August 23, 2009

Beautiful cars: Something for every taste

'57 Cadillac, '66 Ford GT replica, and a Ford F100 truck

We've seen some of these cars before -- at the Power Tour, at the area's weekly car shows -- but, frankly, they don't get old.

Sunday, the Racine Zoo hosted its 14th annual car and bike show, and once again -- for a day, anyway -- the animals took second billing to hundreds of cars and motorcycles shined to a fare-thee-well. No doubt, there was method to their placement, but I couldn't see it. No matter: the serendipity of finding a truck next to a convertible next to a Model A ... well, that was the real fun.

Jordon DeGroot shined Dad's '07 California Special Mustang GT/CS

Yes, this Cougar was posing as a hood ornament... on a '69 Cougar

There were just a few cars with For Sale signs, most of them pristine,
with prices that matched: a turquoise '48 Chevy coupe for $32,000;
a red (and flame) '29 Ford A roadster for $25,000 (or trade).
And then this 'project' '40 3/4 ton Chevy truck for just $4,100!

If you like skulls, then you'd love Adam Gullikson's '95 Bronco -- it had
scores of them: on the wheels, the pedals, engraved into the mirrors,
the engine, the antenna ... everywhere! The car, with a 15" lift, was a kid
favorite (Go figger!) and was inspired by its owner's love of shows like
BJ and the Bear, Dukes of Hazzard and Monster Jam.

Can the driver see over the top of his '67 Chevelle's engine?

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  1. What a great day to view wonderful automobiles, particularly those on display by Racine residents at the Masterpiece show in Milwaukee's Veteran's Park.