March 3, 2010

Police create 'emergency sanctuary'

The Racine Police Department today announced creation of an "emergency sanctuary option" at their headquarters at 730 Center Street. Even when the building's lobby is closed after normal hours, those who need help will be able to get in for protection and immediate assistance.

The news release from the Police Department says:
The Racine Police Department would like to announce that there is now the means for someone in a dire emergency to access the Police Department lobby area after normal business hours. It is as simple as pressing the red button on the silver phone box and quickly explain the emergency. The silver phone box is located on a post just outside the doors at the front of the police department.

The person who needs immediate access should tell the dispatcher / call taker what the emergency is (being pursued, currently being assaulted outside the department, suffering from injuries requiring immediate medical assistance, etc.) and they will activate the door lock system. This will permit you to open the door, and close it, relocking the door behind you.

Immediately, the dispatcher will send out the Shift Commander and other officers from inside the department and / or dispatch multiple squads to the department in an effort to neutralize the immediate threat and provide assistance as needed.

There have been incidents around the country (and some here in Wisconsin) whereby victims of assault have driven to the Police Department in hopes of receiving sanctuary from a threat, only to find the doors locked and no assistance available. It is our hope that this type of incident will not occur here and that citizens can feel comfortable knowing that we are taking additional steps to ensure their safety.


  1. Excellent! Finally the authorities are facing the facts of life in Racine rather than pretending that our sorry city's pandemic problems don't exist.

  2. Good idea.

  3. If you are being followed, do not get out of your car. Is this button accessible from your car?

    Don't most people have a cell phone and could call 911? If not, you would be better off finding a police car on the road and flagging them down.

  4. Of course they have cell phones! Obama is giving them away for free!

  5. 10:51 - Although originally used for land lines and later adapted to wireless, this program, which is not free, has been around for more than 25 years.