November 4, 2009

It's our day tomorrow in the Legislature;
Happy Demisemiseptcentennial, Racine!

The Wisconsin State Assembly tomorrow will take up Rep. Cory Mason's resolution honoring Racine on the occasion of the city's historic milestone: the Demisemiseptcentennial Anniversary of its founding.

The city began 175 years ago, in November of 1834, when Capt. Gilbert Knapp, left, established his settlement of Fort Gilbert at the mouth of the Root River.

Mason's resolution -- with 39 Whereas clauses strung together pointing out the city's diverse attributes -- will be read and celebrated near the beginning of the Assembly's convening on Thursday, the last day of the legislature's fall session.

Mason solicited the community’s input for the resolution, and said he was pleased with the number of suggestions he received. “The numerous events, people, accomplishments and ‘firsts’ detailed in this resolution honoring Racine make it clear just how much we have to be proud of,” said Mason, a fifth-generation Racine resident. “It was very hard to select just a few items to commemorate all that makes Racine special.”

Among those he selected were the city's strong opposition to slavery before the Civil War; the birth here of Paul P. Harris, founder of Rotary International; the invention of malted flavoring by the Horlick brothers along with other iconic manufacturers like SC Johnson and JI Case; the Racine Belles and Raiders; architect Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings; the city's Danish population; the cleanliness of North Beach; and the Racine Symphony Orchestra, oldest in Wisconsin.

The most unusual attribute? "Whereas, the people of the Racine Community have the good sense to refer to a water fountain as a Bubbler..."

Following passage of the resolution, legislators and the public will adjourn briefly to the Assembly Parlor to enjoy some Racine kringle. Members of the public are invited to the State Capitol to help celebrate Racine’s 175th anniversary; those who can’t make it can watch the proceedings on Wisconsin Eye.


  1. Don't you have to live here to be a 5th generation resident?

  2. And yet you have failed to mention how Mason voted against sending a million bucks to Racine to combat fraud in the Wisconsin Shares program...

    The Racine Left Post is so very consistant.

  3. The Translator11/05/2009 8:45 AM

    Puff legislation must be OK, but fighting fraud is bad? Any action on jobs, crime, gangs, education, taxes, economy, unemployment, business development..... anything? Cue the crickets.

  4. The Translator11/05/2009 8:46 AM

    ALso, where is the coverage of Vos and Lehman supporting stopping fraud in the county, but Mason voting no. WTF Dustin and Pete?

  5. Don't you realize that fraud translates to votes. There is no incentive to eliminate the fraud.

  6. What are we known for? When I was in Mexico and mentioned I was from Racine they said, "Oh that's the city with the Mayor". LOL That is the opinion of the world about us.

  7. Sassa: Lots of cities have mayors, and many have mayors who get into trouble (Go to Google news and search for "mayor arrested;" 3,300 hits come up.

    You should have educated them about Racine's positives. We have plenty, but all you trolls here talk about is the negatives.

  8. AL,

    Some of us trolls (as you call us) are just asking for fair reporting.

    All you are is an apologist apparently.

    How is it not news when our elected representative votes against funding that is needed in this community to combat people ripping off the syatem?

    That is news and it is unfortunate that this website, nor the newspaper this website loves to ding at every oppotunity has decided that they would not cover that story.

    The Racine Post does a wonderful of covering and cheerleading local community events.

    However, they have become so biased on their political reporting that they have lost all credability in that arena.

    Bias is shown not only by what you cover and how you cover it but also by what you choose not to cover.

    Cory Mason is a disgrace and it is a damned shame there is only one outlet in this town that is willing to say it.

  9. Here again, you have to be a front for the worst State Rep. we have in this county Mason. When he employs Pete's daughter. Watch he is going to start blaming Racine County.

  10. Pete's daughter works for Mason?

    How has Pete not disclosed this?