November 4, 2009

State Assembly to Honor Labor Leader Rudy Kuzel Thursday

State Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, announced today that the state Assembly will take action Thursday on a resolution honoring Rudy John Kuzel (left), former president of the United Auto Workers Local 72, who died on Oct. 1.

Assembly Joint Resolution 86, authored by Mason, celebrates Kuzel’s life and legacy. The resolution will be read and celebrated near the beginning of the Assembly’s convening on Thursday, the last day of the legislator’s fall session.

Mason said, "Rudy Kuzel was a skilled, tough, and passionate leader. This resolution’s passage is a symbolic but lasting testament to his advocacy, and his ability to fight for working families through the strength of his union."

The resolution details and honors Kuzel’s life, public service, and deep commitment to the Wisconsin labor movement. Kuzel worked at American Motors Corporation and then Chrysler Automotive in Kenosha for 38 years. He was President of the UAW Local 72 during many challenging times, including the shutdown of the auto assembly operations in Kenosha in 1988.

"Honoring Rudy in this small way provides an opportunity for other legislators and the public to learn about this great man and to pause for a moment to recognize his tremendous contributions to the Racine community and, indeed, to the entire state," Mason said.

Numerous legislators joined Representative Mason in introducing this resolution, including Representatives Barca, Turner, Steinbrink and Kerkman, and Senators Lehman and Wirch.


  1. Cute.
    What long lasting good did he do?
    How many members does his local have now? What are their children doing?

  2. It's just the left giving praise to one of their own and using tax dollars to do it. Hile Hitler Mason.

  3. Still no coverage of Mason voting against a million dollars of funding to combat fraud of the Wisconsin Shares program.

    All hail the union chiefs who give me money though.

    How very typical of the cutting edge reporting we have come to expect from the Racine Left Post.

  4. I'm not a union supporter, but everyone deserves some dignity when they pass away. My condolenses to the family.