March 5, 2010

Artists with disabilities decorate agency's office

David Insurance Agency of Racine has bought nearly 40 paintings created by participants in the Career Industries Art & Soul program. The sale -- the program's largest ever -- raised $900, of which one third will go to the artists and two-thirds for the program to buy art supplies.

The Art & Soul program is part of the in-house activities and community-based opportunities offered through Career Industries' Integrated Day Services program, providing employment and other activities for people with disabilities. Art & Soul works have been for sale and on display at numerous art fairs.

Career Industries "has a great stock of talent and some of their participants have developed nice artistic abilities," said Chris Antonneau, president of David Insurance Agency, Inc. “Originally, they asked if we would like to display the art at our place of work... We obtained about 40 paintings and found them to be very enjoyable. They’re bright and colorful, and it’s evident the artists enjoy what they’re doing. Instead of looking to be a vendor of these items, we chose to permanently keep them.

“The office had a fun time decorating with them,” said Antonneau. “The artists have true artistic ability. The color scheme exudes the joy that people are putting into these pieces of art as they work on them. The paintings brighten up our office and people. Having been produced by adults with disabilities and knowing the great work that Careers Industries does, our people are intrigued by the artwork. Understanding that the person that produced (a painting) has his or her own challenges, they were really impressed with the work and the fact that we can support Careers in this way.”

Other businesses that own or display work from the Art & Soul program include Psychiatric Services of Racine, DeRose Dental Office and Bestway Flooring Center. For more information contact Dawn Parrish at (262) 752-4100 or the website. Art work can also be purchased directly at Careers Industries at at 3502 Douglas Avenue.


  1. Excellent!

  2. I am so glad that we support this program. I agree with everything Chris has said.

    Dawn personally frames each piece on her own time in her home and does a beautiful job choosing just the right frames and matting to set off the artists' work.

    Thank you Careers for the Art & Soul Program and thank you Dawn.