March 1, 2010

Racine County GOP recognizes Dona Poelman

The Racine County Republican Party awarded Dona Poelman its Anita Hunt Award for work with the local political party. Here's a press release:
On Friday, February 26, 2010, the Racine County Republican Party recognized Dona Poelman for her years of continued service to the Racine County Republican Party, State and Local Elected Officials and her ongoing desire to make Racine and Wisconsin a better place to live.

In honor of Anita Hunt, a long time conservative activist for the Racine County Republican Party, this award is given annually to a volunteer that has continued to serve the community, the candidates, and the party in an ongoing role.

"Dona has always been active in her own way and recently came back to us and said 'I'd like to take over the county fair booth,'" stated Bill Folk, Racine County GOP Chairman, "What was I to say? She organized it, scheduled the volunteers and got things done. She will be good for the Walker campaign and she remains a tireless volunteer for Racine."

Dona has served the County Party as a past Chairman and Vice Chairman and is currently the county co-chair for the Walker for Governor campaign.


  1. No one more deserving.
    Congratulations Dona.

  2. Was Dickert there. Since he ain't comin to our imprtant event for the NAACP I bet he was there asking them for votes.

  3. 11:46
    There votes are more important then your votes.