November 2, 2009

Giving Room at Radisson aids SAFE Haven

The Radisson Hotel Racine Harbourwalk has announced an overnight-stay room package called the “Giving Room,” designed to cater to the growing number of socially conscious guests by giving back to the local community.

For each overnight stay booked under the program, the hotel will donate to SAFE Haven of Racine the cost of an overnight stay for a child who is homeless or abused or whose family is in crisis. The "Giving Room" packages, offered on the hotel’s website, will be priced the same as a comparable room without the package.

“It seemed that the whole business world had become too enmeshed in the current state of the economy, the uncertainty, the rising unemployment, and this package grew out of a need for us at the corporate level to change the focus and move our energies toward the positive,” said Ben Graves, president of Graves Hospitality Corporation, which owns and manages the Racine Harbourwalk. “These packages allow us to make a calculated and measurable improvement in the lives of children and families while empowering our guests to make the choice to make a difference.”

SAFE Haven was selected, he said, due to their long standing positive reputation and the ability to positively impact the lives of families and children in the community.

The donation to SAFE Haven will be made in the hotel guest’s name. Also, the Radisson front desk will provide additional information or arrange volunteer opportunities if guests have the time and desire to do more to make a difference.


  1. Wonderful and forward thinking! I will direct ANYONE that needs overnight accommodations to the Harborwalk!

  2. Neat! What a "Yes I Can" attitude ;)