November 25, 2009

Mason announces 'Toxic Toys' legislation

Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, kicked off the holiday shopping season with a proposal to require manufacturers to identify chemicals in children's toys.

Mason said the proposal would help keep children safe and parents informed.

"After enjoying our Thanksgiving feasts, many of us will head out to shop the bargains this Friday. Like all parents, I want to ensure that the toys I buy for my young daughter are safe, and won’t harm her," said Mason, whose daughter Eleanor will turn one in December.

The bill:

· Requires the state’s consumer watchdog agency, the Department of Agriculture, Trade ad Consumer Protection (DATCP) to identify chemicals that, based on credible scientific evidence, are capable of causing harm to children;

· Requires manufacturers and distributors of products containing these chemicals to provide information to DATCP about these products;

· Requires DATCP to identify safer alternatives and requires manufacturers and distributors to replace problematic chemicals with available safer alternatives within a reasonable amount of time;

· Requires DATCP to develop an educational program to educate and help consumers and retailers in identifying children’s products that may contain these problematic chemicals.

The proposal, dubbed the “Toxic Toys” legislation, is being circulated for legislative co-sponsorship and will be formally introduced in December.

Mason's legislation comes the same week the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group released its annual "Trouble in Toyland" list of potentially dangerous toys and the largest recall of cribs ever.

Click here for a mobile web site for shopping parents.

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  1. The feds do this now Corry. What you should do is look for another job. We are so going to fire you come 2010.

  2. Let's get Mason out in 2010!

  3. Mason is following the Democratic branding template. They keep throwing out press releases on little trivial maters to redirect attention to all the BS they are pulling on the taxpayers. Cory has supported Doyle's absolutely ridiculous policies on spending, increased taxation and buffoonery. He subscribes to the notion that state government should control the state’s economy. On top of it all, Cory has never held a private sector job of any consequence yet he wants to tell others that he knows best.

  4. State / Fed. The State does not need to do what the Fed is already doing.

    Well we had been almost a week without a Cory Mason love fest from the Racine Left Post.

    Way to work on bringing jobs to the community Cory.

  5. Wow, politicians are so "political", huh?????? Do ANY of them ever have an idea on their own?