November 24, 2009

JT plays catch up on deal for company that recycles tires

The JT is playing catch up today on a story we had last week about the city's efforts to buy a trucking depot for a company that uses recycled tires.

JT Reporter Mick Burke reported today the city's Redevelopment Authority could take action on the deal at its Dec. 2 meeting. We had reported the deal was in jeopardy because another bidder has emerged for JMP Intermodal's former trucking depot at 2301 S. Memorial Drive.

The city intends to buy the trucking depot and give it to the unnamed company.

Here's Burke's story, which was posted this afternoon.


  1. I love Racine only here can we keep paying higher taxes so a company that makes billions can get tax write offs.
    I love Racine for only here can sweetheart deals get made to bring "jobs" to the City only to find the real cost later.
    Be nice to see a John Doe investigation

  2. The redevelopment authority turns down 12 million dollars worth of private sector investment and development in one evening then want's to buy a trucking depot with my money and "Give" it away to a unnamed company. THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT?? If this is true they all need to be fired.

  3. 7:40

    Makes me think:
    What is in the deal for The Mayor?
    What pal of his will this make money for?
    What day can we vote this group of losers out of office?