocer

Artistic Director Rich Smith notes that “Snowdance is literally an entire evening of world premiere productions. We are fortunate to draw so many talented directors and actors to our group. I think the energy of this production is what attracts them and the audience.” Rules will be available this summer for the seventh Snowdance production.

The OOHP's 18th season will continue at the Sixth Street Theatre with The Beauty Queen of Leenane in March and Theatre Schmeatre, an evening of sketch comedy in May. For information, call the box office at (262) 632-6802.


  1. and now Racine is known for THREE things... kringle, wax, salmon and the Snowdance 10 minute Comedy Festival! Great show, cast and crew and congrats to the winners!

  2. Joan,

    I'm requesting a re-count on your number of things Racine is known for... you mention THREE and then list.. uh..FOUR?



  3. This was a great experience! I loved it!

  4. Someone needs to pay closer attention to the closing ceremony hijinx BRAD.

  5. And many Snowdance voters believe Caron Butler is the best player in the NBA. . . (that is those Snowdance voters who know what the NBA is).

  6. Ah, an inside joke parlayed to one who wasn't there to catch the reference. Thanks Joanie! All clear now! :)


  7. hhmmm... is he related to Leslie Caron?

  8. Thanks to all those who supported Snowdance, Racinians and out-of-towners alike.

    Thanks OOHPs volunteers.

  9. Okay, as Meatloaf said "Two out of three ain't bad..."

    Oh but come on now, that sketch with the baseball fanatic woman and the poor guy tring to propose to her during the bottom of the ninth, THAT was soul-stirring!!

    Maybe if they would've dressed them as Cubs fans instead of Twins fans...? A mystery lost to the ages I fear.

    BTW Brad, the house is still blue.

  10. Anon 12:10

    "the house is still blue"

    Cryptic... I'm trying to place the reference, and other than possibly a statement on the current makeup of the lower house of the US Congress, I'm not sure I can decipher it...


  11. Wait a minute..

    AH CRAP!! I fell for the "inside joke" thing again, didn't I?