November 2, 2009

City Notes: Maack pushes ahead with Owens proposal

Alderman David Maack is pushing ahead with his proposal to remove Corinne Owens' name from any developments on State Street and to create a commission to find a park, plaza, building or other venue to honor Owens for her contributions to the civil rights movement. Maack offered to chair the commission. The item was referred to the mayor's office.

Other items that will come up at Tuesday's City Council meeting:

* Parks Director Donnie Snow wants to meet with the council's Finance and Personnel committee to discuss applying for a grant to pay for North Beach mats.

* Police Chief Kurt Wahlen is seeking permission to accept the three-year "beat patrol grant" that will be used for two officers whose primary duty is beat patrol. The grant is worth $134,927 in 2010. The city needs to kick in $33,976, which is included in Mayor John Dickert's 2010 budget.

* Ann Yehle, principal of McKinley Middle School, hopes the city will close a section of sidewalk on Rupert Boulevard this winter. The section in question is the south sidewalk from Chicago Street west to the cemetery, at the bottom of McKinley hill. Yehle said the sidewalk is "nearly impossible" to maintain clear of ice without significant amounts of sand and ice melt. She added there is little pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. Her request will be taken up by the city's Public Works committee.

* Owners of the Olley Brother Farm on Highway 38 want to swap land with the city to maintain access to the Dog Walk just north of the farm. Access to the park is part of the farmland, which is being divided. The family is seeking just under 2 acres of land in exchange for the access to the Dog Walk.

* Alderman Bob Mozol wants to increase the number of voting members on the Board of Health from eight to nine. The proposal will be sent to the Board of Health for consideration.

* Horlick High School is getting a new digital sign. The City Council is set to approve the sign with conditions, such as only Horlick-related events can be advertised on the sign.


  1. Good idea Alderman Maack. Corrine deserves better than to have people trying to make a buck by using her name.

  2. Brent K. Oglesby11/02/2009 3:28 PM

    It's always fun reading these posts.

  3. Corrine Owens deserves something in her name sooner than later. The State Street project isn't happening anytime soon so Maack did the right thing.

  4. Sit down and be quit Maack, stick to Taco trucks

  5. Other issues for Maack

    Crime in his area
    Looking into the deals done by Becker as Mayor and when (not if) to call the State for a Grand Jury
    What to cut of of Dickert's budget
    Splash Pad
    Extra Cops
    Sure there is more

  6. Mr. Mayor.....??? Please sober up before talking to Maack about anything. This was a non issue and would have been, you'r only encouraging Maack

  7. Maack...You do realize that this WILL NOT get you elected to Mayor in the next election don't you???

  8. I'm glad Ann Yehle doesn't teach grammer to my children.

  9. Wow thinking Racine will get sued over this yet! Would this be part of the 10 year plan??

  10. How would Racine get sued? I think some people need a plan for life.

  11. Why would RUSD purchase a digital sign for Horlick - are things that good financially that they can spend money like this on frivolous things? Don't ask for anymore tax payer money!

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