November 26, 2009

Want locally-made or U.S.-made goods?
C4C's new website provides direction

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Community for Change has introduced a Buying for Change website.

The site highlights Racine stores selling locally-made, American-made and Fair Trade products.

The release from Community for Change says "The goal of Buying for Change is to create and maintain a consumer resource that supports local economy and businesses with a handy and informative way to find and connect with them."

Supporting local businesses is one of the most effective ways to support our local economy, and Racine has an excellent variety of options, the site notes, adding there are many great opportunites to "vote" with your dollar to support local business.

The Locally Made page provides links to local artisans and handmade gifts. It also contains links to find locally owned businesses, craft fairs, business associations and bakeries with “Uniquely Racine” treats and edibles.

The American Made page contains information on internet resources for American-made products. It also contains information on autos and imported food with links to Wisconsin food co-ops, and information about supporting American workers and Racine manufacturing.

The Fair Trade page gives an overview on the Fair Trade international movement, Racine businesses that specialize in Fair Trade and a listing of Fair Trade products available in area retail outlets.

For people who prefer to make charitable contributions in lieu of giving gifts, there is a Charitable Gifts page with links to area organizations which accept donations and institutions to purchase family memberships and sponsorships. There are also links explaining how to donate used items and household goods instead of throwing them away.

Community for Change plans to maintain and add on to the current information and invites the public to share ideas and additions. There is no charge or advertising fee to be included in Buying for Change. Submissions can be emailed here.

Buying for Change can be found directly at or by following the link on the C4C main page.


  1. Again lone sweet unpaid ad donated by the Post for a pro Obama group. Mind you its your blog do as you will, but its not journalism.
    If you need help look into the new company that the Mayor is in theory bring to town. How much is Racine spending on min wage paying jobs?

  2. The only fair trade is that not mucked up or regulated by the State. All else is some form of protection.

  3. What a great idea! I'm ashamed to say I wasn't aware of all these places in Racine.