September 19, 2009

Car collides with Sturtevant Police squadcar

A Sturtevant Police car and another vehicle collided early this morning, injuring both drivers.

The accident took place at the intersection of Route 11 and County Highway H at 1:44 a.m. while the police car was responding, with lights and siren, to assist another officer.

Both drivers were taken to the hospital; the officer was treated and released but the other driver was later transported to Froedtert Hospital.

No further details were released by the Racine County Sheriff.


  1. im just goning to take a wild guess and say alcohol was involved

  2. After almost being hit by one elderly driver in the wrong lane and two clueless female drivers who were in my lane coming at me today it may be something else.

    The clueless females both appeared to be more focused on their phones than the fact they were in a car heading the wrong way. The elderly guy just should not have been driving today.

  3. i was told that my comment was negative and may have shed a bad light on my industry and i kind of agree. So i apoligize for making an assumption even if it was correct and would like to remind people that if they have had to much to drink EVER dont drive theyre many options including my favorite SAFERIDE. tats all folks