November 4, 2009

Letter to Editor: Avoid 'Where the Wild Things Are'

Dear Editor,

This letter is meant as a public service to the community. Where the Wild Things Are
is a dud. The film is boring again and again and again. It's unsuitable for adults and children no matter their ages. Where is wonderment?

Children watching were restless tusslers and feet scrapers. My adult friend and I agreed we could have left anytime and not missed a thing.

Tom Hanks, as a producer, done us wrong! Could Hanks's name as film tie-in be why high-profile critics are giving the film three, even four, stars?


Editor's Note: Boltslider is the alias of a local writer who comments on cultural, community and all other types of events.


  1. My husband and I agree. It got great reviews, but it was not a good movie.

  2. Then again there are those of us that agree with the critics and really enjoyed the movie.

  3. It's my favorite movie of the year.
    It's OK if you don't get it, it's not really for young kids or the simple minded.

  4. This post is a little light on the content.

  5. This is NOT a public service but is instead a movie review. Most inappropiate.