November 23, 2009

Week Ahead: Committee to look at flag policy, group home for single teen dads

Here's a look at some stories developing this week:

Racine Steel Castings

The city's efforts to revitalize the former Racine Steel Castings plant appear to have fallen through.

City Development Director Brian O'Connell is scheduled to appear before the Public Works and Services Committee on Tuesday asking for the repeal of an ordinance that directed the city to sign an agreement with E.G. Developments LLC to redevelop the site. The ordinance also directed the Redevelopment Authority to buy the property at 1425 N. Memorial Drive.

O'Connell wrote Mayor John Dickert in September saying the city was "unable to obtain execution of an agreement as called for in this resolution."

Flag Policy

Also Tuesday, Alderman David Maack will ask the city to revise its flag policy. Maack wants to amend the policy to say flags should be lowered to half staff when the governor encourages such an action. Current city policy says flags should be lowered upon executive order from the governor. The Public Works committee will take up the issue.

Home for single teen dads

A group home for single-teen fathers may open at 1900 Grand Avenue. The Plan Commission will consider Wednesday giving Jeffrey Urquhart a conditional-use permit for the home, which will house eight or fewer teen dads or juvenile males. Staff recommendation is to approve the permit.


  1. Glad to hear that there's some consideration being given to teen dads. As long as they don't hook up with that one fatherhood program they're good in my book. How a program run by a guy who had an affair with a 19 year old intern then abandoned his wife and kids can continue to act like he can teach guys how to be fathers Ill never know. Im so tired of fake-a** men trying to run programs just to get money.

    This Urquhart guy though - hes a standup guy.

  2. Another failure for John Dickert and Brian O'Connell. What is that, three, four deals that have fallen through? Have they brought anything to Racine?

  3. And now the Riverben lofts, another Dickert failure, is going to sheriff sale.

  4. And O'Connell still has a job. WHY?

  5. Point Blue Failed
    River Bend Failed

    John Dickert Failed

    But he does have some nice lap dogs!

  6. why all the hate? you live here too.. take some responsibility!

    kudos on the fatherhood program.. something's gotta give.. we've got kids acting like adults (or some marketed version of it) and adults acting like kids...

    As a society/community it's our obligation to allow kids to be kids as long as they're kids by offering them safe outlets/activities... and give them the tools to be productive/independent adults.. anything less is failure...
    [and yes.. that's also the responsibility of their parents first and foremost!]