August 26, 2009

On the web: Nothing forgotten, nothing remembered?

The internet is like closing time at a blue-collar bar in Boston. Everyone’s drunk and ugly and they’re going to pass out in a few minutes.
--Leon Wieseltier, literary editor of The New Republic
That quote is from Maureen Dowd's wonderful NYTimes column today about internet anonymity.

I recommend it to all of you who comment on our site, in hopes that some of you will get the message -- before the question ends up in the Supreme Court. (P.S. The message is not that the cyberbully is now suing Google for giving up her name...)


  1. Perhaps then you should not allow comments on your site. You would be forced to defend in a case seeking to id users. Thinking too a case could be made on you for allowing them. At the same time your ad rates will be based on how many view the site no comments less viewers less ad money.

  2. Rees Roberts8/26/2009 8:58 PM

    My my, there is a God. Each of us should all be responsible for what we say. Hiding behind the word "Anonymous" appears to be the start of a dying practice thanks to that Supreme Court ruling.

    To make a deal with the devil just to get better ratings is just plain wrong. We must trust that if all of us identify each other people will still want to know what we have to say. But like in real life one would just have to be considerate of others with their remarks. Remember the golden rule. Do unto others as they would unto you. A little old fashioned maybe but it it true.

    Rees Roberts

  3. This site would get boring. "Anonymous" is more fun!

  4. Rees Roberts8/27/2009 11:58 AM

    Anonymous 10:49 AM

    I just want to understand what you are saying.....

    It's better for us to be able to hurt people by using words while hiding behind the term "Anonymous"?

    You think it is OK to do this on the Internet but not in real life?

    You think those who read this don't have feelings and you are immune somehow? All this because you think it's fun?

    Is this really how you feel? I hope you really understand how you would feel if you were on the receiving side of those word attacks. Or doesn't that matter either? If it doesn't matter to you just what does? Just having fun?

    I hope you think long and hard about what you put in print today.

  5. 10:49
    Right you are. Anonymous posters make this more fun than the "i am better than you" posters with fake names.

  6. Rees old girl you are right the most important thing in life is having fun. If people can't take the heat - don't get in the limelight.

  7. Rees Roberts8/27/2009 3:51 PM

    Anonymous 12:40 PM

    Interesting comment seeing I am only in the limelight because everyone else is too afraid to share who they are. If everyone was using their own real names, would I be in the limelight? Nope.

    Looks to me like it is you who can not take the heat. Otherwise, wouldn't you be using your real name? Sounds pretty logical to me.

    Come on gang, what exactly are you afraid of? Do you not have the convictions of what you are thinking? Are you afraid of what people might think of you? Last I heard, this is still the land where your opinion is still honored. So many vets have been killed to protect this right. Don't throw it away.

    Rees Roberts

  8. When I post a story about 'John Doe' who I know for a fact abuses animals and have reported it to police as a "CC" and everyone is saying he is such a 'good boy', and I comment my issues with him it will be anonymous. For fear of retaliation. This comment is under my name because I can give an opinion.


    Just think keep up the anti Ryan Obama care is great you can count The Post in on loss of ad sales too.

  10. Rees Roberts8/27/2009 9:48 PM


    You certainly had a legitimate use of "Anonymous". I hope you understand that I am not advocating that it never be used. I just don't believe it is proper to use Anonymous just to hide your identity when blogging irresponsible comments.


  11. Rees old girl, when I refer to the limelight, I'm not referring to bloggers. I am referring to those in the community that make themselves visible in a public manner - therefore if you cannot stand the heat - get out.

  12. Rees Roberts8/28/2009 10:24 PM

    Anonymous 10:16 AM

    So good of you to clear that up.

    I will always stand up for what I believe in. As anyone should. Or don't you believe in that either?

    It certainly takes a coward to cut down someone who believes in values which promote basic community values while hiding their identity. How else can you describe what you just told me in public?

    Oh, I see, you have a response? Note, you have the last word if you want it. Take your best shot. I believe in what I have said here as did the Supreme Court.


  13. my post criticizing racinepost for their
    becker stories was deleted.

  14. Rees old girl - thanks for giving me the last word - you live in a dream world - those values that you cherish do not support the Constitution. Keep dreaming and spewing.