September 14, 2009

Racine's Bart Cameron brings "The Foghorns" to George's for a live show tonight

The Foghorns with Racine-native Bart Cameron

Racine native Bart Cameron brings his band "The Foghorns" home tonight with a show at George's Tavern, 1201 N. Main St.

Cameron is lead singer of the "anti-folk" group, which formed in Madison, moved to Iceland and is now based in Seattle. The group is touring with their six album, "A Diamond as Big as a Motel 6." It's music is a teriffic collection of bluesy, twangy pop songs Cameron has described in recent interviews as, "If Bob Dylan did punk." (Check out their song, "Brooklyn Bridge," on MySpace.

Here's the band's official bio:
Started when Bart Cameron went home to Wisconsin after a rough series of events from 2001-2002 in Brooklyn, The Foghorns began as a rock/ bluegrass amalgam. Cameron recorded with Wisconsin musicians Kevin and Steve Firchow, then performed in Brooklyn with help from New York musicians, including The Cobble Hillbillies. Bart Cameron left the US for Iceland on a Fulbright, and a year later The Foghorns began touring Iceland with just guitar and a large bucket. That bucket player, Paul Nikolov, eventually joined the Icelandic Parliament. Cameron recruited an Icelandic lineup, The Foghorns released CDs with buckets and with other instruments, and they have been featured at the Iceland Airwaves music festival, in addition to playing Icelandic festivals including Innipukinn. The Icelandic lineup toured the US in 2006, then Bart stayed behind in America. In 2008, Katie and Rich Quigley of Blue, Pig helped Bart form a US-based group. They are distributed by the Wisconsin-based record label Beefy Beef Records
Touring members of the band include: Bart Cameron, Katie Quigley, Rich Quigley, Kristjan Oli Petursson, Bara Sigurjonsdottir.

After tonight's show at George's, The Foghorns have shows in Chicago, Oshkosh, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Omaha, Colorado and then out to California.

To hear their music, checkout their MySpace page at:

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