August 27, 2009

Ryan's office helped spread Racine Democrat's personal information online

An email circulating nationally that's led to threats against a Racine Democrat originated from Rep. Paul Ryan's office.

Kelly Gallaher, a key local leader in President Obama's campaign, wrote an email to members of Community for Change laying out plans for the group to attend Ryan's listening sessions on health care reform.

The email was faxed Aug. 21 from the Yard Arm Bar and Grill to Ryan's office. The exact same fax, identified by Ryan's fax number handwritten and circled across the top, appeared on and Milwaukee radio host Mark Belling's website.

The fax included Gallaher's email address and home phone and cell phone numbers. As a result, Gallaher and Racine's Community for Change have received threatening calls and emails from people all over the country opposed to health care reform.

Gallaher complained about the email to Ryan's staff on Tuesday, and a new version of the fax with Gallaher's personal information was redacted was posted on and Belling's website. (You can see the redacted PDF here.)
UPDATE, Aug. 30: Community for change has posted its version of the incident, and copies of the original fax as well as the redacted version. We've put the image of the two faxes at the bottom of this post.
But the damage was done. Gallaher was still receiving calls Thursday and participants at Ryan's recent listening sessions openly intimidated Gallaher as she attempted to promote a counterpoint to Ryan's stances on reform.

During Ryan's listening session on Thursday, Ryan Gleason, of Community for Change, questioned Ryan on his office's role in working with to spread Gallaher's personal information. Ryan denied a role in the incident, despite Gleason showing him the email faxed to his office was the same email that appeared on

Conservatives around the country held up Gallaher's email as an example of Democrats trying to "disrupt" listening sessions on health care reform. Ryan himself said Gallaher's efforts to "overwhelm" the forums threatened civil discourse, which was ironic given Gallaher's treatment at earlier forums.

Conner Sweeney, Ryan's press secretary, said after Thursday's listening session that he had no specifics on the fax or how it ended up on

Ryan's listening session Thursday at Roma Lodge drew a packed crowd with police turning away hundreds of people because the building was already over capacity. (A Roma Lodge employee turned this RacinePost reporter away at the door despite letting in a JT photographer a minute earlier. To Sweeney's credit, he tried to vouch for me, but the Roma Lodge employee refused to agree.)

One person was kicked out of the listening session. Miles Kristin, of Racine, grabbed the microphone from a speaker and attempted to ask Ryan if the country would have more money for health care if it wouldn't have invaded Iraq. Ryan cut off Kristin and had him removed.

Outside of the forum, Kristin described himself as an "independent activist" who was neither a Democrat nor Republican. He said he had no stance on health care reform, other than to say whatever is passed will favor corporations over people.

Meanwhile, dozens of cars approached the forum hoping to get in to hear Ryan talk. But authorities started turning people away at 1 p.m. - a half hour before the session was scheduled to begin. Ryan's staff moved the forum to Roma Lodge after initially scheduling the session for Gateway Technical College in Racine. (One political veteran noted it was an odd move because Roma Lodge does not allow women to be full members. For that reason, campaigns generally avoid the club for events.)

Inside the forum, it's safe to say a majority of the crowd joined Ryan in opposing Obama's proposed health care reform. It's also safe to say the time and location (mid-day, the middle of Mount Pleasant) stacked things in favor of retirees and people who can get away from a job for awhile. Several older residents stopped to give the latest Obama zinger (Do you know why Obama's plane is going to crash? It has two left wings.) or to accuse the president of being a communist-socialist foreigner determined to fire every doctor and nurse in the country.

But for all that, Ryan played it cool. He's quick to say reform is needed, he just doesn't think Obama's plan is the way to go. The Janesville Republican is so smooth even liberals said after the listening session they were applauding at least some of his comments.

But given the treatment of Gallaher's email, it's also clear Ryan is ready to play hardball with anyone speaking up in favor of Obama's plan. Here's one of the hundreds of emails Gallaher received after her personal information was sent around the country:
If one of your uneducated, government dependent, whining assholes lays one hand on me, comes within 3 feet of me or shouts anyone down, they better get off their lazy asses and find a job, because they will need health insurance after I am done with them.
I am not putting up with you people any more. You people have absolutely no clue what is going on. Every one of you is so co-dependent on a nanny state it isn't even funny. Some of you should learn how to think instead of just reading and repeating. You might be amazed what you find out.
Once again, keep your assholes away from me, or they will be gumming their food for months.
You have been warned.
Update: Here's a transcript of Gleason's exchange with Paul Ryan at Thursday's listening session.
Unknown Speaker: I’d like to introduce my friend Ryan Gleason (RG).

Paul Ryan (PR) OK That’s interesting. Ryan, how many friends do you have in the audience?

RG Hi Thank you for taking our question. My name’s Ryan Gleason. I’m with…

PR I’m just kinda curious. How many people do you have helping you with that? Gotcha

RG We have an important issue I think that needs to be addressed. That’s why I’m here to…My name’s Ryan Gleason, I’m with Community for Change.

[Crowd noise]

PR Everybody please. I know there are organizations and groups coming here being represented. They have just as much of a right to talk as anyone else does. Ryan I know you‘ve got differing opinions. It is your mic … I want to hear it. But if you don’t mind keep It kinda brief so we can get to other people.

RG Absolutely

PR Community for change, is that it?.

RG And we’re here because we organize around the community. We are unpaid volunteers. And we just care about reform quite honestly as does Congressman Paul Ryan. What we’ve witnessed in this past week though has been something that’s been very unsettling.

Kelly Gallaher which I partner with on many of these events that we do, has endured a character assassination from a couple of blogs and we’ve discovered that that information actually came from your staff.

PR Uh..I’m not so sure about that. We’ve gotten. Is this this email that’s going around?

RG There is en email.

RG This was posted on Red states blog. That we were going to come here and disrupt your entire …

PR Yes I saw that email.

RG Which we have not. Our intention was to come here and ask questions, get people to come here and get involved.

[Crowd noise]

PR Do you have a question or a comment.

RG What happened was your campaign office.. your staff ..and I have the fax right here with the number on it ..sent this to Red State and Mark Belling and since then Kelly has been getting..her personal information was on this thing . She’s been getting phone calls, being harassed from all over the country and our email box has filled up. She cannot even be here tonight.

PR Allright so..I’ve read this email. Gotten 4 or 5 copies from constituents at town hall meetings about this emailthis Email has gone viral. It has come to us from many different sources. We’ve been asked for copies of it. We’ve redacted pieces of it. And yes we have received this. And we have shared this with people who have asked us for it. This has been going around. We got this from some in the media.

RG Went to the Yardarm and talked to the lady that sent it to your office. I’ll tell you what

PR Let me just say this. Point is yes there was an email that was going around that threatened…um um it wasn’t a very kindly written email, we’ll put it that way. And it wasn’t an email that led one to think that we were going to have civil discourse on this issue. It is because of the way the email was written. Because of the kind of uncivil discourse it was proposing. Shouting, overwhelming, things like this.

None of those things are in the email. I have it right here.

I’ve seen two versions of this email. I’ve seen the version which was cleaned up and I’ve seen the original version which has been sent to us. The point is.

It is fine with me if organizations …whether it is OFA DPW, C4C it’s perfectly fine with me if you want to come to our town hall meetings. If you’re a constituent and even if you’re not. You’re invited.

The problem is…Let’s not try and disrupt people …let’s not try and shout up other people. Let’s give every citizen an equal chance to have access to their representative to state their views. That’s exactly what we’re doing here today.

[Crowd noise]

[New voice…more money for health care….
Crowd noise…join the army…get a job]



  1. Ohh man.....C'mon guys. I like you two and I like the Post, but this article is pure crap. C'mon Dustin & Pete really? Is this a real issue right now? This article, woman, and issue is just a waste of time and space. Please, how about reporting the relevant information contained within the meeting? I enjoy the Post, but this article is plain wack!

  2. Yes indeed you can see the "redacted" e-mail on Belling's website, and that dear Dustin is the key. Ms. Gallaher's personal information is REDACTED. Surely not mentioning this fact is just an oversight on your part.

  3. Paul Ryan is a disgusting coward who cannot tolerate dissent. I'm so tired of his gestapo tactics.

  4. Anon 6:11. If you bothered to read, he did note that since the complaint was made, the information was redacted. But it's far too late, and Ryan has been caught red-handed.

  5. Dustin I was unaware that "The Post" was a state run publication! This article is more personal belief than fact, please in the future report the facts and not your opinion! As far as Mrs. G is concerned tell her to stop looking for hand outs and get a f@#king job.

  6. Anon 6:30 you should do some research to keep from making such a fool of yourself in the future.

  7. OK 6:15. Show me where Belling put it up before redacting.

  8. Anon 6:48 the cached screencap was available for all to see at the Paul Ryan event today. The fax number that the document was sent from was actually the same fax number printed on Ryan's own literature. Avail yourself of the facts or wallow in ignorance forever.

    Ryan is a coward. And now the entire world knows it.

  9. I liked the article. I liked the argument asking if we would have more money if we didn't invade Iraq. I am and independent voter without ties to any party.

    I am not in favor of government health care. I am in favor of taking a hard look at why it is so messed up and so many are suffering. I just think the solutions are not going to be found in insurance companies, drug companies or more restrictions and giving up of our free will.

  10. Anon 7:05.

    YEAH! Don't you WISH we could have a rational conversation? Too bad the terrified conservatives feel the need to lash out when they're more scared than usual.

    This entire issue has been polluted by their ignorant, nonsensical screaming.

    I think there should be a debate about whether an individual mandate is useful. That was included in the bill because it was a top priority for conservative lawmakers and was seen as a good start toward consensus. But if conservatives aren't going to support it anyway, why should we give them ANYthing they want?


  12. Anon 7:12.

    This is the only news that was made at the "town hall." No one gives a shit about the latest iteration of Ryan's idiotic pleasantries and meaningless catchphrases.

    Here's an idea. Why don't you write a goddamn article about the "town hall" and then we'll all read it and be bored after the first two sentences, when they sound exactly the same as the first two sentences about the Kenosha event or the Eagle event or any other Ryan event of this recess.



  13. I love the Yardarm good people good food

  14. The woman at the Yardarm has apologized to Kelly. Now if only Paul Ryan had the balls to own up to his part in this. How do we allow this city to be represented by such a limp-dick coward?

  15. Thank you very much for this article. I learned more than I had expected. I think everyone involved in publishing Gallaher's personal information online, which is leading to personal threats to her, should be exposed. I would like to know who sent that fax?

  16. Paul Ryan needs to fire someone, then he needs to write a formal apology.

  17. Other personal information has been put on this site will they get an apology?
    The Post has made it clear they are nothing more then a leftest rag.
    I will no long suggest to small business I know to advertise, I will also ask those who advertise now to quit.
    I am shamed that all the great reporting you guys have done have been tossed for the sake of Obama care

  18. The question is : Who was at Ryan's office during the time that the fax was sent?

    If Ryan and his supporters really wanted to get to the bottom of it - they could easily find out who was working at the time of the incident and narrow down the suspects.

  19. Anon 7:34.

    First off, pics or it didn't happen.

    Second. Cry more.

    Third. It is laughable that you would compare release of personal information on a local news outlet to such release on a national extremist website like RedState, full of deranged lunatics.

    Third and a half. As far as I know Racine Post uses a consent form for personal information. I don't think the eunuch Paul Ryan offered that opportunity to Gallaher.

  20. I remember a story some time ago about George Petak that just happened to include his phone number in Madison. The story was about his new consulting business but I suspect the Post didn't want to simply throw old George some free advertizing along with his phone number. Did anyone call to wish George well? Give him business? Scream?

  21. Anon 7:49 still waiting on that proof.

  22. Anon 7:49 also notice built in fallback position that is local and, though the Post's commenters tend to usually be conservative keyboard crusaders, they're generally impotent in real-world situations. This is quite different from the extremist crazies who crusade to RedState from redneck communal computer trailers and 90s era WebTVs all over the country.

    Also, I bet no one even contacted Petak. People got to vote him out of office and replace him. Does anyone really give a shit about what he's doing now?

  23. Anon, 7:49 The Petak story was -- except for the lede -- a press release from him, about his new consulting office. That's why it had the office's address and phone number.

    How you manage to make this some nefarious plot by us, I'll never understand.

    Here, read the post about Petak again.

  24. Hysterical.

  25. Also, Anon 7:49. Would you like some crushed ice for that burn?


    can Obama be trusted? To do anything right?

  27. Anon 8:24 wins the award for most irrelevant bullshit in this thread.

  28. The Translator8/27/2009 8:58 PM

    Dustin it is a known fact that you are a member of C4C/Yes We Can. It is a known fact that you and Kelly are working together. I was hoping for honest and open reporting of the listening sessions, but once again I was wrong, For all the great things you guys do, it is runied by your biases in covering politics. We, the readers understand that and still trust you guys for some breakthrough reporting, I just wish you could get over yourselves when it comes to politics.

  29. The Translator:

    You are incredibly paranoid. Dustin Block is only a member of the C4C mailing list so that he can receive updates on upcoming events and decide if he'd like to cover them. Any good journalist would do the same to get as much unfiltered access as possible to a group that they might be writing about.

    Also "omg media boogeyman!"

  30. First Off.....WHO CARES?!? Screw this C4C, Honestly, do you think they give a sh-it about you? It's all hidden agenda crap.....screw these winey little fools

  31. The Translator its all about the politics the question is this Pete's idea or Dustan's? is there any hope for the Post or are they just in the bag for Obama?

    Fight the power fight Obama

  32. "Hidden agenda!" "in the bag for Obama!" "fight the power!"

    You people sound like some horrible cross between tinfoil-hat lunatics and spoiled angsty teenagers.

    Time to grow up, children.

  33. Tim the Shrubber8/27/2009 10:54 PM

    "Time to grow up, children."

    Think that could be applied to both Racine Post and the people leaving comments in this case.

    This is a real tempest in a teapot story. If Gallaher sends our her personal info in a mass e-mail she better be prepared for it to end up in unexpected places.

  34. I showed up about 1:15 and had no trouble getting in, so maybe they singled you out. I'm old and often walk with a cane, so maybe they made an exception. Still, I hope next time they make some accommodation for disabled people. There was no place to sit, and I couldn't stand up for the whole session, so I had to leave to sit down for a while outside and didn't hear it all.

  35. A United States Congressman used his substantial power and influence to take down an unpaid community organizer that is also a constituent. Unreal.

  36. I attended the session and came away with several conclusions:

    Our congressman talks a good game, but he'll never vote for meaningful health care reform.

    Will he guarantee coverage for people will pre-existing ailments or disabilities? No, he won't.

    Will he extend health-care coverage to millions who are uninsured? No, he won't.

    Will he offer a government-sponsored alternative, or at least some non-profit insurance plan that won't discriminate against the uninsured or 'uninsurable'? No, he won't.

    Will he address the needs of middle-class, working families who can't afford their health care if they lose their jobs or become disabled? No, he won't

    Instead, he'll pick apart this pending bill just to maintain the status quo, which is the real aim of all obstructionists.

    The status quo isn't working.

    Nor is our congressman.

  37. The public finally got to see Paul Ryan's true colors. We thought those colors were red, white and blue....not yellow.

  38. Paul Ryan is BUSTED. Let faxgate begin. He was so much of a gentleman about it that he didn't even apologize. What a man. What a leader.

  39. You know, I read that transcript, and it seems to be that the Senator is just trying to keep the focus on what they were there to discuss, which, if some of you didn't read was health care.
    Not forwarded faxes, or emails..

    Rather than attack the message, you attack the messenger.

    Get real. This problem won't be solved until muckrakers both Democratic and Republican shut the heck up and let people speak and not special interest groups.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, this is Racine, our whole political process is run by special interest groups.

  40. Ryan Gleason and Kelly Gallaher are whining babies. What do you think happens when you start e-mailing your cell number around? It gets to people other than those it was originally meant for.

    C4C and Kelly are shameless self-promoters and I would not be surprised if this was part of their plan for more self promotion.

  41. The honorable Paul Ryan actually mass e-mailed this to everyone he knows in the Republican Party.

    Add WISGOP to the list.

    They told Mark Belling about it, telling him that the town halls would face civil diobedience and active disruption. Mark Belling reads Gallaher's e-mail and calls it D-Day tactics, inciting even more anger.

    This behavior is from a US Congressman? Taking down a volunteer?

    What, does Paul Ryan think this Iran? What happened to free speech?

  42. Paul Ryan didn't just innocently hit the forward button. In fact, his staff got the fax, made a decision not to black out any personal info and then scanned it into pdf format. He then used his considerable clout and connections to embelish the story and get it immediately published to people that were told to attack.




  44. Pete - I never said the release of the Petak information was part of a nefarious plot. I pointed out that you provided the article including his phone number and it did not seem logical that you would provide a Republican with free advertizing and a "where are they now, feel good story". Yes, the thought crossed my mind that you included the phone number for "completeness" but if any of your readers decided to call and bitch, well that was their issue.

    Anon 8:10 (and I suspect 8:09 and 7:53) - are you twelve?

  45. Let's circle back to the origin - who sent the initial e-mail and what was it's purpose?

    The story should focus on that. Mrs. G is certainly no 'soccer mom' by ant stretch that she is attempting to portray.

  46. A Roma Lodge employee turned me away at the door despite the efforts of Conner Sweeney, Ryan's press secretary, to get me in. I tried to cover the forum, but the employee wouldn't let me through (despite letting a JT employee less than a minute earlier).

    We still managed to publish a decent story that offers a behind-the-scenes look at how activists and politicians are engaging over these forums.

  47. How ironic all this talk about Kelly's "privacy". The following are a couple provisions from HR3200: (Source -no right wing site)

    Section 431(a) of the bill says that the IRS must divulge taxpayer identity information, including the filing status, the modified adjusted gross income, the number of dependents, and "other information as is prescribed by" regulation. That information will be provided to the new Health Choices Commissioner and state health programs and used to determine who qualifies for "affordability credits."

    Section 245(b)(2)(A) says the IRS must divulge tax return details -- there's no specified limit on what's available or unavailable -- to the Health Choices Commissioner. The purpose, again, is to verify "affordability credits."

    Section 1801(a) says that the Social Security Administration can obtain tax return data on anyone who may be eligible for a "low-income prescription drug subsidy" but has not applied for it.

    These provisions could definitely be considered a violation of Kelly's privacy. Sadly, they are a violation of every other American's privacy too.

  48. Wahhh poor liberals crying as usual. The LEFT does WAY worse in terms of intimidation.

    Black Panthers blocking access to voting places. La Raza, who want mexico to take over parts of the US, harassing decent americans, so on and so forth.


  49. Oh Man,
    How can you blame Ryan? There are hundreds of staff around him. Do you think for a second he is as stupid as Pelosi and her CIA crap. Kelly is of no importance to him as opposition. He is not going to give the go ahead for some piece of crap like this. The repercussions aren't worth it and he knows that. Besides being a gentleman he is a professional politician and and would not make a rookie mistake like that.
    Anon 6:56
    And the rest of you who look for ""sensible debate"" right after name calling and insults I assure you I will be available to meet for a debate any time you would like. Just name the time and place.
    Let me conclude with this: The socialist course this country is taking is going to start a civil war. With that in mind, be careful of the path you choose and where you expose yourself.

  50. Vote No For Mary Jo!

  51. Paul Ryan got in front of this crowd and was less than honest.

    Read the transcript. He says media outlets asked for this. Really? And how did they know it even existed? Because he told them! Not only that, but if you look at the titles of the posts on these Republican blogs/radio shows - they all had the same wording. "Democrat leaders seek to actively disrupt town halls."

    So you mean to tell me that all of these outlets requested the e-mail, and all came up with the same conclusion and headline all on their own? Give me a break! Paul Ryan's staff not only sent the e-mail on their own, they also provided the message - which was way overblown and fabricated. The question is, why would he do that if c4c means nothing to him as suggested.

    This story isn't about personal info. It is about Paul Ryan putting a hit job out against an unpaid community volunteer and their organization.

    Like or dislike c4c, this is inappropriate actions for a United States Congressman.

  52. "personal information" ?!?!!? Give me a break!

    A person's phone numbers are hardly "personal", especially when they are provided by that person in an e-mail blast. If you don't want your cell number given out then don't give it out. If you send it to a mailing list, you can guarantee it will go beyond that list.

  53. Paul Ryan attempted to shut down free speech.

  54. I can't wait to see how the Post covers the open listening sessions of Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl. Oh wait. There weren't any.

  55. Ryan Gleason - how's your fat farm doing? Why don't you stick to this and leave politics to someone else. We do not need another liberal, socialist running off at the mouth.

  56. Ok. Paul Ryan really messed up on this. But two wrongs don't make a right.

    Kelly Gallaher used this very site to insult Cathy Stepp's size and has violated observer rules at an election site -- all while receiving Christ-worthy defense from her followers.

    So, yes, PR was in the wrong. But so is Kelly Gallaher. Maybe both of them should exit the political ring and allow some contenders with real character the opportunity.

  57. Dustin the only story you PRINTED was a love fest for Obama care and how much you hate Paul Ryan.

  58. Anon 10am.

    The "election rule violation" is 100% bullshit. Don't distort the facts just to attempt to appear nonpartisan in your criticism.

  59. Paul Ryan is a coward. A true conservative.

  60. Don't worry Anon 8:53. If there's another civil war, the idiot militias will lose again and Washington will be back in command of the entire country within five years.

  61. Anon 7:27 got it right. I don't believe it was Paul Ryan personally who spread this fax/email. It was someone in his organization that took it upon his/her self to promote it. He should find out who it was, remove them from his organization and appologize on behalf of that person to Kelly. Then be done with it and refuse to comment any further on it.

    What we are seeing here is Republicans using the same tactics that the Democrats have used over and over again (does the name "Joe the Plummber" ring a bell?). But now that it's happening to them, they can't stomach it. Liberals can dish it out, but they can't take it.

    Anon 9:51, just because someone is paranoid doesn't mean there's no one out to get them. Obama is out to get everyone in this country. He is a National Socialist with a Marxist agenda. That is as plain as the ears on his head. Why do you think he loses points daily in the polls? Even from his own Democrats! Did you see the cartoon in yesterday's JT where the Jackass and the Elephant both changed the word under Obama's picture from "Hope" to "Nope"? The piece of crap in the oval office IS a socialist!

    Randolph, how do you know he won't do any of those things? Have you read a bill put forth by Ryan that none of the rest of us has seen? Have you had private conversations with him and attained information that has not come out in the town hall meetings. No, I think not. I think it's just your unsubstanciated opinion and you shooting your mouth off about what you "think" he represents. You know, just like you liberals accuse us conservatives about doing (even after we've read HR3200 and KNOW what we're talking about).

    Anon 7:48, this is a blog, it has always been a blog, it has never been a non-biased news outlet. Every article posted here has always been a Pete & Dustin opinion piece. Regardless of what they call it, it IS their BLOG. Just look at the warm and fuzzy article they wrote on what a great guy Gary Becker is and how well he's getting along. That is directly contrary to what the vast majority of Racine citizens think of him. So, don't kid yourself that this has ever been an objective new outlet. It is not now, nor will it ever be. But you really should lighten up on the caps. Caps represent emphysis, screaming, yelling and/or unbridaled anger. There is a place for it, but every word of every post is inappropriate.

  62. "...the idiot militias will lose again."

    Hey dum-dum, it was the militias that WON the Revolutionary War. The thing is, all you left wing liberal socialists that hate the 2nd amendment are going to be the ones without guns. You acutally think you can win by bringing a knife to a gunfight? If the shooting starts I think it just might be genosicde for the liberals. Even the worst trained militias are better trained than any bleeding heart liberal. And think of all the Iraq vets that have come home and been treated like crap by Pelosi and her hateful bunch. Who's side to you think they'll be on? In a civil war between liberals and conservatives, the liberals will lose very quickly.

  63. Urban Pioneer8/28/2009 12:02 PM

    If Kelly sent this Memo out via e-mail to only one person and asked that it not copied or forwarded and that person betrayed her, She would have a legitimate bitch. But Kelly sent this information out to many people with the intent of rallying the "troops" to attend and "overwhelm", the sessions knowing that Ryan's 17 sessions would be highly publicized around the country. That was the plan from The Obama Admin. supporters. "Organization for Change", etc. The fact that Kelly left her info included in the e-mail, was HER choice. I'm not on Kelly's list of recipients..and yet I got a copy of the e-mail, forwarded to me, so did several other people know.

    It is perfectly acceptable for Ryan, Belling, Sykes etc. use their ability to counter the C4C "mission". Also Kelly's number is in the phone book. So even if it wasn't posted on the e-mail or fax..if anyone wanted to call's not hard to find her. Sorry if anyone went over the top in their voice mails to Kelly..I don't condone that..But I've been intimated by Union members and others who didn't agree with my point of view. Strap on a pair Kelly..If your gonna be out there trying to defend Obama's Teleprompter's policies it's gonna get really tough for the next 17 months.

  64. Until today I had no idea that Ryan supporters were such cry babies.

    Since this was a campaign ploy by Ryan he is in violation of the Hatch Act. Doing campaigning with Federal Dollars.

    I now have an understanding of the non-informed and ill-informed people who have elected the elected officals that we have today.

    This situation is simple, one woman, one volunteer had will to stand up to your Messiah, Paul Ryan. That woman, for that act, according to many of you, needs to put on trial in a conservative court of law.

    It is a sad commentary on those who defend this action. If this was a Republican standing up against a Democratic Congressman you would be calling her a Patriot.

  65. >> "Did you see the cartoon in yesterday's JT where the Jackass and the Elephant both changed the word under Obama's picture from "Hope" to "Nope""

    HOLY CRAP, that's a convincing argument! Clearly you have unimpeachable debate skills and your logic is unassailable!

  66. >> "Hey dum-dum, it was the militias that WON the Revolutionary War."

    Against a foreign invader.

    It was, however, the militias who LOST the Civil War. Going up against their own government, completely unprepared for the wrath of Sherman and Grant. It still fills me with glee to think of the idiot rebels being routed and decimated as Sherman burned a path of destruction through the south.

    Delusions of grandeur will only mislead you into another such embarrassing blunder.

  67. BAF - yes we are in tears thinking about our health care being run by Obama and the rest of you Socialists.

  68. 1:14.

    That much is obvious. But we always knew it would be hard. Conservatives are cowards by nature, so every loud noise sends them scattering for cover and crying for protection.

  69. Well, I just saw the broadcast on CAR25, The C4C part is ridiculous, embarrasing and foolish. Ryan, You should of kept your mouth shut and taken this up privately. You look and sound ridiculous!

  70. 1:33 - whatever you say socialist.

  71. The irrefutable fact has been established. Paul Ryan used his power to try to shake down volunteers.

    This is not the conduct one expects from a representative.

    Keep in mind that he didn't even try to keep this local. His people went national with this story (redstate). That shows you how sinister this really is. Using your position and national recognition to attack private citizens is plain wrong.

    Some needs to be fired over this very poor and reckless decision. It may not have been Ryan himself, but it was certainly someone in his staff.

  72. Don't be so certain Ryan himself wasn't involved. I didn't see this luve, but reading the transcript it sounds like he was aware it existed and that they sent something out. He never really denied it.

  73. We will encourage folks NOT to eat at the Yard Arm ever again. I find that disgusting. They can stuff it.

    Paul Ryan was caught and tried to wiggle out of it. Plenty of million dollar wiggle from insurance companies who donated well over a million to his campaign, and for do nothing. Ryan is a fake and this meeting showed just what he was.

  74. Pete & Dustin - any comment on

    Stop snitchin'?

  75. Urban Pioneer8/28/2009 5:26 PM

    Anon 3:24.. Would you actually boycott a place because they sent a FAX?? R U serious?? Yard Arm is well run locally owned, community minded business. The owners may or may not agree on all positions with each other or with you or me. But to financially penalize them with a Boycott is just mean-spirited and certainly not very "Tolerant". I thought you Liberals were supposed to be "Tolerant". C'mon..Get over yourself..

  76. Urban Pioneer: I'm not in favor of a boycott either, but let's not jump on "liberals" too much here. It is conservatives who have made the boycott the weapon of choice when they don't get their way in the marketplace:

    Conservative organizations have boycotted Sears, Ford, Lowe's, Reader's Digest, Kraft, Disney, Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, American Girl, Microsoft, CITGO, Wells Fargo, Procter and Gamble, Walgreens, Levi Strauss, McDonalds... just to name a few.

    There's even a BoycottLiberalism website listing dozens of conservative targets: books and movies as well as companies. GI Joe, Julie & Julia, anyone?

    Pot calling the kettle black, methinks.

  77. I'd just like to add that I had a very nice conversation with someone at the Yardarm where we discussed this issue.

    I want to be really clear about this - she did nothing wrong. She received an e-mail and faxed it over to Paul Ryan's office. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and nobody should hold anything against her or their great restaurant.

    What happened after the fax was sent is another story. Paul Ryan's staff made a poor decision that also put the Yardarm's phone number out there to the public and she received calls as well.

    Believe me, I understand if people are upset with how everything played out but please direct that frustration in the proper direction. I found the woman I spoke with to be very cordial, honest, and sweet. She did not intend for this to happen like it did either and there is no way she could have known what would happen to Kelly. Nothing she did would warrant any retribution by anyone.

    Given that the PDF of the fax went viral and national, I don't expect the constant harrassment and threats we are under to stop anytime soon. I just hope we can return to a sense of civility and respectful disagreement.

    It was mentioned that I could have made my statement privately instead of at the session. Fair enough, but then I would have expected that same courtesy before this was mass distributed and leaked to a popular conservative blog and local radio. If they were truly concerned about disruption, a simple phone call by his staff would have cleared this whole thing up and it would not have had to happen this way.

    We're community organizers and had no intention of disrupting any of the sessions but we absolutely wanted to attend as many sessions as we could and show support, ask questions and call into question key points of Paul Ryan's plan. That is not illegal or even is our right.

    I support other people's right to do the same - and no, I don't think they are Nazi mobs.

    What happened in our case was unfortunate, but even more unfortunate was where it came from. It's just an ugly reminder that despite what you see on the outside - they are all politicians when it comes down to it.

  78. Paul Ryan is a despicable coward.

  79. So in the wake of a town hall meeting in regards to health care reform, WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT??!?? Let it go, no one cares!

  80. Excuse me but the Yardarm can go blow in the wind. She shouldn't have done that, what did she think that would happen??

    Sorry, the Yardarm showed their true sails, I will spend my money elsewhere and so will plenty of other people.

  81. 7:36

    "Why is this important?"

    Are you f-ing kidding me? Pelosi might have said some attendees had swastikas, but Paul Ryan just took this one step further. He took the e-mail and over-exaggerated a story, which he sent to Red State and Mark Belling to go on the attack. Oh by the way, he left personal contact information on there, sent the e-mail to everyone they knew - leading to daily threats, and putting Yard Arm in some business risk.

    This is not appropriate conduct for a United States Representative. Period. He tried to silence voices in opposition to his opinion using his power and media connections.

  82. Exactly 8:52.

    Paul Ryan is a coward using gestapo tactics against his opponents. I am ashamed to have him representing this city.

  83. EXACTLY! So why is this important?! And how does this relate to Health care debate? quityerbitchin....

  84. Anon 12:36 - because it's a Democract being targeted here, you seem to be the crybaby. If a Democrat did this to a Republican you'd be shooting your mouth off defending "your messiah."

    Paul Ryan is NOT my messiah. My messiah was a Jewish carpenter. Yours is sitting in the Oval Office playing with himself, or some other guy.

    The real difference between God and Obama is that God doesn't think he's Obama!

    Anon 1:33 - do you want to find out just how much of coward THIS conservative is? I'm not the one hiding behind the "Anonymous" handle. Shoot me an email and I'll gladly face off with you, you stupid SOB!

  85. It's amazing how the liberals are now calling the conservatives Nazi's and users or Gestapo tactics. Let me point something out to you: the term Nazi comes from the German National Socialist party. They were and, under Obama, still are extreme left wing liberal socialists. Get your head out of your butts liberals and look around for the swastika, you'll find it on your own arm and that of your god and savior, Obama.

  86. Paul Ryan is your messiah. Every time he opens his mouth, conservatives start humping his leg.

    He voted for most of this debt we have right now, bit he gets a hypocritical pass because he has a R after his name. Passes tax rebates that he never pays for and a prescription drug benefit he never pays for....just added to the debt. Voted for funding Iraq, and keeping it off the books. At least Obama put it back on the balance sheet....that is a big chunk of money that now showed up as budget defecit. Ryan also voted for TARP.

    But go ahead and keep kneeling at the altar of Ryan. Just make sure you're keeping your eyes closed.

  87. 11:13 you may be the dumbest man on this board. German National Socialism was a far-right corporatist ideology. The only similarity "national socialism" has with "democratic socialism" is the word "socialism."

    Learn to read, you dumb cow.

    Look, no curse words.

    And Graham, no need to posture. As long as you espouse conservative ideology, there is no doubt that you remain a coward.

  88. 11:13 I can't believe how stupid you are. You realize that one of the motivating principles behind the rise of the NSDP in Germany was to stomp out Germany's democratic socialists and defeat the accused German "communists."

    The conservative reaction to Obama is much more reminiscent of the beer hall origins of the NSDP than the administration.

    Once again, the conservatives demonstrate they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Why are we evening listening to these fools anymore?

    Do we want to go back to the constant failures George Bush's conservative-dominated government? Conservatism has failed in every conceivable way and in the fullest possible measure. American conservatism has been proven a failed ideology.

  89. Mr. Ryan, you and Kelly Gallagher are hypocrits, pure and simple. You got caught because your plan was published, so, to deflect the issue, you attack those who outed you.

    Even with your proclamation that you wouldn't disrupt the meeting, you, via your moronic proxy, did, IN FACT, disrupt the Roma Lodge meeting. This is the method those who cannot defend an issue utilize in an attempt to silence critics.

    It took 4 years of having to live with a failed Jimmy Carter administration in order for this country to gain a Ronald Reagan. I hope the liberal nazis don't manage to screw this country beyond recognition before the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triad comes to an end.

    BTW, this article is intellectually dishonest and generally a poor piece of reporting.

  90. AvengingAngel I was wrong on the other thread. You're no mere "contender." You ARE the dumbest commenter here.

    You're attacking C4C for attempting to "silence critics"? How the hell would that even come from the plan on the paper? You do realize that this entire story comes from the fact that Paul Ryan is the one attempting to silence his critics, right? He has attacked private citizens because they disagree with his policy. You do realize that you've just outed yourself as the biggest hypocrite in the conversation.

    You should consider going back to Anonymous. You are not doing well with a fixed identity.

    This country had eight years of unrepentant conservatism and we barely survived. We're eight months into recovery and the idiots are terrified and impatient.

    Btw, thank you to the Post for writing this important article about this blatant abuse of power -- this attack on the first amendment -- conducted by our cowardly Republican Representative.

  91. Once again, the liberal lapdogs jump to the defense of 'civil rights' to justify their hijacking of a meeting to drag the topic from the health care plan of their cult leader to what they wanted to talk about.

    People need to get a life. Can't you see that C4C is using this as a smokescreen to further antagonize people into 'action'?

    They and their supporters are acting like spoiled little children who stomp their feet and cry as loud as they can when they are told that they can't have their bottle.

    People were there to talk about health care, not listen to you whine and moan about how evil the Republicans are.

    When a Democrat subverts a Republican, it's 'patriotism', but when a Republican does it to a Democrat, it's a 'violation of their civil rights'.
    Get real. You don't have to be a Republican to speak out against the Kool-Aid cult. You just have to be an individual with the same rights as everybody else. Oh wait, I forgot, that's a right only granted to people who drank from the Kool-Aid bowl this last election.

    C4C just needs to shut the h@!! up and stick to the important topics, like shoving their master's health care down our throats.

  92. And as is typical, if you can't debate the issue with facts, demonize the messenger who is critical of the plan.

    It's not working any more. Just wait...If there is one thing you can always count on, it's politicians watching the poll numbers. There is one and only one thing to which a politician is truly dedicated: Getting re-elected.

    Watch as even the more liberal politicians run for cover. This bill is going down in flames.

  93. This isn't about a Republican doing this to a Democrat. This is about a United States Congressman doing this to his Constituents on taxpayer time.

  94. AvengingAngel.

    Hah. More incredible stupidity on display. Yeah. You know, when you were being a mindless partisan critic, you forgot to include a single fact in your previous post.

    3:33. Funny you should make the spoiled children comparison when it's the conservatives who show up at meetings specifically to actually stomp their feet and scream complete nonsense with the sole purpose of disrupting dialogue. So while you accuse the liberals of "metaphorically" acting like children, we can all recall that it is the conservatives who are literally behaving like children.

    And not just spoiled rotten children, but terrified, cowardly children. Following the lead of their coward Congressman Paul Ryan who made such a disgusting attack against a constituent.

  95. 10:23, I cast no pearl before swine. We'll see, regardless of your mindless diatribes, how this will play out.

  96. Our nations veterans receive "socialized" health care. Is Paul Ryan saying that our veterans receive inferior government run health care? We should all have the health care plan that Paul Ryans gets! And it's all paid for by the tax payer. This I say as an American not as a Republican or Democrat or Independent.
    Proper health care is a fundamental human right! End of debate! Paul Ryan should stick to the facts and not stir up hatred for those who oppose his position!
    I think it's time for a change in the first congressional district of wisconsin!

  97. Paul Ryan must go. He always says that we are his boss....well it is long past due that he gets fired.

  98. Wow AvengingAngel. Speaking of "pearls" that was a real winner.

    Don't trip during your furious backpedaling.

  99. 6:59, put down the kool aid and go see a doctor...oh wait, you can't, we'll need to review your condition, your bank account, your life expectancy, then make a determination as to whether we will treat you or give you end of life counseling...sieg heil!

  100. AvengingAngel. Look at how frightened you are! You're so precious. Like a little five year old warning about the myriad dangers hidden in his closet.

  101. Potato, potatoe, call it what you will. When Hitler came to power he took over EVERYTHING in Germany. He was a stone, hard-core socialist dictator. That is what we have with Obama. He wants to take over and run everything. It's even been put forward by one of his evil minions to do away with the limited 2 term presidency and open it up for Obama and his O'Nazis to remain in office indefinately. Anyone who doesn't see what Obama is doing is either downright stupid or part of his plan. This socialist and his brown-shirts (ACORN) have to go or the next thing you know this will be the U.S.S. of A! And if you are part of his plan, you are downright un-American and a traitor!

  102. 9:48 You are so retarded I am skeptical about your ability to breath without manual assistance.

    First. There may be two pronunciations for potato, but there is only one spelling. You'd think the conservafags would've learned from Quayle by now.

    You are too dumb to function, you obviously know nothing about Nazism or history in general. And I sincerely hope that Obama's health care plan provides you with the mental health support that you so clearly need.

  103. I think Obama should pay the auto dealers the millions of dollars that are outstanding for cash for clunkers before he puts them out of business. If they can't even run a program this small, how do they think they will ever manage ObamaCare.