September 17, 2009

Property Transfers: Foreclosed home sells for $7,585; SC Johnson sells house on Wind Point Road

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A 1,700-square-foot, four-bedroom house located a block from water adjacent to a golf course sold in Racine County last week, but it wasn't the top seller.

It had the lowest.

The house at 40 McKinley Ave. in Racine sold out of foreclosure for an eye-popping $7,585, according to this week's property transfers. Here's a picture of the exterior:

40 McKinley Ave.

The 1925 home, located adjacent to Washington Park Golf Course and a block from the Root River (all-in-all, an OK neighborhood located just off of West Sixth Street), was assessed at $115,000 last year, up from $99,000 in 2006.

The new buyer hadn't been recorded with the Register of Deeds on Thursday. The previous owner was Deutsche Bank.

The highest-priced sellers of the week were both located in Wind Point. The home at 152 Burrline Road sold for $686,000, slightly less than the list price of $695,000. It was assessed at $386,000.

Nearby, SC Johnson sold a beautiful house it owned at 5330 Wind Point Road for $450,000. The home was located on 1.3 acres of land and was assessed this year at $522,600. The five-bedroom house was listed at $549,000.

Click here for an interactive map of this week's property transfers.

Here are last week's property transfers.


  1. 40 McKinley Ave? Go there say Saterday night walk around after 11 PM see how safe it is.

  2. What I like about that house is that it looks onto a golf course and not another house. I also like the Riverside Drive situation of looking out onto the river. Obviously the area is seedy as hell but I had a bunch of family who lived down there from the 30's to the 70's and they claim it was nice back then.

    I think McKinley Ave has the best kept houses down there and is surely has fewer boogeymen than Frank, Harrison or Jones.

  3. Perhaps there is a good watch program even if Q.A. does not show up the COP house helps a lot. and at $7K you can fix it up and put in a great security system back with a 12 GA

  4. Thanks for doing the transfer articles this way! Great job!