September 16, 2009

Commentary: Racism colors the debate

By Randolph D. Brandt

Jimmy Carter’s right.

Recent attacks on President Barack Obama for his supposed freewheeling, wasteful government spending echo all the old arguments of Southern redeemers, who after the Civil War labeled all integrated state governments “carpetbaggers and scallywags.”

“Wasteful,” they cried, as the new black-white political coalitions introduced the first public education in the South.

Worse, it was supposed to be integrated education, open to all, whites and blacks.

“Corrupt,” they said, of the new governments, as the former Rebels sought to reinstitute the rightful (white) leadership back into state legislatures, governorships and Congress.

The very thought that black representatives could administer the public weal was simply reprehensible.

Thus, we wound up instead with disenfranchisement of black voters, segregation, black codes, the convict labor system and Jim Crow.

Now, the country faces the same dilemma. Somehow this very clever black man has tricked America into giving him a majority of the country’s votes, even though, deep down, all good, white Americans know he is a usurper who’s somehow managed to steal the country from its rightful political heirs.

Why, it’s the world turned upside down.

These instincts run deep in America’s psyche, North and South, though as a southerner, Jimmy Carter is particularly attuned to the old code words and their insidious innuendo.

“You lie,” says the gentleman from South Carolina.

Of course.

He could think nothing else of an uppity black man, a pretender as president, when everyone knows only a white man’s really qualified for that position.

"That racism inclination still exists, and I think it's bubbled up to the surface because of belief among many white people -- not just in the South but around the country -- that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country,” Carter said. “It's an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply."

So, many will chose to reject better health care, economic recovery, peace abroad, prosperity at home, rational immigration policy … and they’ll sit on their hands, maybe even shout out, because they just don’t like the color of the man’s skin.

(Randolph Brandt is a retired newspaper editor in Racine, Wis.)


  1. The Translator9/16/2009 9:05 AM

    Here we go again. Mr Brandt beating the same dead horse. Here is my stance in a few short words: Jimmy Carter is a tool. Joe Wilson was right. That dosen't make me a racist. I just dont like his policies and ideas.

    Voting FOR someone only because of race is just as racist as voting AGAINST someone only because of race.

  2. Maybe we should summarily promote a minority this week then.
    That should solve the perceived problem.......

  3. Jimmy Carter is so wrong it is not funny. Obama'a race has absolutely nothing to do about his Obama Care plan. That is an easy way out to justify the opposition to the plan. Although I don't agree with Wilson's actions, they had nothing to do with race. In the chamber you must respect the office of the President no matter what you think of his plan, but race has nothing to do with most peoples opposition to Obama Care - this is socialzed medicine - that's what we are against.

  4. I dont see obie as black or white, i see him as anutter tool for plutocraps to gain more wealth and power. When i saw that he gave the keynote speech in the 04 democrap convention, i knew he was the one back then.

    Nader was ready to give kerry the presidency in 04 if kerry would have denounced warmaking, nafta/gatt, and pledged to make the federal reserve more accountable. Nader was forcibly removed from the building.

    Alan Greenspan the former chairman, got knighted by the queen of england for great service done to the british empire.So all this bluster about perceived racism is boring....
    What great services did alan greenspan perform for british interest during his 16(?)years of chairmanship. Is far more least i think so!

  5. Randolph,

    Do not let the "geniuses" above keep you from speaking out. Mocking and diminishing your thoughts are the only tool they have to undermine the truths you are telling.

    Good people have largely given up on the Post's comments because it requires a powerwash to get the hate and negativity off.

    (Note to P & D: where's the new website with registered comment posts? It can't arrive quick enough!)

  6. Anyone who disagrees is a "racist", "hater" or "negative", or sarcastically called a "genius".

    Really Randolph, you have to scratch hard to perceive racism here, but seek and ye shall find.

  7. The Translator9/16/2009 9:51 AM

    Anon 9:40, I am trying to figure out how staing my stance is "Mocking and diminishing your thoughts". I dont subscribe to the liberal notion that speaking out against the policies of this president is racist. To quote Hillary Clinton "I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration"

  8. Strawman how about sticking to the issues, and not attack posters..Brandt can defend hisself.

  9. Anon 9:51 - by kicking and whining while screaming "racism" one can quickly become a victim. Victims get more attention, more cash, and I suspect more chicks -

  10. Race has nothing to do with why I don't support some of the stuff being pushed on us right now.

    It is just as low to call all who would disagree with you racist as it is for someone to disagree because of race.

    I am insulted and disgusted. Play fair, isn't it possible I just disagree for the reasons I stated?

    Obama is hardly a color to me. He openly criticized harshly Kanye West. We are not black and white. It is about what is right.

  11. When nothing else works - pull out the race card.

  12. Tim the Shrubber9/16/2009 10:33 AM

    "He could think nothing else of an uppity black man, a pretender as president, when everyone knows only a white man’s really qualified for that position."

    Prove it. Prove that Wilson thinks that Obama is an 'uppity black man' and that 'only a white man's really qualified for that position'. Without any proof that this was his motivation you are simply spewing libelous statements.

    "...only a white man’s..."

    Ummm...did you really mean to use the possessive? Or did you mean to write 'only a white man is'? You were an editor?

  13. Wow! I thought the article (op-ed I guess) was intended as Satirical!


  14. Tim the Shrubber9/16/2009 10:44 AM

    So, let's trace the logic of this Op-Ed.

    1. Racist whites in the post-antebellum South decried waste and corruption, when really they wer motivated by racism.

    2. People opposing the administration today are decrying waste and corruption.

    3. Therefore, people opposing the administration are racist.

    Pretty sure Aristotle would not be proud of this syllogism.

  15. Randolph, I'd have an easier time believing that your heart is in the right place if you would move out of your palatial digs on the wealthy, white side of town and joined us po' folk in the hood.

    I hate sermonizing from privileged porkers, like priests preaching about morality as they grab for a boy's pubes or a politician extolling integrity as he slips a cash-laden envelope into his pocket.

    MOVE OUT OF THE MOST RACIST AREA OF THE CITY and maybe you would have some credence.

    What gall!!!!!

  16. Racism or not, I think Obama, his czars, his programs, and his avoidance of the Constitution, are very bad for our country.
    It makes me want to brush up on my history of Germany and Italy during the 30s and 40s.

  17. Then again, I guess there is a certain "clarity" that is granted to one who lives in North Bay, isolated from the day-to-day realities of life like earning a living and being responsible to your neighbors. You can sit with your silver spoon in mouth, pontificating on the foibles of the peons who toil away below you.

    You represent everything that is wrong with this city, everything. You are a spoiled brat.

  18. I cancelled my subscription to the Journal Times during Brandt's tenure there.
    Same old guilt crap.
    I don't oppose Obama becasue he's black, I oppose him because of his policies. If that make me a racist, I guess I am. But I have a hunch Mr Brandt is in tune with Obama becasue he is black - what does that make Brandt?

  19. How does Randy explain the large number of blacks in our country who are also against the President's and democrat's plans? Did the dems or the President really think going in a far left direction was going to be popular when to get elected he went to the center in his promises?

    Those who are complaining about the direction of things sinece January are against the policies and proposals but not race.

    It appears that Carter has forgotten that he was hammered in the 70's for many of the same reasons as Obama is today. Did that make those against Carter in the 70's racist. I think not. It is time to get off the race card and look at the real reasons. People don't want to move this far left. Not even alot of the dems.

    Carter was wrong in the 70's and he is wrong now. Randy just happens to be as wrong as Carter.

  20. Tim the Shrubber, in this instance, Randolph used "man's" not as the possessive, but as a perfectly legitimate contraction. Go shrub something.

  21. Rees Roberts9/16/2009 12:34 PM

    Racism, a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

    As long as human beings can "think" they are better than someone else they will continue to. What they do not realize is there will always be people who are BETTER AND WORSE than themselves.

    To single out anyone, whether they be a president, garbage man, doctor, waitress, black or white and thinking to themselves they are better than those people shows ignorance no matter who you are talking about.

    In our country what counts in presidential politics is a majority of people voted for one way of thinking. Obama, as a result, became president. But unlike many years ago people who voted and whose candidate lost still supported the president. Today they bitch, moan and unfortunately degrade people all day long. You see it every day here.

    It's one thing to bitch about someone's policy. I will defend your right to do so. It's quite another thing to degrade a person for for their beliefs. What has happened to respect and civility?

    Again, many of you hiding behind your Anonymous names are doing little positive for our country. I dare you to use your real name and continue degrading people in the same way.

    Mr. Brandt, I thank you for your words of thoughtful wisdom.

    Rees Roberts

  22. Orbs - as much as I don't agree with anything Brandt ever said or written, you should get your logistics correct because Brandt does not live in North Bay.

  23. Rees old girl - you are showing your ignorance and naivety again.

  24. Tim the Shrubber9/16/2009 1:32 PM

    " this instance, Randolph used "man's" not as the possessive, but as a perfectly legitimate contraction."

    Really? I am skeptical. With a pronoun, no problem...but with another noun?

    So, if I want to complain about Wal-mart I could write "Wal-mart's a bad company." Does that look right? Not at all. I have never seen that unless someone was trying to imitate a dialect in writing, which Brandt is certainly not doing here.

  25. Rees Roberts - I certainly support President Obama - just as much as the Democrats supported George "W".
    I beleive it was a Democrate in 2001 who first stated "I hope he fails". It was the Democrats who Boo'd the President in 2006.
    Don't start sputtering about civility after your side showed it's true colors.

  26. Tim the Shrubber9/16/2009 2:05 PM

    "But unlike many years ago people who voted and whose candidate lost still supported the president."

    This is known as the Myth of the Golden Past.

    There has never been a time that Presidential politics in America has not been a bloody, divisive sport.

  27. Tim the Shrubber - See "Contractions with nouns" at
    "Walmart's a bad company" is also grammatically correct.
    Not looking right to you is clearly not a good test.

  28. Tim the Shrubber9/16/2009 2:44 PM

    "See 'Contractions with nouns'" of the things it mentions is that 'Informal contractions should only be used when speaking in very casual situations.'

    "white man's" is very definitely an informal contraction and this op-ed is not being spoken in a casual this would point to incorrect usage. Thanks for the link.

    Besides, I am pretty sure it violates the AP stylebook guidelines.

  29. Having seen plenty of viral internet pix of President Obama's face photoshopped onto outrageous ethnic stereotypes I have no doubt that SOME of the opposition to him is racially based. The problem with charging that SOME opposition is racist is that everyone else in the opposition reacts as if you are charging that ANY AND ALL -- and particularly THEIR OWN -- opposition is racist.

    Dyed-in-the-wool racists probably don't mind being called racist, and anyone else is going to be offended by being called racist. It just doesn't help your argument.

    Besides, does anyone seriously think that the attacks on Hilary Clinton were she president today would be any less vicious and personal? 16 years ago, the Hysterical Right was calling her a murderer (they still do) and a socialist and a witch and everything else in the book. Today, the Hysterical Right would be bringing rifles and nooses and Hitler-mustachioed pickets wherever she went and jumping up in the House of Representatives to call her a liar.

  30. Thank you so much for more reasons why the Post in just the J-T.
    As well no way the ads are paying the bills nor I think the $5. and 410. you get in donations so begs the question folks like Tom T and Transit Now or perhaps larger groups?

  31. The problem is not Mr. Obama's race. The problem is Mr. Obama's ideology.

    He is a socialist. Those of us who oppose him would oppose him whatever his race.

    But you knew that, as he does, and as Jimmy Carter does. The attempt to portray opposition to a radical political agenda as racism is nothing more than a disingenuous attempt to innoculate the Administration against all opposition.

    Here's a little experiment Mr. Obama can try to prove the point: Govern from the right. Reduce spending and entitlements. Acknowledge the superiority of markets, properly regulated, to address society's needs and create wealth. Encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of jobs and wealth, rather than penalizing it. Take a strong stance on defense instead of coddling terrorists.

    Mr. Obama would find that we would become his greatest supporters. Of course, his greatest supporters would also become his greatest critics - but don't worry, we won't call them racists.

  32. Amen Anonymous 4:10 - nothing more needs to be said.

  33. sorry last post s/b to 4:11 not 4:10.
    Does that make me a racist???

  34. "WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama's spokesman publicly disagreed with former President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday over Carter's contention that some conservative opposition to Obama is based on race.

    "The president does not think it is based on the color of his skin," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters."

  35. I disagree with the president, but because he is the president, I respect his opinion.

  36. Randy - According to Jimmy Carter & perhaps by you yourself, it's likely your disagreement with President Obama has something to do with President Obama's race.

  37. Here's my problem. There are definitely some serious racists in the Tea Party movement. Not all of them are motivated by race. Probably only a small portion are riled up because of race. But I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in the same crowd as the closet KKK. I mean, how many bigots until you (as a conservative) start to feel like your rally is sending mixed messages? People post these images and interviews all the time with these incredible racist incidents. How many do you tolerate? 1% of your group? 5%? 25%?

  38. No, Anon, I may disagree with the president, but that doesn't mean I'm going to call him a Nazi or cry out "You lie," during one of his speeches.

  39. But Randy, were the people who called George W. Bush a Nazi racists? Was Congressman Pete Stark of California a racist when he called George W. Bush a liar from the floor of the House?

  40. Anon,

    I don't recall that, but they sure as hell shouldn't have let that guy out of jail who threw a shoe at him.

    But it's in Iraq. We only spent blood and treasure to save their country. So, what are you gonna do?

    They put up a statue to his father in Kuwait, but they throw shoes at him in Iraq. Go figure.

  41. Anon 8:21

    "Closet KKK?" On what do you base that?

    And please compare and contrast any evidence of "Closet KKK" members you may find with an ACTUAL KKK member, DEMOCRATIC SENATOR ROBERT BYRD, a former member of the KKK.

  42. Mr. Brandt has a strong point. Many who oppose Obama, and have from the start, may not even overtly realize their absolute inability to accept a black man in the White House. They don't want him there, can't stand that he won...and now they are fighting him tooth and nail. And...yes, they oppose all he does and call him a socialist, and worse.

    They are clueless fools, mostly ignorant, and certainly not patriots.

    If they loved this country and "fighting for their freedoms" and all they profess to believe, they would work hard withing the system to build American up again.

    God bless America.
    God bless the world we all have to live in.

    Stop the hate. "Judge not lest ye be judged" -- it still stands.

  43. Randy, do you ever stop and think just how offensive your posts can be? I am opposed to much of the Obama agenda, so I must be a racist. I am prepared to give up health, wealth and peace, you suggest, because I don't like the black guy. So this would make me a very foolish racist. Really Randy? Do you really have such a low opinion of conservative people? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, there are people who just don't think the policies advocated by our president will work?

  44. Dennis,

    I'm sure there are people of goodwill who think the president's policies may not work, or may not work as intended.

    But it's pretty obvious that isn't what's going on.

    No, he's a lying Nazi who wants to kill your grandmother.

    That's the problem fringe that serious conservatives need to jettison if they're going to be taken seriously.

  45. LOL .how much real difference is there in Washington DC's democraps and repukelicans? The policy wonks of georgetown and george washington U. and the bag men from K st. drown out whatever real info from beyond the belt way. Corporatism's propagandist/media has dumbed down much of the american public, so that people really think that there is a discernible difference between the two entrenched parties of parasites.
    These problems are long coming, and the results of ignoring everything in IKE'S farewell address to the nation.... We were different back then, we have not become that illuminated city on the hill. We are once again a warning to future generations to preserve your individual freedoms and liberties, by being self regulating/reliant.

  46. Rees Roberts9/16/2009 11:06 PM

    Anon 1:42pm said:

    "I certainly support President Obama - just as much as the Democrats supported George "W".
    I beleive it was a Democrate in 2001 who first stated "I hope he fails". It was the Democrats who Boo'd the President in 2006.
    Don't start sputtering about civility after your side showed it's true colors."

    Do you honestly believe I would condone anyone saying "I hope he fails?) I am sorry I must tell you that it was not a democrat which said those words.

    When asked about his hopes for the Barack Obama presidency, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh infuriated Obama supporters with four simple words: “I hope he fails.”

    Google it. You will find it. But that was not the point of what I said.

    I believe we all are doomed if we merely take sides every time we open up to one another. We simply have to stop this tit for tat constant bantering back and forth. We must move on, to respect all people. Work to achieve a consensus and help be a positive force. It would be a better world, in my opinion.


  47. Thanks for your commentary, Mr Brandt. I miss your input with the Journal Times.

  48. Rees old girl - the reason Rush said he hoped Obama failed is because he hoped his policies would fail e.g. buying the auto industry, buy the financial world, and spending trillions of money trying to set up socialized medicine in the U.S. That's what he hopes fails - his only hope now is that he fails with Obama Care.

  49. Tim the Shrubber9/17/2009 8:39 AM

    "I'm sure there are people of goodwill who think the president's policies may not work, or may not work as intended.

    "But it's pretty obvious that isn't what's going on."

    Well, gee, that is generous of you. Most of the people showing up a the Tea Party protests, town hall meeting prtotests, etc. are people who honestly think that the administrations policies are are bad, if not disastrous.

    But, no, you have to ascribe nefarious motives to the movement and make the claim that it is highly racist. Reminds me of the idiots on the right that referred to the anti-war protesters a few years ago as 'traitors' and 'fifth-columnists', etc. But, hey, if that is the kind of company you want to keep.

    "No, he's a lying Nazi who wants to kill your grandmother."

    Agreed that this over the top, but not unique to conservatives or the current political climate. Obama is getting treated pretty much like past Presidents, that is what is going on. Our first black President is pretty much getting the same treatment as a white President.

    "That's the problem fringe that serious conservatives need to jettison if they're going to be taken seriously."

    It would certainly be nice if both sides dumped the fringes, but realistically why should they? Democrats won just fine without dumping their fringe. You don't dump a loyal group if your party can win anyway.

  50. Slick trick, no one will listen to the opposition if they label us all racists. Wow. Pretty low.

    But I guess that goes hand in hand with the ridiculous plans you are trying to hoist onto us. Why should we expect you to be truthful.

    He's black so they don't want a train or health care. Really? That is funny.

    I don't want a train because we are buying it at the wrong time. We do not have the money. We have uncontrollable debt already. People are out of work, businesses are closing up. Putting a train there just puts a train there. We are not solving unemployment. People in Milwaukee and Chicago are being laid off too.

    Health care has a lot of nonsense added into the plan. Political favors and sweet deals for some Drs., hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and lots of control of Joe citizen. Poor people can already get health care. We have better health care than most on the planet right now.

    Work on debt and getting the country back to work. Then once we are stronger make a fair plan for health care that benefits the people.

  51. Rees Roberts9/17/2009 9:46 AM

    Anon 9:11am

    You said "We have better health care than most on the planet right now."

    Factually, that is incorrect. We are 37th from the top. And just behind Costa Rica according to the World Health Organization. Look at the following link to see the countries who are ranked better than us and ask yourself why? With as much as we are paying we SHOULD be number one. But factually, we simply are not.


    You also stated "Work on debt and getting the country back to work. Then once we are stronger make a fair plan for health care that benefits the people."

    One of Obama's primary reasons for going forward on a health care plan is to do exactly what you propose to do. Work on the debt. It does seem counter intuitive to add something like $900 billion for health care right now BUT (and this is important) the reduction in cost to the Federal Government to provide services like Medicare would be huge. Obamba said a reduction of one tenth of one percent in health care cost would result in a TRILLION dollars of savings over 10 years. Just think if we were to get significantly more than that. That is the important point that gets lost in the whole equation about health care. I think we can agree that our health care system has a lot of waste in it.

    Finally, you said "I don't want a train because we are buying it at the wrong time. We do not have the money."

    I pondered your point on this one. Originally I was for KRM. However, I think you are right. I see no dire reason why we need KRM "right now". And it could be done later when, as you said, we could afford it. In a way, it is similar to my thinking that expanding I-94 to 8 lanes was also a decision made at the wrong time. As prices continue to go up for gasoline I thought less people would travel requiring less number of lanes. So far that has been shown to be true.

    Thanks for your views Anon 9:11am


  52. Anon 9/16/2009 1:10 PM,

    OK, he lives on the edge of North Bay. Same difference. Exclusive, wealthy, predominantly white. To further correct, I don't know if it is the most racist area, but it definitely is very big on segregation. People enjoying the benefits of racism who decry racism are hypocrites. But we know that. Just as we know that Dustin and Pete are throwing Randolph these bones to generate hits on their website. He is just another hollow person, the poor little rich boy crying all the way to the bank.

  53. Orbs - there is a big difference. He lives in the City, not the Village of North Bay and if you don't live in the area, how do you know it is big on segregation. You are always making these sweeping statements. You have no idea what the people in that area think. I think you should come to the realization that you are a very unhappy person who tries to make himself feel better by attacking those that are more successful than you. You are in control of your own life. If you are not happy with the outcome, you only have yourself to blame - not society.

  54. I said I don't know if it is the most racist area, I didn't say I didn't know the area. I had clients in North Bay, Wind Point, Caledonia, etc., all over the north side. I know the areas very well. Transplant one of my neighbors into your hood and see what happens. LOL.

    Register a name so I know that I'm talking to the same person every time and we can discuss our differences of opinion. Otherwise, you're just another anonymous fart in the wind.

  55. Orbs - if your neighbors can afford to buy in the area - so be it. If not, you are just a bloat of hot air and miserable at the same time.

  56. Btw, if you read my comments regularly, you know that the foundation of my "negativity" is personal responsibility for your life. I know that I am the result of my actions - that is the mantra I've been preaching for years on these sites. Did it ever occur to you that not everyone wants what you define as "success?" Such arrogance to assume that we all want to live like you. I'm much happier in the hood than I could ever be living with whitey. At least here, I know who my enemies are and they don't lie to you as they kill.

  57. It must gall the hell out of you to know that not all intelligent people want to live on the backs of those "below" them.

  58. Orbs - that would be presumption of your intelligence.

  59. Orbs - you don't gall me at all. People like you don't even exist in my life - so you are dismissed.

  60. See, here you are, sniping on the internet, what 7 year olds do.

    You presume I am unhappy, yet everyone who knows me loves my dark sense of humor and laughter. I have created a persona online that provides me with hours and hours of entertainment as I poke holes in the puffed up egos of Racine. Don't you understand that getting a rise out of people like you is what this is all about? Friends and I started a local website for the city's amusement and we have a gas.

    But because I harp on things that you may not like, you presume I am unhappy. Get it through your head: a big house and lots of money may satisfy you, but some of us are interested in much more substantial things.

    As for intelligence, I was the first student in the history of a local university to be offered a Rhodes Scholarship.

    As for your "success," I was also the first student to turn it down.

    I know what I want, and it ain't money or prestige, honey.

    Party on!

  61. I am "dismissed"? Is that you, "sir"? Trolling the Racine Post anonymously these days, are we? How's Becker doing?

  62. Ha, Ha, Ha

  63. Jim Crow laws made and instituted by the democrat party.
    KKK started by the democrat party.
    Card carrying KKK in congress are democrats.
    I am not a racist. I was born and raised in the hood in Chicago. I learned then the difference between blacks and ignorant blacks. I lived in the north woods for 11 years and learned the difference between whites and ignorant whites. And now I live in Racine where the dividing Racine Post is keeping racism alive and well. Congratulations RP you join the ranks of ignorant people.

  64. Randolph is obviously a blow hard, with a small audience.

  65. Randolph is obviously a blow hard, with a small audience.

  66. A "divide and conquer" mentality has been working for the democrats for a century now, why would they give it up?

    Randy is right, the last person who pushed for nationalised health care was a white woman and she was loved for it. Everyone embraced her and her ideas....

    I'm done with all of this race-baiting.

  67. It seems like no matter what happens, there will always be an issue of racism to some degree.

  68. This has absolutely "NOTHING" to do with racism as Mr. Carter and Brandt refer too. It is always the liberal Democrats that pull out the race card when things don't go their way.

  69. Rees - "On September 10th 2001 James Carvel stated on CNN "I hope he ((President Bush) fails!".
    Interesting date reflecting back.
    Apparently statements made by Democrats have an expiration date after which they "didn't say it".
    Democrats were the party of racial hate for 100 years and continue to be so. Remember (although I am sure you will deny it) that more Republicans voted for the Johnsons's 1960's Civil Rights bill than Democrats. One that voyes no is still a serving Senate Democrat...

  70. Why is it that when blacks and liberals no longer have a valid argument that they can back up with facts and logic, they play the color card? Is that all you people have? How pathetic. Get over it, blacks and liberals, no one alive today (or born after 1865) has ever been a slave, no one owes you an apology, quit using the "poor me" defense to try and extort money from the government (taxpayer's money), and quit being so racist everytime someone who isn't black disagrees with Obama's national socialist policies.

    Maybe us whites should start calling every black or liberal a racist every time they disagree with a white politician's policies. If the truth is be revealed, the blacks and liberals of this country are the most racist of all. If it was the majority of us whites, Obama would never have gotten elected.

    Jimmy Carter is so far off the track it's rediculous. I am so disappointed that he would fuel the race fire with unfounded statements like his.

  71. Mr. Brandt,
    Thanks for your commentary!