September 16, 2009

RacinePost Hotline

RacinePost now has a telephone hotline for you to call in with comments and story tips. You can reach us at (262) 864-1376 any time, day or night.

(For those geeky enough to care, this number is run through Google Voice. Also, full disclosure: All callers' identities will remain anonymous unless we contact you and get permission to use your name. But as a matter of full disclosure, we will see your phone number if you leave a message.)


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  2. Here's a local story about Kelly Gallaher You might have missed discussion is found at the following blogs Mark Belling also included some commentary at 5:25 on his Wednesday evening show.

    Community for Thuggery? Tolerance for others? Non-Partisan??

    Also find the story at real debate, and the Underground Conservative.

  3. Alas, poor Kelly. Still so star-struck from her close encounter with the Chosen One in Green Bay (and even more so having the Racine Post put a picture of the happening up on its site) she moves to stifle the rights of others to freely assemble and yet others to conduct legal commerce.

    Perhaps she just can't help herself. In that case people can feel sorry for her. But if she really knows what she's doing - - SHAME!