August 25, 2009

Ban lifted on carry-in food at Racine Symphony concerts

The Racine Symphony Orchestra thanked Mayor John Dickert and the Racine Civic Centre management for reversing a policy that would have prohibited carry-in food at symphony concerts. Here's the item from RSO's newsletter:
Again, this year Richard Carsey, our musicians and soloist made the Summer Pops Concerts magical. In addition, we enjoyed great music, renewed friendships and food, either purchased or brought in. However, there was an elephant in the room ... the Civic Center management previously informed the RSO that the carry-in food policy would be changing at our Holiday Pops concert. Happily, the voice of the Pops audience was heard and at the August concert, Mayor Dickert announced the carry-in food policy was rescinded. For all future Pops concerts, audience members will be able to bring in their own picnic or purchase food at the event. Thank you Mayor Dickert and the Civic Center management for understanding how important that option is to our audience.


  1. Civic Center management is far below par. Bring back Jim W

  2. Bring back Jerry - you could count on him for anything. He was easy to work with and put his heart and soul into the place. He is on hard times and needs a job. If there is anyone out there that can help - let him know. I don't know his last name, but I'm sure the festival could give you the information - he's a great guy I hope someone could help him out.