August 24, 2009

Rude reception for Gallaher at Ryan listening session

Most of what you see below is already on RacinePost, in the comments to this story, posted Sunday, about an Obama aide visiting Racine last week, to meet with local volunteers about the ongoing health care debate.

I wanted to post it here, as well, with some additional details, to make sure that those of you who don't read the comments -- nasty and hateful as so many of them are, alas -- don't miss it.

The pertinent exchange in question began with this post, from Anonymous:
Pete - your readers may be interested in the real story and an actual e-mail from Democrat operative, Kelly Gallagher (sic) Democrats Organizing to Actively Disrupt Rep. Paul Ryan's Townhalls

Interesting that C4C is planning to hold the room until 5 p.m., though Ryan will be gone at 2:30?

Guess when it's the socialists organizing it's good - when regular citizens, it's bad?
The link Anonymous provides, above, points a post on In support of the accusation that Democrats plan to disrupt the listening sessions the site offers up a copy of an email by Community for Change's Kelly Gallaher. That email lays out the group's effort to set up information tables at each of Ryan's 17 scheduled listening sessions, provide information, sign up voluteers and "overwhelm each session with reform supporters." It is mostly a schedule for volunteers; you'll have to read the email yourself to decide whether "disruption" is part of C4C's plan; frankly, I don't see it.

Below is Kelly Gallaher's response to the comment above, and her report on the reception she received today at Ryan's first sessions of the week in Racine County, in Eagle and North Prairie:
Pete, I'd like to add a response to this discussion. The Red State website which printed the email of the listening session times and dates stated in their own headline that opponents planned to "actively disrupt" Congressman Ryan's Town Halls which of course the email does not. Now I can only speak for myself and the ladies attending with me, but we wanted to hear what the Congressman had to say and of course let him know we support a reform plan. We are constituents and have every right to do that.

When I got to the first listening session today, some large men asked me very loudly if I was Kelly Gallaher, I said "yes" and then they said some derogatory remarks to me. They also wanted to know who paid me, odd question from a stranger, but for the record no one. I am not paid by any organization...the DNC, OFA, C4C, I'm just a volunteer. I thought it was odd, but I've never been to Eagle before.

Then inside some people called police officers over and were pointing at me. Then a woman came up and demanded to know my name. I told her and she started yelling "Kelly Gallaher is a liar." I asked to please go away and she followed me closely through the building yelling it over and over again.

After the second session, I learned about the website and how it had also been mentioned on the radio. Which was about the time I started to receive prank and threatening phone calls on my cell phone... it was listed in the email Red State published and I found a note left on my car.

After I returned home, I got a call from a reporter in Waukesha who had seen the website, she wanted to know why we didn't show up. I laughed and told her we did, and even asked questions. Some disruption huh?

I understand that people are very concerned about all the issues we are dealing with as a city and as a country. Health Care is right up there at the top of the list. I want to have all the facts, as I'm sure most people do. The events of today just show how easy it is to be mislead, just because it's on the internet or in the newspaper.

I don't and never said I had any intention of disrupting anything, but clearly others had different plans. They upset me quite a bit, and for what purpose?

I'll be at the next town halls, and I invite others to do the same. It's a great exercise in democracy. If you want to send a group use our email, it's detailed, organized and has all the locations. However, if you do, please remember to be respectful and considerate to all other attendees.


  1. What a shock! Suddenly the conservafags are no longer in favor of an open discussion at town hall meetings.

  2. Heven forbid we all do not drink the Obama Cool Aid. If we fight the power we are evil. Guess I am because I will figh and keep fight the power fight Obama

  3. Right Wing tin foil hats ahoy!

  4. Geez Kelly, Your a big girl now, your advocating a strong position, be prepared for the backlash and step up and handle what you think is right and quit your bitchin and cryin already geeeezzz!

  5. I voted for Obama.
    I have met Kelly Gallaher.

    In my opinion, Ms. Gallaher is a person who justifies behavior that borders unethical by claiming ignorance or innoncence. I wish her name wasn't so closely aligned with that of Barack Obama.

    I have personally witnessed her step outside the boundaries of the law to encourage her political beliefs, as did other individuals who witnessed her "helping" a first time voter with the voting process during Election Day. This practice is against the law. "Observers" representing a political candidate are not allowed to interact or interfere with voters. When she was stopped, Gallaher claimed not to know this - despite the fact that she was the leader of the local organization who had briefed all observers on proper policy. As I said - innocence and ignorance cannot explain away everything. Ms. Gallher, you simply can't be that ignorant.

  6. Ha! anyone who thinks kelly can't take it hasn't met her!

    Since when did town halls become bully sessions? If you can't take a different point of view go home.

  7. I heard Acorn pays $11.00/hr to disrupt a meetinmg. How much does Kelly pay?

  8. Conservatives are running scared because their lies are gradually being exposed. Gallaher really intimidates these people. Good for you Kelly! Don't get pushed around by these intolerant bullies!

  9. Kelly PWNED Conservatives

    lolzorz...even called the radio...major pwnage

  10. Amazing that national attention from conservative pundits would be directed to attack one outstanding organizer in southeast Wisconsin. Those conservatives sure are scared when people stand up against their bullshit.

  11. Anon 7:36

    This was brought up by you(?) before on a comment thread. It bothers me because you misrepresent the facts.

    During the election, I was a state voter registrar, qualified to register voters, even in the polling place on election day. On election day a young woman approached me and asked me which booths to use. I pointed and walked her to the booths. The Chief Inspector asked me to not answer questions, to which I readily agreed.

    It isn't against the law to answer a question, however observers cannot interfere, disrupt or be disorderly.

    If I had broken the law or not followed her instructions, the Chief Inspector would have been well within her right to remove me or anyone else. She did not.

    This is kinda small stuff to dump on a blog where YOUR name is not being used don't you think? Why don't you call me and we'll sort it out.

  12. Gallaher is now the Hero of the Racine Post good for her! Hope it pays the bills when Obama drives more of this country into the dumps.
    2000 jobs gone in Fund du Lac. more to come in Racine

  13. Government has never lowered the cost on anything. In fact I would argue that the over spend on almost everything.

    What does the government run well? Post Office? IRS? Cash for Clunkers? Social Secutity? VA Hospitals. FDA? Amtrak? These entities are always over budget and or losing money.

    Whet would you think that goverment can madate lower costs for health care? They can't even run cash for clunkers or adminster the stimulus program for gosh sakes.

  14. 8:43. You are a blind partisan.

    The attacks on the clunkers program are particularly pathetic and desperate. The program was a clear success. Why don't you ask someone who participated what their opinion is? Or ask one of the dealerships that cleaned out all of their inventory.

    What a pathetic farce. This is why there can be no bipartisanship in 2009. These Conservatives bear no resemblance to Reagan or Kemp. These Conservatives are like children, ruled by that great childish principle: "If I can't have it, no one can."

  15. 8:50

    Stay sober please. Cash For cluckers was not a success far from it.
    Cant wait until 2010 when we start taking the country back.

  16. Maybe the the RINOs in the area ,like Greg Helding, might want to pick what team they want to play for or maybe they can turn in their cards.

  17. This is the begining of the end for the liberal agenda. Judgement day is coming!

  18. I guess Jesus would yell in someone's face and call them names because someone on the radio and a website told them too.

    These fake Christians are an embarassment to the Word.

  19. Please no more press regarding Gallaher.

  20. It's just too hysterical for words. The Conservatives are out of power for a few months and they go completely batshit insane.

    Good luck "taking back the country" in 2010 with candidates like Rob Simmons and Pat Toomey? How about Rand Paul? Is that the guy that's going to help conservatives "take back the country"? Hahahahaha.

  21. Gallaher:
    (from anon 7:36)

    I'm not interested in calling you.

    If this is so small of an issue, why are you attempting to remove it from public sight?

    Yes, the issue regarding your behavior on election day has been brought up before. If anyone is misrepresenting the facts of that day - it is you. A few of us saw what you did and were irritated by your lack of respect for the rules.

    You are greatly downplaying your wrongdoing in this situation. You were indeed qualified to register voters; however, on election day, you were not present at the polling place as a registrar, but as an observer for a political campaign. Your comment that you were at the polling place to register voters is a blatant lie. As an observer, the law prohibits you from taking part in the activities within the polling place. In your post, you identify yourself as both - a registrar and an observer - but the rules allow you to only act as one in a polling place on Election Day.

    As an observer, there are completely different rules, of which you were likely made well aware, as is the standard at most polling locations. Nevertheless, you opted to remove yourself from the observation area and interact with a voter in the voting area. The proper response to the young woman who approached you with a question would have been to refer her to a poll worker. Your choice to respond to the voter was not a wise one. While it is not against the rules to point to a booth in response to the question, it is most definitely against the rules for an observer to walk with a voter to a voting booth and hold an inaudible conversation with said voter. Honestly, are you really defending yourself on this? You stepped beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior and you must know it. The Chief Inspector truly should have asked you to leave, but you played ignorant and were allowed to stay.
    You really can't be this ignorant on this subject. I simply don't believe it. You were and are one of the "key leaders" for Obama and his election campaign in this area. Are you really telling me that one of the key leaders believed that they were both a worker and an observer in the polling place? Are you really saying that you didn't care enough to learn the rules for the polling place prior to your observation there? Those rules act as a safeguard to protect voters from aggressive campaign workers. They serve a purpose. Is this the kind of respect you have for our political process?

  22. So Gallaher gets attacked on Milwaukee talk radio (620 WTMConservative), a national Republican blog (Red State) and in person by conservatives calling her names, yelling in her face, etc.

    All for what? Organizing to go to the town hall meetings? Of course c4c was going to show up! Just because they are organized doesn't mean they can't go.

    And then she is pre-accused of wanting to cause a "disruption" when the article could not even reference one thing that would lead you to believe that.

    What a bunch of paranoid tools.

    Keep on keepin on Kelly. Don't let these people with their large media backing stop you from doing what you think is right. The little guy will prevail!

  23. Most of the conservative comments are right out of the Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity playbook. Citing the failure of government in anything they touch. Why was there such a fight to save soccial security when Bush wanted to privatize? How many seniors are wiling to give up their medicare? The VA although hurt by cuts during the past eight years continues to serve those that served this country and most vets who have used the service will tell you how well the VA performed. There has been so many fabricated lies so much misinformation and all for politcal purpose. The rights only agenda is to discredit President Obama and not do what is best for America.

  24. The Post should put all of this under an editorial cover but of course it will not, part of The Post's plan to help back what the Post believes in. There paper they can do what it wants.
    Too bad that the credibly built up with real reporting on J Wax,Point Blue and other great reporting will be flushed down the tubes.

  25. 7:16 sees a legit story about someone they oppose and immediately resort to the lame comeback of bias. If you are so outraged then call Charlie Sykes at 620 and ask him what he was thinking when he went live with an unvetted story and put Kelly's life in danger. What a journalist.

    Oh, I forgot that Charlie is raging right wing so it is ok.

    The Post reported a true story, period.

  26. At the last meeting of the vast right wing he was told not to say anything until Glenn Beck gave the word on Fox news.
    Kelly is just stopping all our plans.

  27. It wasn't Sykes, it was am 1130 Mark Belling. But I agree, his actions were unethical. He used the power and voice of his radio program to defame an unpaid volunteer and put her in harms way. Disgusting. I bet he didn't even try to call Gallaher first.

  28. Bad Mark bad! How dare you give information out that might get mean words used!
    Kelly needs our help so those fools who do not know how good Obama Care is can be taught better.
    So glad that Obama and Kelly love us so hugs!

  29. Belling has declared war on journalism and ethics. He should offer an on-air apology to Kelly and the audience for deliberately deceiving them into thinking there was going to be a huge disruption.

    Why would he do something like that? Well, so he could gin up support for Paul Ryan and make sure people came and attended the listening session. Based on the reception that Kelly received from people she didn't even know.....I'd say it worked. Radiobots fooled again!

    Maybe his listeners should call in and apologize to Belling for being tools that can't think for themselves.

  30. Talk Radio vs The People.

    We the People will prevail.

    Real Christian of you Mark. Pick on an ususpecting woman that wants to volunteer her time for a cause she believes in. Call her out on the radio without even validating the story and incite people to yell in her face and call her names. Jesus must be proud of you.

    Put her life in danger on behalf of your true prophet, Paul Ryan. So what if something bad happened to her as long as Republicans look good.

    What a patriot and gentleman. If this is his idea of being an American, then give me the illegals. They have far more respect and decency than this toad.

  31. Let me get this the liberals are complaining when conservatives use the same tatics the liberals have been using for years? Yes, you taught the conservatives well.

    And yes,Kelly, when anyone attempts to undermine the voting process (cdan you say ACORN, Black Panther intimidation, etc), you become a target. Either change your ways (doubtful) or accept the consequences (also doubtful).

  32. 9:40

    I fear part of the Obama plan is when blood is spilled we will have a replay of the Reichstag fire of couse
    free speech will be controlled under hate speech laws fire arms seized for public safety.

  33. 10:28,

    I wonder how many of these so called conservgatives are actually Obama supporters that are "disrupting" town hall meetings in order to shade the news story.

  34. Paul Ryan's campaign staff leaked this story to Red State. This was followed by Paul Ryan's statement about not shouting at the town halls. He wasn't talking about conservatives. He was trying to head off this so called "disruption" ahead of time so that if it happened he would look like he took the high ground.

    Paul Ryan and Mark Belling are together on this and they didn't care if they put someone's life in danger.

  35. No apology is required to Kelly - she is a left wing socialist loon. Obama wants the government to run everything - banks, auto industry, health care etc. The government has botched up Social Security, Medicare and Medicade. What makes them think they can take on any more. There will be no competition of health care because the corporate world that subsidizes about 70% of their employees premiums will cut their coverage in a heart beat if there is a government plan.

  36. Via surrogates, Paul Ryan endorsed this hit job against an ordinary citizen and community organizer.

    This is the kind of representation we are getting these days from Paul Ryan and his Republican mob organization called talk radio.

  37. Obama is at his Waterloo trillions in debit this country cant afford with more to come.
    Troops dieing in Afghanistan with rules of engagement that will not allow them to fire back.
    Cash for Clunkers a failure
    Wanting neighbor to inform on neighbor
    What a great president and he thinks he can do heath care?

  38. I lost respect for Kelly at the mayoral forums. She stood at the podium while the candidates took prepared questions. She would shake her head in approval whenever Dickert spoke, nodding yes and clapping. She didn't do this for Turner. Then she just looked into her laptop. She stared at Dickert smiling and nodding throughout the debate.

    First she was not necessary to stand at the front the entire time. The prepared questions stunk. They repeated and were redundant. Many people around me noticed and were annoyed.

    I don't think she gets it. She is a cheerleader. She lacks professionalism.

    The election process is very clear. It is protected by law. It is a serious offense, a felony in most cases to disobey the law for elections. Observers are made very clear where to stand and what they can and cannot do. Interacting with a voter is absolutely wrong. She would have been thrown out of our polling place. None of our observers even attempted such nonsense. It may seem like a trivial thing. But there several trivial things that are very serious offenses for good reason, we need to keep election process fair and honest as well as people having faith in it.

  39. Paul Ryan's campaign staffers manufactured this whole story and timed it to coincide with his first town hall meeting. They had this e-mail in advance and sat on it to maximize the controversy and drum up attendance in his favor.

    Mark Belling, being a good friend of Republican activists in the area, agreed to run with the story.

    All of these powerful people trying to take down and discredit an ordinary citizen regardless of what harm may have come.

  40. What's next? I hope Paul Ryan gives Mark Belling a big hug after his talking sessions. What a couple of scumbags. Taking advantage of their stature to attack citizens trying to organize on an issue they feel strongly about.

    Belling and Ryan....taking down free speech one talking session at a time.

    At least Red State finally modified their article and took down all of the personal contact info. I guess they have about 10% Christian left in them after all. I thought it was all gone after putting someone's life at risk in order to win an argument.

    But it goes to show you - even they knew they were wrong. I wonder if Belling will fess up and take his medicine on this one for his role. While you're at it - ask Paul Ryan about his role in this too.

  41. What a load of crap. "Putting someone's life in Jeopardy". Thats disingenuous. How about the SEIU union thugs that ACTUALLY assaulted people at the town hall meetings? Wasn't that putting someone's life in Jeopardy? The highly hypocritical comments from the leftist thugs on this site is appalling.

  42. Obama knows what to do with all who oppose him! The wall!
    He knows who you are from your neighbors who inform and ever your own kids. As well we still do warnetless wiretaps, think Obama was going to end that did you?
    Anyone not liking Obama is guilty of hate speech


    Kiss it Good by!

  44. Mark Belling showed his true colors. Airing an unvetted article that clearly misrepresented the truth. The accusation that the town halls were going to be disrupted somehow wasn't supported in anything resembling fact. Mark Belling didn't even read the e-mail - he just read the headline and ran with it. Real journalism at it's best. What a patriot.

    Mark Belling is a party hack and he just proved it.

  45. Now Cathy Stepp is throwing her opinion into the fray saying that Kelly deserves all of this.

    Wow - great job Cathy. You're really teaching the people of this city the value that your party brings to the table. You were an elected official and they know what comes with the territory. Kelly is an unpaid volunteer that was outed by the Republican Party in conjunction with Paul Ryan and Mark Belling to stir up controvery in order to ensure conservative attendance.

    How honorable, even at the expense of an unpaid community volunteer - putting her life in danger for the purpose of a photo op and publishing her personal contact information on a nationally viewed website under false pretenses.

    You, Paul Ryan and Mark Belling are all disgusting representations of a once great party. Using the full might of the media to come down on this woman is disgusting. Christian you certainly are not. WWJD? Not that sister.

  46. Anon 1:29

    Once again you demonstrate you have no idea what you're talking about. The election inspector was in error. Observers are absolutely allowed to answer any question posed by a voter.

    Read the election law for the state of Wisconsin before you make an idiot of yourself again.

  47. Stepp is just trying to hitch her wagon to this train to get some exposure for herself. She can't stand someone else getting attention - good or bad.

    Great message she has for women by the way....and men for that matter that it is ok to treat a woman with disrespect. When I was a kid, my mom taught me a little differently but maybe that is just a thing of the past. In Cathy's world, anything goes - to hell with family values.

    With that kind of mentality, I'm not surprised she is a Paul Ryan supporter. Just look at what Paul Ryan did in conjunction with Mark Belling and Red State to an honest volunteer to further his political career.

    Red State is a national blog....I wonder how they would have got this information to publish. Paul Ryan's staff perhaps? Well now, that just might make too much sense!

    Wake up people - this whole thing was staged. You've all been played by the conservative media machine that now owns this country.

  48. How come the Democrat's now want to change the rules - they've been disrupting meetings for years. Take Ted Kennedy for example - he now wants the Democratic Governor to appoint someone when he kicks off instead of holding an election. The Democrats changed it that way when the Republicans were the majority - now when to suits them they want it changed back - hypocrites I'd say.

  49. Sounds like we are making head way - U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold told a large crowd gathered for a listening session in Iron County last week there would likely be no health care bill before the end of the year - and perhaps not at all.

  50. Lots of left wing hatred going on here....

  51. Kelly, I am a conservative. I am adamantly opposed to the Obama Regime and all the socialist crap that comes with it. I don't know you, or anything about you, but I will say this: if you show up at a town hall meeting and you obey the rules and conduct yourself properly, I have no problem with you asking questions and/or stating your position. You are a citizen and have the same rights as any other citizen in this country. Until you exhibit unethical, illegal, or violent behavior, I think your rights to be at a town hall meeting and express yourself under the First Amendment should be honored, regardless of your prior activities or other people's opinions. I don't know if any of the accusations made against you in this blog are true or not, nor do I belive that Paul Ryan and Mark Belling have conspired together to blacken your reputation, but I do believe that you are entitled to your opinion and should be allowed to attend a town hall meeting without being harrassed, until you invite it by your words or actions.

  52. my 2¢:
    this is such a tiny, tiny molehill some people are making into the Himalayas.
    Ryan did what anyone in his position would do.
    Belling-and idiot IMO - did what he does.
    Gallaher is doing what she does.

    I'm disgusted that Obama is offering a watered down compromise plan. The republicans can't even be happy with that and that says a lot about how much they are interested in accomplishing anything.

  53. kay is 100% right. Republicans have demonstrated they have no interest in bringing down costs or increasing coverage.

    A sincere Republican would have accepted the compromise co-op idea.

    The tiny conservative minority now has the luxury of saying "all or nothing." The majority party has to actually get something passed. Tragic that this tiny minority can be so destructive to the process.

  54. Graham,

    How do you explain a national media blog like Red State getting their hands on some e-mail from a community organizer in Racine and all of a sudden making a big deal about it just in time for the town hall meetings?

    Hello - Joe Blow couldn't make that happen - it had to be someone with some clout and connections, like say, a Paul Ryan staff member. They just won't report anything and they get tons of "tips" everyday. How did this one get fast tracked on a national outlet?

    Don't be fooled. Paul Ryan was behind this whole thing. Belling is a Republican - he got the word and ran with it, unvetted.

    We're talking about trashing a community volunteer here people - wake up. The media machine was in full attack mode. This is not a person that was elected to public office nor is she paid by any organization to do what she does. If you don't think power brokers are behind this, then you are letting personal feelings get in the way of the evidence.

    It's ok - Paul Ryan doesn't need to be right all the time. He is a politician like everyone else and he knows how to play the game. Too bad nobody told Gallaher she was in the game and would get trashed in the process.

    She doesn't have a radio or cable tv show to go on and defend herself or what she does. These tools can spout off whatever they want and are never held accountable. Paul Ryan can say he had nothing to do with it and everyone moves on. Well enough is enough.

  55. Very happy the the efforts in fighting the power fighting Obama is paying off with the death of Obama care!
    Can't wait to see the marches of the left calling for Obama to get the boys home from Afghanistan of course Obama will allow Iran to take Iraq and destroy Israel.
    Yes Obama will go down a the worst president the Jimmy Carter!

  56. Questions for opponents of any sort of health care reform: Are we really better off with the current system of rising costs and poor coverage?

    Obama's plan may not be the best option, but doesn't something have to be done? Are we really OK with 40 million+ Americans without health insurance and the most expensive system in the world?

    Glee over stopping a plan doesn't make much sense when the system around us is crumbling. It's just fatalist.

  57. 2:01 is celebrating the death of Israel because it would make Obama a bad President.

    I guess that about sums up conservatives these days. Party over them die so you can win an election.

    Another great patriot, Christian and Paul Ryan supporter.

  58. Cathy Stepp's comments on Real Debate are a disgrace to the office she served. You expect better from a former State Senator.

  59. Looks like Ms. Gallagher has some real issues...good luck with that; she's outnumbered by her least favorite people: conservatives. And when it comes to health care, liberals.

  60. Graham - do you really think anyone want to read your "long" comments - take them down a bit.

  61. 2:08n far less then 40 million but facts are the last thing Obama Care backs want out.

  62. So how many is ok 3:34?

    40 million? 30...20...15?

    I guess it is ok so long as it isn't you right? Well the truth is it very well might be soon enough if we don't get things under control.

    But then again that would be a debate and Paul Ryan, Cathy Stepp and Mark Belling don't want that. They want to trash a community organizer instead.

  63. Belling...sac of hack

  64. Someone should moon Kelly when she shows up at the meeting.

  65. Why? Repubs already made @sses of themselves.

  66. 3:38

    Obama has us in Trillions + in debit with trillions to come. Is that nice? no one especially Obama knows what that will do for the country.
    If this country keeps going into this much debit we will not have one. If the debit leads to hyper-inflation make Zimbabwe look like a great place to live

  67. 4:08

    Paul Ryan has had more of an impact of the trillions of debt we have than Obama ever will.

  68. Would have been nice if we had seen this same kind of outrage from the right when they were busy passing the Medicare Prescription Drug Act, which in the long run will have a much bigger impact than the recent short-term (hopefully) stimulus package. As usual, the right has proven they can talk a good game when it comes to fiscal conservatism, but not so much in practice. Talking about fiscal conservatism is easy, true leadership though is exemplified through action, which is why the right's recent whining rings so hollow.

  69. Amen 4:30.

    Paul Ryan is a coward. He refused to discuss health care when hundreds of southeast Wisconsin health professionals were gathered, willing and ready. And now he's launching attacks against constituents with legitimate questions.

    Where is the conservative outrage about the assault on free speech? Liberals aren't allowed to have free speech? Conservatives don't want a liberal voice to contaminate their blind adoration of the new darling of the right?

  70. 4:08 the debt was there before President Obama was elected, it was hidden. When will the right accept that the problems our President is dealing with where brought to him by the very people who are blaming him for everything that has gone wrong.

  71. Rep-Dem.....who cares! I would like to know where the 1 million jobs are that Obama promised in the first year. We've lost many more jobs then we have created due to this administrations decisions.....And please enough with the cry-baby Gallaher lady, her lame opinion should not matter anymore so then anyone else's

  72. Why is it so important to Gallaher and her organization that this passes?? WHY? Do you really think this lady and C4C actually cares that much about YOU and YOUR health?!?? C'mon wake up people! I guarantee none of these people have read the bill and they really don't kknow much about what they are fighting for.

  73. And anon 5:56 you do not have a clue what you are fighting against, you are just following the crowd, seems to be all those opposed to change know how to do.

  74. Are you accusing Ryan and Belling of attending the meeting where Gallaher came up with plan to overwhelm?? Wow that was Freaking Brilliant.. These guys are SO amazing they can make C4C come up with a plan and then expose it?? Come On. The fact is the Plan was hatched by the Obama flunkies; and even with the plan announced and then later leaked..they still couldn't get 10 people to come to the most relevant Town hall (The First one in Eagle, It wasn't even early the school teachers and Union thugs could've even
    made it.).
    Fact is Gallaher was respectful, asked her question..witheld her appluase most of the time..and then hung around long enough to get interviewed by channel 6. Sounds like she handled it well. But an evil plot..or harassment? I don't think so..BTW NOBODY mentioned to me that they were there because of Belling, Webber, Sykes or McKenna's comments. I had planned to attend this meeting several weeks ago..because I had seen coverage from all across the country of disturbances etc. and since my Representative was going to host numerous events I decided to attend. ( I could only go on a Monday). I have NEVER attended one of these before..But watching my Govt. get completely out of control in just 8 months I have raised my awareness by ten fold. I can't make the Racine event I urge you all to attend!! (You have my permission to leak that request!).

    If you don't like whats happening CHANGE IT!! Stop it before they make it worse...and NExt time vote Smarter!!! Hope and Change means something..For every Dollar of "hope" you get 5 cents of "Change".

    Enjoy the Island Mr. President "O"..It's gonna get rough now..Even the media may finally have stopped buying your BS!

  75. Anon 5:56. If the town halls have taught us anything it's that the people who are opposed to the bill are the people who have not read it. Why don't you ask yourself why THAT is.

    These same people who quote a nonexistent passage like "you will be required to talk to your doctor about doctor assisted suicide!" and then act like they're the ones who have done their homework.

    You people make me sick.

    We already know that when people are given the facts, they are actually much more likely to support the plan.

    The only thing the conservatives have are fear tactics, blowing insignificant paragraphs up into some looming monster, filling the airwaves and internetz with idiotic buzz words like "death panels" and "socialism."

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. All this is for Obama's try for Obama care. I fight the power I fight Obama.
    Glad to see the Post is all about pushing Obama think

    Thinking too that this stories and others like it help to drive views up for to draw in advertisers. No more then what the J-T does with crime stories.

  78. 3. I have never met Cathy Stepp, but if I did, I'd tell her she shouldn't talk about "putting on big boy pants" because I'd be tempted to point out that her's are several sizes larger than mine.

    You have NO class Kelly. I have no respect for you. None.

    A Democrat

  79. 8:28 -- Looks like Kelly knows when to cut her losses.

  80. thoughts exactly. Did this woman really just attempt to insult Stepp via a sneaky comment about her size? Wow.

  81. Cathy Stepp should mind her own business. These Republicans won't leave anybody alone!

  82. No, I was wrong to lash out at Cathy Stepp who I have never met. I apologize.

    Her blog post while amusing, forgets an important point which is what I should have spoken to initially. The conflicts she experienced as a State Senator was in her capacity as a public servant. And certainly she or any other public servant should and would not tolerate people attending being harassed by other
    people. Those of us at yesterday's meeting are not public servants, we're just people with perhaps a different opinion.

    Town Halls across the country have gotten out of hand. There are many misconceptions about health care and people are on edge (myself included). Even the pitch of these comment threads become very contentious, and no one seems to be actually listening to each other.

    In reading the speculation in previous posts, I have to say that I don't think the Ryan office had anything to do with any of this and my life was never in danger!

    I hope future listening sessions will be positive, particularly the one in Racine this Thursday. I also hope they will be respectful, beginning with me. I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone and again, I'm sorry to Cathy Stepp.

  83. Now Stepp should apologize too for her ridiculous commentary.

  84. Urban Pioneer8/26/2009 12:03 AM

    Classy apology to Ms. Stepp. I'm sure she'll accept it gracefully.

    You are correct that it is reaching a fever pitch, and I am afraid the euphoria of the Obama win last fall has begun to fade...Dramatically. The fact is a bunch of reporters were so caught up in "history" that a lot of people voted for the American Idol candidate, (not his socialist leanings)..and the conservative right were so disappointed in John McCain for his dismissal of us for 20+ years, simply didn't want to work that hard, it got better for a while with Mrs. Palin..(Then McCain Suspended his campaign!!OMG!), but it wasn't enough to get the Press to investigate Sen Obama's ties, and lack of leadership skills.

    Now the Dems have MIS_INTERPRETED this victory as "America is ready to become Europe in 6 months!!!" DO IT NOW...the world is on fire..Crisis, Crisis, OMG Crisis..

    But once the Obama-gasm ended in about March or April the reality of the facts have begun to open the eyes of many people, people who have never attended a rally, or a debate, or town hall, these are the people who usually say "what can i do about it?" Well it's been told to them you have to go and do something, Call, up get in the face of your legislators or your going to give away your childrens future to the Statists/ Socialist. and in just 7 months the Obam-ites were off on deficit projects by 26% 2 TRILLION dollars..and they've only been in office for 7 MONTHS!!
    So Kelly, I don't think your a bad person, in fact we have met; But where you and Community for Change and the other Obam-aholics want to go on the backs of this Latter Day Messiah is Completely backwards...WE have spent 400 years on this continent , not being Europe..To the point that Millions of Europeans came here for a chance at greatness. This is still the only country in the world that 1 Million people sneak into ILLEGALLY to find work..
    You can pretend that Obama care does this and that, and it doesn't do X, Y and Z..but the truth is NO ONE knows yet because it isn't DONE yet..the goal is to throw ANYTHING now and call it Reform..and pretend you actually fixed something..
    I applaud your passion, how about re-applying it somewhere that will actually help out Americans, Poor ones and rich ones. Urge the president to cancel his Non-Stimulas Bill, reduce taxes and restrictions on all Americans across the board, and lets get this country rolling again.. If we don't act soon I'm afraid the America My Parents gave to me has stolen, and borrowed against by Tele-prompter with a Ken doll in front of it.

    I'm not giving up yet. Obama is over-reaching and it will cost him his House and maybe the Senate. he's got a lot of almost dead Senators under the warming lights. He might not make it until December, as suggested by Sen Feingold.


    Obama Care

  86. Anon 1:52, what a hypocrite! I suppose it was OK for Obama's people to try and destroy Joe the Plummber's life when all he did was question Obama's policies during the presidential campaign. In your own words, "This is not a person that was elected to public office nor is she paid by any organization." Neither was Joe the Plummber! When the Republicans start using liberal Democrat tactics it's suddenly bad and evil. Obama has a National Socialist team working around the clock to destroy people (i.e. his ACORN brownshirts, union thugs, campaign for neighbor to spy on neighbor and report on them, etc.), but that's OK with you because he's a Democrat.

  87. Obama backers are in fear mode since they know Omama Care is done and the march to restore America has begun.
    Everyday more are waking up to what Obama has done to this country and starting to fight back.
    The sweep of the Dems out of office will be great to see.

  88. Urban Pioneer8/26/2009 10:23 AM

    Looks like one of the Warmed Senators didn't make it thru the night. I am pretty sure that Mass. DIDN't change the State law back to have the Governor appoint the replacement. If that is true the Republicans could actually win a Senate seat in MASSACHUSETTS!!!!OMG when did that happen last? the 70's or maybe the 50's?? The election would be required within 5 months..again unless they were able to change the law within the last few days, and maybe I missed it.

  89. Yep, I voted Obama. I do not have a job or healthcare. These town halls trouble me because I know how many other people are in my boat. The anger over Obama and this issue is incredible. As mom says, 'somebody is gonna get hurt.' No, I would not dream of attending one of these sessions. My self-imposed health insurance demands I avoid behavior that could lead to a need for medical care!

  90. If someone cached the comment Kelly has now removed, please re-post it. It was extremely informative.

  91. I savor threads like these, full of empty posturing and conservative "glory days"ing. There's going to be no conservative comeback in 2010 or 2012. With or without healthcare reform, the Democrats will retain control of both houses.

    I ask again, how can the Republicans hope to take the Senate when they don't have a single credible challenger to a vulnerable Democratic incumbent? They're best nominees are all in open Republican seats -- That'd be on the DEFENSE.

  92. Ya know, it's kind of fun watching/listening/reading the liberals spin out of control!

    Conservatives control the media? Hah, quit filling that bong you resurrected.

    Arguing on fear? You betcha, arguing to keep some semblance of a free market system. Don't get too butt-hurt, y'all still own the fear and class warfare teams.

    A conspiracy abounds? Come on now, that's just a bad acid trip you are having, we all know that it's the right-wing kooks that are the conspiracy nuts, right? RIGHT?

    A clue to figuring out life: notice what isn't written and what isn't said, think about what could happen, and plan for the worst but "fight" to make sure that doesn't happen.

    Be glad, Teddy's in a better place. Right?

  93. Does everyone have the opportunity to remove, edit and re-submit a post, or is that something reserved for Kelly?


  95. Anon 7:44...I was wondering the same thing. She shouldn't be permitted to make such a degrading comment, then erase it from the blogs. If she is truly a leader, then she should be able to apologize for her error without attempting to make it look like it never happened. Right now, she's on the same level as Jody Harding in m book.

  96. Anon 7:44 and Anon 8:45: Everybody registered with Google can remove their own comments.

    I have no idea how the system could distinguish among the hundreds of commenters who choose to identify themselves as Anonymous.

  97. pr=pr. You make yourself an obvious newfag putting a hyphen in butthurt.

    Fear is the cornerstone of conservative ideology. It is the guiding emotional tug at the core of the policy. Not all cowards are conservative, but all conservatives are cowards.

    Not to say liberalism comes from a pure intellectual place either. It's primary guiding emotion is narcissism.

    But I'd still rather be a narcissist than a coward.

  98. attended Ryan Mtg today. Obama Kool Aiders made complete fools of themselves in such juvenile ways it was shocking. They are the best arguements against themselves. They are in fact such good arguements against Obama I wonder if they are anti Obama plants. Sounds too conspiracry theory for me but the level of craziness they display is too out of contact with reality to be believed

  99. Anon 7:44 and 8:25 thanks for offering yet more evidence of overwhelming conservative ignorance.

  100. Have posts been removed from these threads with no explanation? Thanks Dustin & Pete

  101. Anon 10:21 No. Obscene and excessively nasty comments are the only ones we remove.

  102. Pete-Then what happened to posts dated 8/28?

  103. Anon 11:24. There weren't any.

    I have copies of ALL comments in my Deleted Items folder and there were none to this story on that date.

    Perhaps what you're looking for was posted to another story? This was our earlier story from Aug. 24; the later story -- from the Ryan listening session on Thursday, Aug. 27 -- is HERE.

    Between the two of them, there are 185 comments online.

  104. Thanks for the clarification Pete