July 4, 2009

Mason, Lehman opponents take to the air

Opponents of Sen. John Lehman, Rep. Cory Mason and Gov. Jim Doyle took the air Saturday with two signs pulled by airplane over the 4th Fest Parade route.

It wasn't immediately clear who paid for the signs, which read: "Representative Cory Mason is bad for Racine" and "Doyle Lehman & Mason raised your taxes."

Lehman and Mason seemed undeterred by the aerial assault. Both walked the parade and happily waved at the crowd.

Here are some photos ...

Note to sign writers: Using 14 letters on "representative" isn't a good use of space. You could have gone with "Rep" and saved yourself 11 letters to write: "Rep Cory Mason is really super bad for Racine"

Rep. John Lehman and his wife Cathie (center)

Rep. Cory Mason with his wife Rebecca and their daughter Eleanor.


  1. I guess the truth hurts

  2. Anyone claim responsibility yet for this air assault?

  3. Why are the dems still ignoring the tea parties as a sign of growing frustration in this country. Fly overs like today's should tell them they are in deep trouble next year.

    Also, Mason what are you thinking walking a baby on a parade route? You should have your head examined.

  4. I thought the signs were in bad taste and were a waste of money. How about "Happy 4th of July from the GOP" or " Hate Taxes? Vote Republican", you know something constructive and makes the right seem positive.

    I'm a life-long Conservative and I had it with being in the party of "No"!

    Being against everyone and everything isn't going to win elections. Grow Up!

  5. Anon 3:27 PM I couldn't agree more! I'm also a life-long Conservative and have had enough of the "Make it negative, stretch the truth to suit our needs, we are better than everyone and know more than everyone" Republican Party. Give it up! The Right-Wingers have ruined the party. McCain and Palin were a joke. Both parties can stop the bickering and start working for the American people - you know, the ones who elected you. Let's start working together to solve our problems instead of continuing to tear each other apart.

  6. Low class move on what is supposed to be a family celebration. There is time for political protests and that is within their right, but this is the day we are supposed togather and come together. Running what is essentially a political ad and diverting attention away from the parade participants is just un-American.

  7. Good thing the children are only interested in the airplane. I agree with Anon 3:27. This is an American holiday.

  8. I thought the signs were accurate and timely - since Mason and Lehman just voted for a budget that will increase our taxes and drive businesses and jobs from this state.

  9. Anon 4:29

    What are Lehman and Mason doing marching in the parade if it is not a political ad?

    Why are political parties and groups, like the tea party group, excluded from the parade, while incumbent politicians get to go wave to the crowds?

    The Fourth of July started out as a political holiday. I think the founding fathers would agree that it is appropriate that it remain so, particularly now when so many politicians have wandered so far from what they intended.

  10. Anon 5:08

    are you saying this stunt was a retribution act by tea party members because they weren't in the parade? That's even more disgusting than I thought. Mason and Lehman are elected officials. Like them or not they represent this area, because they were elected to do so. As elected officials, they have every right to be a part of the parade.....Republican or Democrat doesn't matter.

    What should matter and be respected is this nation's birthday. This was not the time for a political ad cheap shot.

    I think this falls under campaign law and the sponsor should have to identify their un-American selves.

    Let's find out who bank rolled this political stunt, unless they are too ashamed of themselves to step forward. But based on the lack of thought and respect behind this stunt, I doubt they will identify themselves.

    Let's let the 4th stay a family and national holiday and save the campaigning for more appropriate times.

  11. The whole 4th thing was an act of rebellion over let me think.... taxes. I think it is very appropriate to the day and the meaning. If I was Cory or John I would be getting my resume in order.
    The GOP will be cleaning house.
    Very very proud to have had ever a small role in this.

  12. I almost always vote democratic but this is awesome because it is true, LEHMAN AND MASON ARE HORRIBLE FOR RACINE!

  13. These people post on here trying to cover up for their distasteful and disrespectful act.

    This has LiberTEA written all over it. Sounds about right too given the poorly thought out and executed plan. Henri is clearly colt, so there is one of the culprits, but he doesn't have the capacity to do this alone.....hence LiberTEA.

    I guess they have no shame or regards for our men and women in the military that fought and died to give them this day of celebration. Grow up Jody Harding and LiberTEA. Do not stomp all over this day for your own agenda.

  14. On the 4th of July we honor veterans who have served to make this country free. Our open and organized elections of legislators by the people is the jewel of our system of government. You may not have voted for the politicians in the parade (noting Vos and Ryan were not in attendance) but the majority of people did. Disagree with them if you wish, but they deserve our respect because they are our public servants.

    While it is a matter of free speech to have expressed yourself with the banners flown by the planes, it was disrespectful of those public servants and the people who successfully voted them into office.

    Fly your banner, but be brave enough to enter yourself into the parade so we on the ground can let you know what we think of YOU.

    I don't know if it was the GOP or the Teabaggers who did this, but it was a major miscalculation. Haters are Bad for Racine!

    Sofa King Rude!

  15. Ah, the false outrage, because apparently someone's message strikes home. Were you upset about the Johnson Bank banner, or the landscaping company banner? No, you feign outrage at signs speaking the truth about you democrats.

    Sofa King: No, we don't honor our veterans on the 4th of July. That would be Veteran's Day, or Memorial Day.

    On the 4th of July, we honor the spirit of rebellion, instigated by unfair taxation, which led to the founding of this country. We celebrate the Declaration of Independence, which criticized unfair taxation.

    As a veteran, I am not insulted by those banners. On the contrary, I don't know who was responsible for all those banners, but I salute them!

  16. I don't know about you but I honor and thank the brave men and women that keep us free, including members of my family. Without them, there is no independance day. Their continued sacrifice gives July 4th further meaning.

    To take a day of national celebration of our independance and turn it into a political stunt is offensive and outrageous. That's not fake outrage you unpatriotic jerks. This is a parade, not a rally. Regardless of who was onthe receiving end I would feel the same.

    This just proves how far we have to come as a country. I miss the days of common decency and respect.

  17. Anon 7:16 is no veteran. A vet would not say that we don't honor the military on July 4th. How much more repugnant can these people get? Impersonating veterans to justify your tasteless acts?

  18. This was a pretty classless act. Please dont try to hijack a family event with your grandstanding.

    I noticed no one has taken credit, domestrating that these nameless cowards are fully aware of how tasteless this was.

  19. The Golden Ruler7/04/2009 8:50 PM

    Wishing for lower taxes and saying taxes are unfair are two different things.

    I, for one want the fire department to come when my house it is on fire and I'm willing to pay so I can drink the water that comes out of the tap.

    Being cheap doesn't make you patriotic, just idiotic. The teabag boys should have used their money for the plane to do something good for the community instead playing games while real patriots celebrated a great parade.

  20. I hear it was the state republican party funded.

  21. I wonder what the head of the GOP party in Racine thinks about this? I can't believe they endorsed this, because if they did then they woyld have to disclose who funded it.

    I think these veteran disrespecting cowards should make a donation to the VA in the amount of the plane stunt on order to apologize.

  22. Pete:

    Do you know the company that was contracted to do this? Has the Repub party been contacted for comment?

  23. Note to sign writers: Using 14 letters on "representative" isn't a good use of space. You could have gone with "Rep" and saved yourself 11 letters to write: "Rep Cory Mason is really super bad for Racine"

    Although I didn't see the banners, I certainly appreciate whoever sponsored them, but have to say I do like your saying even better!

    BTW, there would need to be a disclaimer if this was paid for my a political party, pac, etc., and even after enlarging your photos, can't see anything. So, my guess is some private citizens are taking matters into their own hands.

  24. I am a veteran both active duty and USAR (Far more then John Lehman did)

    The day to honor veteran is November the 11th. In my time I have also seen the most disgusting things done on that day to protest a wing range of things, its call free speech. Something we fight and some die for.
    Again I am very very hapy to have donated to doing this and would again.

    This day 4th of July is all about the fight to stop high taxes and the ending of other rights. Very appropriate to show that spirit is far from dead.

    " I know not what others may do but as for me give me liberty or give me death" rings true

  25. Downtown Denizen7/04/2009 9:48 PM

    I don't know who funded or participated in the "Mason/Lehman are bad" banners, but it was not the same people who funded the "Doyle, Mason & Lehman raised our taxes" banner. I know this because I was one of the donators to that "taxes" banner and it was completely unrelated to the other two. The "taxes" banner was NOT funded by LiberTEA Racine nor was the "bad" banners. The "taxes" banner was funded by a group of independent people in Racine that are tired of being taxed to death while our idiot politicians continue to spend money on rediculous projects and throw good money after bad on programs that don't work. We are not against paying taxes for legitimate reasons (i.e. clean water, fire departments, police, education, etc.), but we are tired of major corporations getting tax breaks from the governor and our mayor and then passing that loss onto the property owners of this city. Or having our water bills increased by 19% because the water company lost a big account. Let them do what any other business does, cut back on the burocracy within and then tighten their belts to compensate.
    And that is right, Veteran's Day and Memorial day are specifically for honoring our military, living and dead, respectively. The 4th of July is for celebrating our indepenence from taxation without representation. And to berate those traitors who have taken us back to just that is totally appropriate on this day.
    When is the vast majority of truely faithful, moral Americans in this country going to tell the liberal idiots who are ruining it to sit down and shut up?

  26. There was absolutely nothing wrong with any of those sentiments - and as for "politicizing" the 4th of July, most of us remember past parades, with people wearing campaign shirts working the crowd and handing out campaign literature, without authorization from the parade people. In fact, I remember the crowd walking with Lehman and Feingold all taking off shirts at the start of the parade, to reveal "Kerry for President" t-shirts. So, spare us the false outrage, because we all know what you are outraged about is the fact that those banners were all true.

    And as far as being willing to pay for water, and fire protection, and all the other basic amenities that government provides, that is not what we're upset about. We are upset about increasing spending and increasing taxes in a recession. We are upset about a budget that includes provisions that will push the companies that we rely on for jobs out of this state.

    Since you people (and I use the plural, even though it is clear that at least one person is posting multiple things to make it seem like this is an issue) are upset about these banners, why were you not upset about the businesses that advertised on banners, before and after the political ones appeared? For that matter, why are you not upset about the advertising in the very parade you were watching?

    No, what you are upset about is that the message was true, and it resonated. I don't know who was responsible for it, but I'd like to thank them, because I saw lots of heads nodding in agreement, and a lot of people yelling questions to Lehman and Mason asking them why they raised our taxes.

    Oh, and by the way, Anon 7:54, I am a veteran, but I am willing to bet that you, just like John "Convicted Felon/Draft-dodging Coward" Lehman, is not. For the record, I think the height of poor taste is for the coward Lehman to show up anywhere there are real veterans.

  27. Exploiting July 4th to complain about taxes is cowardice, not heroism. Bad taste, just admit it. So is the audacity of comparing the Boston Tea Party to an increase in a water bill. There is something seriously mentally wrong with you whiners. You spoiled arrogant complainers dare to put yourself on the same level with past patriots? You have representation, which is what July 4 th is all about. Instead of honoring that, you took a cheap shot and called yourselves heroes. America must be saved from this culture of disrespect and no honor.

  28. 10:10

    Next election when we vote out all the tax and spend nuts, shut down KRM and remove Doyle from office will be a great great day.
    AS we move forward to do that expect many actions like you saw today and more podcasts, facebook, and youtube are just a few of the measures we have planed.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. If you're so proud of what you have done, then stand up for your actions and release the names of the funders.

    For people that have it so bad with taxes, you certainly had enough disposable income to fund this. Your hypocritical message does not resonate. The Republicans you hail as messiahs had no alternate budget to present during the worst economic situation Wisconsin has faced in years. Republicans voted present and did nothing but complain while everyone else was getting to work. Now that is noble.

    I could respect the Republican position on the budget if they actually offered something, but they didn't. The hard working people of WI don't resonate with sitting it out. If you don't like Doyle's budget then complain to the Republicans that didn't even bother to offer an alternative. They tell you they are for low taxes and small government, but I guess you'll just have to take their word for it. Me? I'll trust the party that gave us something to scrutinize. I want people representing me that actually do something and aren't content to simply sit back and complain.

    None of this changes the apallingly bad taste of what happened today. Our representatives came out today to celebrate America with their families. I don't agree with everything they do either, but there is a time and place for it. Very poor taste.

  31. It's my understanding that "groups" can register to be in the parade and pay the associated fees. It would be interesting to know if any groups (tea party 'types' or otherwise) were turned away.

  32. Disrespectful, poor taste, irresponsible. Donate your money more constructively and actually HELP a cause- be PART of a solution with POSITIVE input. Sad you felt THAT was a constructive approach.l'd have had more respect for your message had you printed your message on garbage bags and handed them to parade goers to cleanup after themselves. The garbage along the post-parade route was deplorable.

  33. Attacking Lehman and Mason in front of their families on a traditionally family day is disgusting. These are opportunists that have no regard for common decency.

  34. Same tired republcan nonsense. No new ideas, no new approaches. Same anonymous deep pocket status quo interests tearing down those who are trying to make a change.

  35. The banners were a cheap trick and most people thought so. Just another republican plot that backfired badly.

  36. Heather in Caledonia7/05/2009 7:07 AM

    I agree that the banners were in bad taste. Yes, some Democrats did pull "tricks" by disobeying the rules of the parade in the past - that does not justify a lack of tact on the Republicans' part. Flying a banner with a quote about taxes in general would have been fine - let's inform, inspire and celebrate.

  37. LiberTEA should apologize to John Lehman and Cory Mason's family. They were there to celebrate and have a good family time. Isn't that what we do on the fourth? The family didn't deserve the hit job.

  38. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing freedom of speech. This Right is protected in the Bill of Rights. Whether you like the message or not, this Right is guaranteed in the Constitution.

    BTW, was there anything untruthful about what was said on the banners?

  39. Poor taste. Do you have a right to do it, yes. But that doesn't make it ok. Their families were there for crying out loud! What's next, flying bannersbat their churches when service let's out? Sheesh! Go ahead and use free speech to criticize, but use a little common sense and have some class doing it.

  40. ANON 7:59

    Maybe lawmakers should think about my family before saddling my kids with more debt. The message wasn't nasty or slanderous. I am more worried about financial health of our state and the fact that we have a anti business/jobs climate. This affects thousands of families in Racine and Wisconsin. Where's the outrage for those families?

  41. I am amazed there are Americans that actually do not know the meaning behind Independence Day.

    It is the anniversary of the breaking away from being under British rule. Much of this had to do with taxes, among other things. Independence day is very political in nature. Every year at the parade I see politicians, this year was no different.

    I am also a democrat, but I too am dismayed and disappointed in John Lehman in particular. I would not vote for him again.

  42. These rich people pay for banners and a plane and talk about how bad their debt is? These spoiled brats have no idea what it means to be poor. They don't really care about their country, they just care about their own wallets. I want my money right here, right now. Me, me, me. Funny thing is that they blame Mason and Lehman for national issues! What? They delivered a balanced budget on time (1st time since '77) during the worst economic situation in years while Republicans took a pass because it was hard.

    They also have no class. You don't attack people in front of their families on a day known for family gathering.

  43. The truth hurts!

    Good job, whoever was behind it! These people are politicians, marching in a parade as politicians. If they can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

  44. Hmm - I guess if you use your family as political props and trot them out at a parade after you pushed through one of the worst budgets in state history, sometimes they get to see the consequences of your poor decisions.

    It will be far worse for all the taxpayers who will lose their jobs when more companies leave this state, but where's the whining about them?

  45. Downtown Denizen7/05/2009 9:48 AM

    Once again the liberals posting here do what they do best: only tell half of the truth. Don't you read the papers or listen to the news? Doyle and his socialist gang of tax thieves refused to listen to any rhetoric from the Republicans on the budget, and only let those 8 traitorous Republicans in that actually voted for it. And THE BUDGET IS NOT BALANCED, just because some liberal says it is. They actually included a line in the budget excluding the 2010-2011 budget from being balance so that they wouldn't be, technically, breaking the law. How cheap is that?

    Here is a quote from Rep. Kevin Petersen about that:
    The answer to the “balanced” question is found on page 1; item 3 in a non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau budget summary released June 25, 2009: “Assembly / Senate / Conference Committee: Specify that the current law requirements that revenues exceed expenditures in each fiscal year would not apply in 2010-11.”

    So why don't you tax-and-spend, socialist loving, gun controlling, fetus killing, immoral, bleeding heart, God hating, liberal jerks sit down and shut up if you're not going to tell the whole truth about something. Talk about whiners, you bunch top the list!

    Once again, LiberTEA Racine DID NOT fund any of those banners. In fact the group of independent citizens that did fund the "tax" banner were only trying to raise enough donantions to fly the banner for half-an-hour, but got twice the donations and support they were expecting and were able to run it for a full hour. I do believe the average donation was $25.00 or less! That should also tell you liberals something, but I think you're too stupid to realize it.

  46. Rich people don't have freedom speech rights? You DEMs are becoming Marxists faster than I thought. Balanced budget? Oh, yes, and they increased spending by 7% and balanced that with a Billion + in new taxes. Where do you think that tax money is going to come from? Thin Air? Who do you think will create jobs for Wisconsin? The poor? Government is forcibly taking taxes from Wisconsinites and out of the local economy because it can't manage its financial affairs. This takes money out of everyone's take home pay. Quit being so envious of the rich and educate yourself about about Econ 101.

  47. The proper way to celebrate patriotic holidays is with sales at stores featuring goods produced outside of the USA and/or by drinking mass quantities of alcohol while igniting explosive devices.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT read the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution. They are quaint historical documents that are irrelevant to today's busy world.

    Party on!

  48. Amazing thread really.

    It was a group of citizens who did this not any group. I know because I was solicited to donate.

    Amazu=ing how people are demanding to know who they are.

    These same people seem to have no problem with the people behind electing pro teachers union candidates to the school board elections every cycle.

    The people of Racine deserve to know what happened in the budget especially because the Jounrnal Times nor the Racine Post told the story of how Lehman Mason and Turner voted to raise our taxes and increase our debt in these times.

  49. Great job with this! Whoever is responsible for this should have gotten a float also! Keep it up!

  50. 1. The budget is balanced
    2. If you don't like the budget, complain to the slent Republicans that offered no alternative. Now that's taxation without representation!
    3. You are not revolutionaries. This is a democracy and Mason and Lehman were voted in by the people.
    4. The Republican party has left you to your outrage while they sit back with no proposals. You are making their job very easy. You are letting them get away with trying to ride this wave without doing any work. You're all being used.
    5. Attacking people in front of their families on a known family day is in poor taste and un-American.
    6. Complaining without counter proposals is cowardly
    7. Free speech comes with responsibility
    8. If you're funding aerial protests, then don't complain about debt.
    9. You are not poor, and have no clue what it means to be overtaxed.
    10. These whiners can't even tell you on an individual basis how much of their taxes are "too much"
    11. LiberTEA and the Republican party in Racine owe the families of Mason and Lehman an apology.

  51. And the drunken revelers all along the parade route owe every decent American citizen an apology. Getting stewed till you puke does not honor the flag.

  52. I hate sandal wearin' Liberals. Cut and groom your GD toenails if you wear sandals!! No one wants to see those crusty, yellow, brittle gross things!!

    This goes for a few Repubs as well!

  53. Absolutely right on Anon 10:15!

    Downtown Denizen you need to close up the shop for a few hours and get some anger management therapy. Over-react much?! So much hate, it's sad.

    People's curiosity over who paid for the planes is only escalated by their refusal to say who they are themselves. You all seem so very proud of yourselves and posture as patriots. Our fore fathers you like to invoke didn't hide who they were-you're posers.

    Mason and Lehman were there with those tacky planes flying overhead, now that's class. Why no float or fancy car in the parade for you to take credit?

    I agree you should all make a matching contribution to the VA.

    Sofa King Chicken!

  54. Anon 10:15, maybe you should read Downtown Denizen's 2 posts in this thread. Especially the second one with State Rep. Petersen's quote about the budget NOT BEING BALANCED. He is a state Rep. and has the inside scoop on what really went on. Get your head out of the sand and read all the posts before shooting off your liberal lip.

  55. Downtown Denizen7/05/2009 11:47 AM

    Sofa King; Hate? You bet I'm filled with hate. I hate politician who tax us with no reguard to what WE THE PEOPLE really want, I hate those who would abort a baby in the third trimester and then leave it in a cold sterile room to die on it's own, I hate those who would deny us our 2nd amendment rights to protect ourselves from criminals and the government seeking to turn this country to socialism, I hate those who advocate giving free education, healthcare, social security, and the vote to ILLEGAL aliens who need to be shipped back to thier own countries.

    Am I filled with hate and anger? You bet your sweet bippy I am. Since the '60s I've watched the moral and political decline of this country and the filth from the left undermine every principle this country was built on. When the time comes to take up arms and put down the likes of you, I hope to be in the front lines. And, hopefully, idiots like you who are so against guns won't have any to defend yourselves from REAL AMERICANS or Obama's forces that are sure to come if he remains in office.

  56. By law, the budget is balanced - end of story. First time it has been on time since '77.

  57. "Get your head out of the sand...before shooting off your liberal lip."

    Hahahahahahahahhahahaha! That's HIlarious! Maybe Anon 10:15 should hire an airplane!

    Because THAT would be free speech!

    You teabaggers are SUCH tools!

  58. Great....so this was funded by renegade psychopath whack jobs whose solutions to their problems is to shoot people that disagree with them. True patriot, and sore loser. You're an embarassment to your country.

    I'm glad the truth is coming out about the caliber of people behind this tea party bowel movement.

    Now I'm not suprised that this banner was done. No class, no respect, no manners, no decency, and no alternative other than violence because you can't win on ideas. Thanks for speaking on behalf of all involved and giving us insight into the true goals of the Republican Party.

  59. For a long time Mason, Lehman and Turner have completely ignored my desire that they stop spend and waste. I am thrilled someone let them know it.

  60. Downtown Denizen:

    Step away from the computer, take a deep breath and call a friend, priest or family member. Tell them where you have stored your gun and have them remove it safely from your home.

    Step out in the sunlight and be happy you are alive. Make a list of community organizations you can give an hour of time each week and meet some real live people who can use the help of a mentor. Learn about them and hopefully you might see that but for the grace of God you could be them.

    You are a very troubled and sad person. My liberal heart bleeds for you.

    Sofa King Sad.

  61. Many of you personas posting here are flippin idiots. Do you understand the reasoning behind the birth of the American nation? Boston Tea Party was a load of bullocks sold to you by revision propagandists. The truth of the matter was taxation without representation. The 4th of July is the perfect, appropriate venue to address the daft decisions made by our elected officials.

    I applaud the people responsible for these aerial displays.

  62. Denizen is declaring war against more than half of American citizens. I guess that means Denizen is in the minority but just can't come to terms with it.

    REAL AMERICANS as you say, don't threaten other people with death by gun because they disagree. I'm sure Jesus is really proud of your remark. And just remember who you called Godless. You may go to church, but you sure as heck haven't learned anything.

  63. No Anon, you are the idiot. Everyone in Racine has representation. They were VOTED for by the majority of our citizens. To compare Lehman to an England monarch is absurd and extremely offensive to the real Boston Tea Party. You have the right to vote and thus have representation morons. For the love of God, start thinking for yourselves.

  64. I pray for Denizen and people like him. I'm not sure where he learned the things he thinks are "right" but it wasn't in my church.

    Peace is the way brother.

  65. They were voted in by the majority of the voters, NOT the citizens.

    The majority of the citizens don't even vote.

  66. You're right Orby, but that's our country...love it or leave it dude.

    Denizen is one sick pup. Angry, tacky and very uncool. No one wants that action. Big bummer man.

  67. The budget is not balanced.

    According to the legilsative fiscal bureau we are carrying a $2.3 billion structural defecit into the next budget cycle.

    Repeating Democratic party talking opints will not serve you well.

    Funny those who are showing outrage never seem to be bothered by say anti-war leftists pushing petitions up and down the parade route as has been done in the past.

  68. People walking in the parade, passing petitions or whatever celebrates democracy...you can look 'em in the eye and say "no thanks"...hiring a plane and watching it safely from a distance is cowardice.

    C O W A R D S !

  69. It's a waste of time to debate with the conservative keyboard crusaders. They have a deadly combination of infinite time, an unwarranted sense of self-importance, and a Cassandra complex.

    I read these comments and all I see is "Wah wah wah. I don't like taxes. I don't like that the majority of voters disagree with me. Someone pay attention to my REALLY IMPORTANT COMPLAINTS. My opinion matters. No one in history has EVER been as oppressed as I am right now."

    Then I imagine the poster crying a solitary tear through a cracked grimace as he taps the "publish comment" button.

    Stop being sore losers. Why don't you spend your energy looking for a decent candidate.

  70. I read through all of these comments. I think the most telling commnets here are that none of the sponsors of these displays are willing to admit their involvement. Pretty clear sign that they are fully aware that it was inapprpriate and in poor taste.

  71. Yes, the truth does hurt.

    Seems when I look at the parade website, it specifically says political groups are not allowed. These people paid for a banner that says how most of us feel. This state is drastically overtaxed, those of us who happen to own decent homes in the City of Racine are even more drastically overtaxed.

    The budget is balanced, except for the structural deficit. It is a terrible budget that dramatically raises taxes on all of us, including punitive taxation on business owners - the same business owners who create jobs that most of us rely on.

    The problem in this state is not that we pay too little, the problem is that government spends too much. Compared to almost any other state, we pay more, and receive no more in services than states with much lower tax burdens.

    I am glad that someone stood up and said it. As far as who it was, were you people all asking who was behind the "Greater Wisconsin" or"One Wisconsin Now" groups, or any of the other lefty groups that spring up like weeds every time an election rolls around?

  72. I'm glad for the banner.

    As for those people marching, this is from the Fourth Fest Parade Rules:

    "Units of political/controversial nature are not allowed. Only elected, incumbent officials whose constituents are Racine County residents are permitted in the parade."

    So they would not be allowed in the parade, or walking along with the parade. I guess Lehman and Mason, who represent WEAC, AFSCME, and SEIU, had some of their constituents there.

    What? You didn't think that they represented the taxpayers of their districts, did you?

  73. If I might just repeat a post from before by Anon 10:15, because they said it best:

    1. The budget is balanced
    2. If you don't like the budget, complain to the silent Republicans that offered no alternative. Now that's taxation without representation!
    3. You are not revolutionaries. This is a democracy and Mason and Lehman were voted in by the people.
    4. The Republican party has left you to your outrage while they sit back with no proposals. You are making their job very easy. You are letting them get away with trying to ride this wave without doing any work. You're all being used.
    5. Attacking people in front of their families on a known family day is in poor taste and un-American.
    6. Complaining without counter proposals is cowardly
    7. Free speech comes with responsibility
    8. If you're funding aerial protests, then don't complain about debt.
    9. You are not poor, and have no clue what it means to be overtaxed.
    10. These whiners can't even tell you on an individual basis how much of their taxes are "too much"
    11. LiberTEA and the Republican party in Racine owe the families of Mason and Lehman an apology.

    We ALL know you who you are and where your businesses are. Why don't you declare who you are?...Fred Dooley, George Meyers, Jody Harding, Denis Navratil, Ken Brown....getting warm?

    PACS mentioned before are registered and as a result we DO know who was behind them. I hope someone looks into the details of this action. You guys better make sure you're in the clear because electioneering can be quite serious.

  74. Thank God that soon Obama will end things like Free Speech and the right to vote.
    We just need to know he cares as he and Doyle oversee what will be the largest unemployment and inflation rates this country ever had.
    Perhaps it time we rember what Thomas Jefferson also said " From time to time the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots" easier I know to turn on So you think you can dance.

  75. Dear Henri IV:
    "Baaaaaaaawwwwww... I'm soooo oppressed!"

  76. Downtown Denizen7/05/2009 1:54 PM

    To set the record straight, I am not a Republican, I am an independent because both the Democrats and the Republicans are lieing to and backstabbing the American people. I am not a member of any political organization, be it DTR, Racine First, LiberTEA Racine, 912, or any other grass roots complain-and-do-nothing group. But I am an American, with the same ideals and attitudes that our forefathers had when they reached their limit and said, "Enough is enough!" and picked up arms and forced the totalitarian Brits out. And if the truth be known, you liberals are NOT more than half the country. If every American citizen were to fulfill thier patriotic duty and go vote, you'd probably find out that you are really less than 20% of the population. I truly wish that would happen, then there would be no need to consider war on liberalism/socialim. But, unfortunately I'm afraid that is what it's going to take.

  77. Downtown Denizen:
    HAhahaha. I'll agree those conservative organizations are "do nothing" but what exactly are you doing?

    Also, spare me the "b-b-but the voter participation" argument. It's established fact that higher voter turnout almost always favors the liberal candidate.

  78. Downtown Denizen7/05/2009 2:07 PM

    Wait minute! Jesus just spoke to me thru my ipod playing Wagner! He told me I was selfish and childish. He said HE was a liberal and I've been insulting him all along! He told me to repent my ways and love my neighbor!

    Oh God! I've been so wrong! Forgive me! Please! I didn't mean any of those things! I renounce guns and bloodshed. I WILL dedicate my life to helping other to atone for my sinful ways.

  79. 1. The budget is balanced No that is a lie
    2. If you don't like the budget, complain to the silent Republicans that offered no alternative. Now that's taxation without representation! Ah they were not allowed to do anything
    3. You are not revolutionaries. This is a democracy and Mason and Lehman were voted in by the people.
    And they will like Doyle be voted out
    4. The Republican party has left you to your outrage while they sit back with no proposals. You are making their job very easy. You are letting them get away with trying to ride this wave without doing any work. You're all being used. Sorry the GOP will take back the State and the nation. God Willing Duncan Hunter will be the next president
    5. Attacking people in front of their families on a known family day is in poor taste and un-American. Realy? tell that to the Lonny left
    6. Complaining without counter proposals is cowardly. Sigh
    7. Free speech comes with responsibility. So true like fighting for your country rather then run away.. John Lehman comes to mind
    8. If you're funding aerial protests, then don't complain about debt. It was done with donations not tax $$
    9. You are not poor, and have no clue what it means to be overtaxed.
    Try again. can't wait to get my next tax bill
    10. These whiners can't even tell you on an individual basis how much of their taxes are "too much"
    11. LiberTEA and the Republican party in Racine owe the families of Mason and Lehman an apology. Is it our fault they married losers?

  80. Denizen has militant rhetoric similar to that of domestic terrorists.

  81. Downtown Denizen7/05/2009 2:30 PM

    Henry IV you are a jerk. Come over to my house a we'll smoke a fatty. I don't have the bloodlust I used to have. The planes were a bad idea. I have a headache.

  82. What do you mean the planes were a bad idea?! They were your idea! My car needs a new starter and I spent it on your stupid scheme.

    Smoke the fatty by yourself loser.

  83. Who's Lonny Left?

  84. Thed Smooley7/05/2009 3:22 PM

    I am a proud, Libertean. I used to be gay, but I was cured through a strict vegan diet regimen. I march proudly with my teabagging comrades even if we really don't actually teabag...if you know what I mean. I gladly paid big bucks to support our grand and patriotic statement at the parade while I watched it all happen on CAR25.

    I would do it again tomorrow! Because Liberteans are real Americans and some are cute in a totally non-sexual way.

    History will remember us as great Americans who love our country! Not just the people it it so much.

  85. Whose ever idea this was...definitely tacky! I've never been so disappointed in the republican party. This was a low blow and makes me happy/proud to be a DEMOCRAT!
    I believe this was slander and as I recall is a direct violation of the constitution...idiots!

  86. Oh, I love this crap!
    "Downtown Denizen said...

    Wait minute! Jesus just spoke to me thru my ipod playing Wagner! He told me I was selfish and childish. He said HE was a liberal and I've been insulting him all along! He told me to repent my ways and love my neighbor!
    7/05/2009 2:07 PM

    WOW, He spoke to you through your iPod? Did you know HE sent out an e-mail using your new GOP centerfold, Sarah Palin? Yep, after her last kid was born somehow an email was sent to family and friends and was signed “Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father.” It came from her email account and by all accounts was actually sent by her---I guess she was channeling God because she does go to one of those churches that do that sort of thing.......or she's just plain crazy.
    Anyway, I just thought I would add that if any of you actually knew the whole fourth of July thing (it's my birthday too,btw) you would actually know that it was about taxation w/o representation as well as a revolt against royalty thus the 'all men are created equal' bit. But, I'm sure you knew that and just didn't mention it, right? Then there's the bit about fair trials......but, I'm sure you all knew that too, just not important as taxes, eh?
    And, as far as I can tell the men who signed that document did something very brave by putting their names to it. So, just the idea that they signed their names was a great part of showing their sincerity and how much they put liberty for all over their own personal self interests. unlike the cowards who paid for the planes......
    As you can see, I sign my name all the time......sort of makes me feel a bit more American that those who do not :)

  87. Anon 5:14

    I believe this was slander and as I recall is a direct violation of the constitution...idiots!

    Doyle, Lehman and Mason DID raise the taxes of their constituents. The truth is an absolute defense against the charge of slander.

    No, Free Speech is actually still protected by the Constitution, for now (See 1st Amendment), although I do believe that Obama and the Democrats are doing their best to have it removed.

    So, sorry, but for now you will just have to endure the criticism of those who disagree with you, until you round them up and sent them to the Gulag.

  88. I was floored by those banners. Independence Day is supposed to be a day of unity, Americans pulling together regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation or anything else, in support of the country they ALL love so dearly. The Independence Day parade should not be a place to bash opponents, it should be a place to unify them and show what they have in common, that they both love this country we call America. It just shows that the politics of dirty campaign tactics are still in use and it sickens me.

  89. Lolzorz

    Plane People got PWNED

  90. Some of you people need to get a friggin clue.. This is the holiday known as Independence Day and many of you are calling for the citizenry to just swallow what the politicians are serving?

    Dear Lord, even with having had John Lehman for a history teacher, there is no way absent being purposefully obtuse that one can remain ignorant to the fact that the 4th of July is a celebration of America's Declaration of Independence. That we are in fact celebrating the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happinesss, that day is secondary..

    The Declaration justified the
    independence of the colonies by listing colonial grievances against King George III, and by asserting certain natural rights, including a right of revolution.

    When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government.

    Please remember that any time some imbecile suggests the day is reserved for family get together and wholesale unified fellatio for government legislature.

    Only members of Hitler's National Socialists Party could be so servile as to actually believe that.

  91. Hah!

    Lehman, Doyle, and Mason GET PWND - and the rats. most of whom are special interest public employee union types or otherwise feed at the taxpayer teat, frantically post on a blog that few beyond the inside baseball types read, because the truth: DOYLE MASON & LEHMAN RAISED THEIR TAXES, got out!

    That's why the half dozen of them who keep posting over and over are in a tizzy folks - because its the truth, and even they can feel a change in the wind. They have overreached, and they will pay in 2010.

  92. Just remember what Mason stands for:

    Busing pregnant students to school within 2 miles. Supposedly this will reduce infant mortality - not sure how he figures this. A little excercise would be good for them.

    Lower the voting age to 17 - so that bagging pants people who have to hold their pants up by the crotch can vote - that's so he can insure winning next time. Without the 17 year olds - he does not have a chance of winning.

    Voted for the tax budget - Corey is not happy unless he's spending someone elses money.

  93. Just read the comments. The banner funders are domestic terrorists. More than one mentioned taking up arms against their fellow citizens because they didn't get their way for a few months. I can't wait to see who these terrorists endorse.

    With the hateful words from the tea party, I'm surprised they didn't open fire on the crowd from the air in the name of freedom.

    These are radical extremists that advocate death of the U.S. System that decides our leaders by vote, not bullets.

  94. The Tea people are just disgruntled old white people that have fallen out of power as they watched America change and pass them by. They have no sizeable coalition, and no real solutions to offer. Spoiled brats and sore losers that complain endlessly. They are tools that do as they are told.

    The rest of us will work towards progress, including and welcoming people of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

    This isn't liberal vs conservative. This is doing vs complaining. This is ideas vs violence. This is democracy vs militantcy.

    We believe there is room for everyone. You believe there is only room for you and your ideology. Which one sounds like Hitler again?

  95. Anon 9:48 - enjoy your time - when people begin to realize the increase in taxes - the mess these three clowns along with Obama have put us in with government controlled business, socialized medicine, and the weaking our position in the world, they will kick them all out of office.

  96. Unbelievable,
    WAKE UP. Our civil rights are under attack on a daily basis. Our Bill of Rights are being ignored and the Constitution is being trampled on by all of these tax and spend us into depression bureaucrats. Unite or Die was our Forefathers cry and all you people can do is complain about someone exercising there Freedom of Speech and The Freedom to petition the government with grievances. Are you teaching your children that your silence is going to cost them half there paychecks in taxes? Are you teaching them to be dependent on government? I wonder if they would agree with your politics if they knew they will be slaves to Fascism.

  97. By the way,
    I don't live in fear. Their are far to many people here with the same name ""Anonymous"". What a joke. You state your opinion but live in fear of someone knowing who you are. You ask ""Who is claiming responsibility for the banners and your afraid to even let anyone know whos asking the question. Come on, grow up.

  98. Let Them Eat Tea7/06/2009 10:41 AM

    Hello, I am a former GOP member and full-time teabagger. There seems to a lot of misunderstanding about exactly what we stand for. Well, you see we don't stand FOR anything. We stand against everything. Oh we know some taxes pay for some good stuff, like clean drinking water, I mean we're not heartless. Plus we can afford to buy bottled, we just don't want our yard guy to get sick when he has to drink from the hose on a hot day.

    It's just the other stuff we don't like. What's our solution? Puhleeze, we aren't about solutions! Proposals? We don't have any!

    We are patriots and patriots don't sweat the details. What?! the founding fathers were actually liberals? That's not what Glenn Beck told us. So that's definitely not true!

    Why do we like to quote the founding father's so much? because that's when life was really great for a wealthy white guy. We owned our own support staff; screw health care! Endless supply of those guys. Women were property too and couldn't vote-man, once they got the vote they messed things up for sure. We had guns and our friends ran everything!

    Yea, those were great times! I don't understand why people think we're so mean. We want LIBERTY! (for ourselves) and FREEDOM! (to do what we want) and we don't want TAXES! (because it might be spent on you).

    Why are people so upset about the planes at the parade? They weren't tacky or classless, we were exercising our freedom to be against stuff. And if it was a bummer on your holiday, just keep in mind it ain't about you...it's all about US.

  99. So you waste your time with mocking people instead of searching for the truth. This is why a few folks don't have any clue as to what others are doing. You say your ""all inclusive"". The truth is it was the liberal democrats that wanted Slavery and is the party of the Ku Klux Klan and it was a Republican who freed them. The card carrying members of the KKK in Congress right now are Democrats. Democrats wrote the Black Codes and the Jim Crow laws.
    I have 16 more examples of your compassion for diversity if you like I will be happy to send them to you. Just identify yourself and give me your e-mail. They are right their to see for yourself on the Black Political History site (http://www.nbra.info) under The Untold Story.

  100. What a good idea. That was a great way to exercise the sponsor's first amendment rights. I can't believe all the negative people complaining about American citizens exercising their inalienable rights to free speech and freedom of expression. I guess if you don't agree with a Liberal then you are a terrorist, if you have the same values as our forefathers then you are a war monger. I don't think times have passed me by, I just think they have changed for the worse. Our freedoms are disappearing every day with the continued encroachment of government in our lives. Hey Liberals, it isn't time or progress that is passing by, it's you laying down and letting the government trample over you.

  101. Lehman, Mason, Doyle and Turner do not care what is fair when they vote on behalf of the unions, damn the rest. We are going broke. More so every year. Time to end the madness and work together. You do not have to be rich to give 10-50 dollars to speak your peace. (play on words)

  102. 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I believe in this country and what it is supposed to stand for. We are getting further and further away from what it should be.

    These politicians care nothing for swearing to uphold the constitution. Swearing on the bible, swearing on the constitution nothing matters to these people anymore.

  103. All you liberal's and Mason lovers - please respond to Anon 8:48 and tell me one good thing about these baffoon proposals this clown has proposed or voted for.

  104. "Our civil rights are under attack on a daily basis."

    Are you talking about the Patriot Act?

  105. This never gets old for you folks, huh? It seems to me these individuals decided to spend their money this way and that's their choice.

    This radical speak of taking up guns and Obama taking over the country seems extreme as well. The fact is that Republican party ran our country into the ground then they want to beat a drum because the "other guys" are attempting to fix it. I've never picked a party and have always decided my vote on who I believe to be the best for the job, in the recent past that has not been the Rupublican party!

    Grow up and get a damn grip would ya?

  106. All of you terrorists are leaving out Vos. He has done nothing for you and given you no alternatives to rally around.

    You're one-sided anger is quite curious.

    What are you going to do when Mason wins re-election? I'm going to invest in Kleenex and bullets right now! They will be flying off the shelves in Racine!

    Free speech is fine. The banner bloggers had every right to purchase political ad time and protest anonymously from way far away.

    That isn't the issue. The issue is taking a dump all over the fourth of July in order to attack people that are there to celebrate with their families. It is distasteful, tacky, classless, and un-American.

    Another sad example of how far some have fallen and how low they will go to demand a $10 tax deduction.

    Oh yes, their idea of freedom has a price indeed. "Give me my money or give me death" should be their slogan. They're like dogs. Throw them a tax deduction bone and they will gladly shut up and feast.

    Even though they are in the vast minority, they demand things as if they have a directive from God Himself. Maybe that's the problem. The constitution thumpers are the new bible thumpers and they are just as obnoxious and just as willing to pervert the word to make it fit how they want everyone else to think.

    Congratulations extremeists. You have sunk to a new pathetic low. You and your radical agenda for America will be fought every step of the way and soundly defeated.

    If you cared so much about the grandkids as you so often say, you'd focus on positive outcomes to improve schools and promote programs so people can get a quality education. You'd adopt a comprehensive approach to problem solving in addition to tax code. The fact that you don't proves that you only care about money. The end result is irrelevant so long as you can have $10 back. If you got your money, you'd be thrilled and stop the crusade even when the underlying problems remained.

    But no....solutions would require work and take more time than it would to make a banner and have someone fly it in the sky. You are the laziest excuses for activists I have ever seen.

  107. Are you talking about the Patriot Act?

    Would that be the one that Obama voted for?
    That still allows your library check out record to be searched?
    And How about Home Land Security thinking that vets and peaceful protesters are the issue. Interesting.

  108. I'm new to this. Could someone list the lost liberties and taxes in Wisconsin that are causing the uproar? I don't follow politics too much and I'm a little lost.

  109. ""You are the laziest excuses for activists I have ever seen"". FUNNY
    I'm not a activists, I'm your best friend or your worst enemy. I am a Bible thumping, Gun clinging, Bill of Rights and Constitution defender, business owning believer in teaching a man to fish rather than in-slaving him to hoping I give him a fish. I believe in less government and more individual responsibility. When the people fear the government that's tyranny, when the government fears the people, that's freedom.
    This has nothing to do with dems or repubs, it has to do with fascism and capitalism.

  110. Gov. Jim Doyle signed a $61 billion state budget which included $5 billion in new taxes.

    Doyle praised his fellow Dems, who control both houses of the Legislature, for getting him the budget on time, saying this is the first time in 32 years the budget has been enacted before the current budget expires. The new fiscal year starts Wednesday.



    The Legislature's budget includes changes that will be noticed by almost every Wisconsin resident:

    • Insurance premiums will go up because vehicle owners will be required to have insurance and more liability coverage.

    •  Cigarette smokers will pay a $2.52-per-pack tax, or 75 cents more than they do now. That is expected to cost smokers $310 million over the next two years.

    •  The wealthiest taxpayers will pay more in income taxes because the budget creates a 7.75% tax bracket for single taxpayers with incomes of $225,000 and more, and for married couples filing jointly with incomes of $300,000 and more. That change will cost those taxpayers about $287 million more over two years.

    •  Consumers will pay a 75-cent monthly fee on phone lines, which will cost them $97 million over two years. The fee is supposed to help local governments pay for police, fire and 911 emergency services.



    That's just the start from the 2009-11 budget.

    Just raised the taxes on US, the citizens, $5 Billion Dollars, during the worst economic period in our nation's history.

    You people have got to be smoking better stuff than the $7.00 a pack Phillip Morris produced cigarettes that your federal tax dollars subsidize the production of, If you're not outraged at this maniacal tax and spend plutocracy.

    We've all been sold into slavery since long before we were even born. These fucking idiot politicians are ruining our nation, spending without thinking. The only way to stimulate the economy here is to give people more of their wages and let them survive, rather than take whatever little bit they still have left?

  111. fedup

    Really? That's it?

    All of this outrage for smokers and rich people? I don't smoke and I'm not rich, so I don't care too much about that.

    But ok, those items went up. What are the things that are being funded as a result of the increases? Are they good, bad or what? If it makes sense then I wouldn't have too much of a problem with it. If not, I will.

    The car insurance thing seems counter intuitive to me so I question that. I have a line item on my bill that is for uninsured motorists. Isn't having more people insured a good thing? Wouldn't that drive down costs?

    Help me out here.

    And what liberties are lost as a result of Lehman, Mason and Doyle? Nobody has explained explained that one yet.

    I'm trying but just not seeing it.

  112. The budget increases spending by 6.8% at a time when most of us, businesses and families alike, are tightening our belts.

    Car insurance minimum coverage will increase - that is nothing but a sop to the trial lawyers, to give the buzzards fatter carcasses to feast on.

    Your local property taxes will increase dramatically, because the budget repeals the Qualified Economic Offer (QEO) which limited pay raises for teachers to 4% - how many of you in the private sector have gotten MORE than 4% over the last couple of years, at the same level position?

    Business owners will pay more in income taxes, and more in capital gains taxes. You may like that kind of "soak the rich" thinking, but those are the people who create jobs - and they can move.

    Illegal aliens will get to pay the same lower tuition rates that those of us who pay for the UW system pay, instead of the same rate as someone from, say, Illinois.

    "Domestic Partners" of state employees will get lucrative state insurance and benefits, at significant cost to the taxpayer. There will be no real test of who is a"domestic partner" so feel free to sign up your girlfriend, boyfriend, prospective mail order bride, or that cute girl across the hall. Who cares? It's free!

  113. Fedup: Thanks for the "F" bomb, way to elevate conversation.

    Hunter: 2 words; spell check.

    Our country and economy is in ruin because of your buddy Georgy and his merry crew of criminals whose only answer was tax breaks for his rich friends-that didn't work. They deregulated the banks at a rate over the last eight years that should be criminal. They started a frivolous war that is costing us trillions and made the world hate us...and let's not even get into oil.

    You broke it and now Democrats have to fix it while your conservative friends vote no or present. You offer no solutions only simple-minded fear.

    Liberty is not free and unlike you, true patriots are willing sacrifice in order to have it.

    I want to know who paid for that plane and I want to know why they won't say who they are. (I didn't hire a pilot to take a dump on the parade, so I don't need to say who I am.) I agree that it had something to do with that teabagger Ken Brown or Fred Dooley (who sent out that racist twitter the other day).

    If you think you have so much support, let's see who you are.

  114. Got my stimulus package in the mail today. It contained watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, and ten coupons to KFC.

  115. Well, I am sorry if your not rich, and if you're not a smoker and you fail to see how increases in taxes at a time when less people are working is an exercise in futility. At this point all it does is put the onus for making up the difference on the remainder of the workforce. I know you're also being obtuse and as you may have guessed, I'm fed up, and had the tax dollars already taken from me gone for providing you with something useful.. for example an education that empowers you to practice with competency the process of critical thinking.. I wouldn't have a problem with it either, but it doesn't go for useful things.

    Take a look around, the roads are in need of repair, the water dept, flushes the toilet into the lake every time it rains, most all of the schools are failing..the only one around here worth anything lives in constant fear of being closed by the district, yet is the only one that shows the most potential despite being in the oldest building of all the schools, located in probably the worst neighborhood, yet always produces among the highest scores in the nation...

    Problem is throwing money at issues, doesn't solve problems. All it does is drain more resources that are badly needed.

    When your gas and electric goes up this winter, and your $200.00 a week grocery bill goes up to $250.00 and all the other services start demand an excise tax on this or a fee increase on the fishing license or the vehicle registration increases.

    Sorry if I went on a little long but in the end the point is with less contributors we all pay more.

  116. Wow, Mason and Lehman are responsible for pot holes and pollution? We are in a depression dude. You can't wish it away, it has to be fixed and it's going to cost.

  117. I have been accused at least twice in this discussion. As one of the members and Bloggers of LiberTEA Racine. I wish to offer some clarification. The purpose of LiberTEA Racine is to defend Liberty of City of and county of Racine. It is not to support or oppose any Political party or candidate. WE (LiberTEA Racine), did not sponsor either of the Banners displayed. We would endorse the right/ Liberty of individual citizens to fly such banner wether the target was Lehman and Mason or Ryan and Vos. We are a NON-Partisan group.

    I do hope our issues continue to gain notice. Like tonight's re-examination of the South Side Historical District being proposed at 4:30. it fit's our mission...Flying anti-Democrat banners does not.

    On the other hand members of our group to affiliate with anyone else they want to. Libertatian's, Constitutionalists, Liberal's and Conservatives. Some of them may have contributed to the Plane banners. (I was invited to contribute but I did not). If Had chosen to I would've been happy to proclaim it as an individual not as a member of LiberTEA Racine.

    Finally LiberTEA Racine will not quietly and secretly support or oppose any activity, If we're on a side we will state it as so. WE are not hiding under a rock, but neither do we need to get into every fight that comes along.

    So for Clarification LIBERTEA RACINE did NOT pay for or propose the Banners. Additional comments are welcome at libertearacine.blogspot.com

    "Why did the founders of our nation give us the Bill of Rights? The answer is easy. They knew Congress could not be trusted with our God-given rights. Think about it. Why in the world would they have written the First Amendment prohibiting Congress from enacting any law that abridges freedom of speech and the press? The answer is that in the absence of such a limitation Congress would abridge free speech and free press. That same distrust of Congress explains the other amendments found in our Bill of Rights protecting rights such as our rights to property, fair trial and to bear arms. The Bill of Rights should serve as a constant reminder of the deep distrust that our founders had of government. They knew that some government was necessary but they rightfully saw government as the enemy of the people and they sought to limit government and provide us with protections." --George Mason University economics professor Walter E. Williams

    Hey Feddy,
    I have two words for you, Thank You. Which word did I misspell?
    I am one of the plane banner supporters along with about 40 other people. You see it took that many to come up with the money cause were broke.
    Our country started going in the toilet with Clinton's signing of NFTA. NFTA sent millions of jobs overseas. G. Bush is to blame for his roll I agree but don't blame him for what somebody else did. Like you can't blame Bush for 10 trillion in the hole that your president put us in.
    ""A frivolous war"". I see you left our solders out of it. You might ask them how they felt liberating a country from a murdering dictator. Unfortunately you can't ask the ones that gave up their lives for it. But that's probably not your concern is it.
    There you fascist go again skirting around the constitution again. ""All accused have the right to FASE their accusers"". Well you can see who I am and you still hide, so who is the coward?
    As far as sacrifice and patriotism goes there Feddy boy I'll tell you this much, I'm willing to die defending our constitution as long as you are as willing to die trying to destroy it. And that sir is a promise no matter how it's spelled.

  119. You're absolutely correct we are in a depression and you're certainly right when you say we can't wish it away. Neither of those statements have anything to do with the fact that our legislature won't stop collectively ramming the flaccid staff of taxation in their constituent's posterior.

    I wish you made $300,000.00 a year so you too could pay more for inadequate services. For the small business owner the writing is on the wall that Wisconsin is not the place to be, and you know what that means, even less revenue, and bigger holes to fill next time around, and again a shrinking pool of participants to do it from.

    When the whole state is indigent and eligible for welfare, where do you think they're going to get the money to fund it?

  120. Joan,
    How is expressing your discus for over taxation destructive?

  121. Some of you need to shorten your posts - no one wants to read all that babble.

  122. SORRY,
    That post referring to fedup was meant for SPOTTY.

  123. OK

    So Hunter is mad at Lehman, Doyle and Mason because of NAFTA? He is mad because Lehman, Doyle and Mason took away civil liberties from him that he has yet to mention and he is willing to kill to get back these mysterious missing liberties. What?

    fedupwithstupid is mad at Lehman, Doyle and Mason because people making $300,000 a year and more have to pay some more tax. He is mad because smokers have to pay more for cigarrettes. He is mad because everyone is required to have auto insurance. He is mad because we all have to chip in 75 cents per phone line to help fund emergency services.

    He makes over $300,000 and is complaining about his tax burden. Life must be really hard living on such crumbs.

    Mason, Lehman and Doyle are apparantly also responsible for increased costs energy and grocery bills to the tune of $50. How? I don't know.

    He complains about things needing to be repaired like roads, etc and then complains about having to pay taxes to fix them? What?

    The more you guys explain, the harder it is to understand.

    Somehow all of the small business is going to pack up and head to IL because their taxes are....wait, they're actually not lower...uh, well yeah they are all moving to Alabama.

    Do you people really believe any of this crap? This whole thing is starting to unravel.

    The wealthy are using the outrage of playstation 3 revolutionary war wannabees to further their cause of keeping more money for themselves. The wannabee heroes just want to kill liberals and the wealthy just want more money.

    Now that is a coalition!

    Nobody actually understands what they are protesting against, but whatever it is - it is Lehman, Doyle and Mason's fault.

    Whiners. Complainers. Disenfranchised looking for a war to feel like a man because you fell out of the majority spoiled brats with plenty of money to spare.

  124. OK,
    I don't know what else to call you.
    You need to come to one of our meetings and get educated on the currant events that are going on in this political atmosphere. First stop watching the bought and paid for mainstream media. Also before you try to regurgitate my post, you may want to read it 2 or 3 times to get it right. The three you mentioned were never mentioned in my post. I was talking about Fascism. Again it is about the difference between Fascism and conservatism. It's not about any one issue or politician, it is about an ideology. I would hate for you to look like a typical socialist moron.

  125. OK,
    It is none of yours or anyone else's business how much money anyone makes. It is definitely not up to you to judge how much they should make or how they spend it.

    If you are so inept that you are a looser in life, it's OK. There has to be losers too. But don't think for a second that anyone is out there working to be their best and be successful only to have losers like you tell tham how to spend it or decide where their profits will go.

  126. And what meeting would that be Hunter?

    You've been on here railing on and on....you funded a message via banner on a plane and still cannot articulate your position.

    The banners were against Mason, Lehman and Doyle.

    I know all about current events. I also know that actions taken are results of problems at hand.

    Instead of taking the easy way out and scapegoating government for all of your problems, get off your butt and work on solutions. Nobody likes a whiner. This country was made with doers, not complainers.

  127. Anonymous Whiner 7/06/2009 3:29 PM


    Where did I say I was mad at Doyle or Lehman or Mason? I think John's a hell of a nice guy, lousy politician, but still a nice guy. Where have I directed outrage other than at the moronic buffoons who would rather we suckle the government teat, or fellate other appendages if you prefer? Your arguments are disingenuous at best.

    Those of you who find it offensive that the planes flew banners pointing out that the democrats in the state legislature assembly and senate whom control both houses overwhelmingly gave additional taxation authority to an already power drunk governor during a time when looking for ways to save expenses would be much more advantageous and appreciated by the constituents opposed to increasing spending based of hypothetical numbers of anticipated revenue leaving the door open for additional budget shortfalls.

  128. "It is none of yours or anyone else's business how much money anyone makes. It is definitely not up to you to judge how much they should make or how they spend it."

    It certainly is when these whiners are complaining about how much money they don't have. These clowns want you to be angry. You said you're broke....guess what - they're not and they want more. That's all fine and good but then don't come complaining to me about taxes.

    That income information was volunteered in his public post. Save your outrage for the hard working people that are really struggling to get by.

    Face it. These clowns are using you for your anger and you're playing right into their hands.

    Main stream media in the tank? Try listening to FOX news or radio. Oh wait, that's probably what you do listen to. Brainwashed by the elitist rich to do their bidding while we all struggle. Very nice.

    I don't think so. Join the home team and work on solutions. Any idiot can identify a problem. It is the real Americans that come up with solutions.

  129. We have a solution, and believe me, we are working on it.

    Our solution is to replace tax and spend liberals like Doyle, Lehman and Mason with fiscal conservatives.

    Our solution is to spend less money.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  130. Great!

    Start naming programs you are going to cut. One-up the Wisconsin Republicans that sat this one out when they were needed the most and come up with an alternate budget plan.

    A plan and solution I can have respect for. At least then we can have a real conversation about issues and tough choices.

    You ever wonder why the Republicans didn't put out an alternate budget? It is because they would have had to raise taxes. These are extraordinary economic times and spending cuts alone would not have done it. You think that they are magically going to make all of this go away, but you're wrong. They would have had to deal with this nightmare too. But you'll never know what they would have done.

    They took the easy way out by not offering an alternative proposal while you let them get away with it. And now you want to give the keys to the castle to people that were AWOL when they were needed the most?

    I'll take my chances with people that actually put out a plan for us to discuss.

  131. Hunter doesn't have a meeting. He just wants everyone to think they are organized to make it seem more impressive. He wouldn't dare invite a liberal or a democrat to this non-existant meeting because they might actually hear the whole truth and not some blather from radio whose only interest is self interest.

  132. First off, I'll preface by stating that I am libertarian-leaning individual that normally would be more than receptive to the messages up in the sky on the 4th.

    To those that orchestrated/supported this nonsense, if your intent was to have a good laugh among like-minded Republican party members like yourselves, then mission accomplished. Congratulations, job well done.

    If, on the other hand, your intent was to persuade independent-minded, fiscally conservative folks like myself that have been pretty miffed by your political party as of late to come back into the fold and vote Republican, then I think you were misguided. On a day of national unity, you decide that's the appropriate venue to engage in negative attack advertising like that? Are you kidding me???? Sure, it's your right to do whatever you want. But it's also my right to keep not voting Republican as often as I normally would.

    Nah, never mind, just keep firing up your base with such nonsense, and keep shoving moderate fiscal conservatives like myself farther and farther away from the Republican party. Much better strategy. Again, well done.

  133. moderate fiscal conservative? what a highly convoluted way of saying "tight wad" ?

  134. Tea = PWNED

  135. I notice that nobody disputes the content of the sign: Lehman and Doyle did vote to increase spending, in a recession, and to impose punitive taxes on businesses and investors.

    Lehman and Mason PWND!

  136. Taxes and Democrats?
    Hey, Reagan (otherwise known as "His Holiness of the Rightwing) cut taxes in "81" (the year my son was born and I remember it very vividly), but then he raised then he gave us huge tax raises that I felt pretty hard in my paycheck (I fell just into the next tax bracket and paid a percentage amount that was the highest in that bracket). So, he basically borrowed money to save us from those terrible taxes and then we had to pay it back with interest. Great plan. It sure did trickle down.

    Then we had "Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES" Bush senior......we all remember how well that worked out for him!

    Then we had Clinton(D and what did we have? Come on say it out loud or choke it out if you can......we had a balanced budget and a surplus--Yeah! Democratic taxation and budgeting!

    Then we had little Bu$h and everything went to hell in a hand basket.

    On the state level we had Gov. Tommy (really big R) and he left us so in debt, that no one really knew about until he was gone, it screwed McCallum right out of office.

    Now all you righties have is throwing out the old tax scare crap at two of the most efficient and savvy members of the state legislature......the two that scare the most out of the state GOP--which is exactly why they are being targeted so heavily.
    You little sissies are so scared of them you can't even put your names on this blog. You are too scared to admit that you bought the plane banner. You have no credibility if you can't even stand up in public and admit your actions. The new GOP is just one letter "L for losers!
    BTW, where was Vos and McReynolds on the 4th? Too busy for Racine? Can't be bothered with all you city folk? Too busy out doing glad handing in politically safe areas? Cowards, the lot of you!

  137. It still amazes me that there are people who truly believe that Iraq was a just war the way we went about it! I feel for the soldiers and their families for their suffering but that was NOT a just war. Overthrowing another countries leader because we don’t like them is not acceptable. The world will not allow that to continue to happen. Do you think we should invade Iran/Pakistan/ North Korea?

    The world has changed and the middle class white male is not the majority in America anymore. You can be as pissed off as you wish about that fact, but it's the truth.

    I feel for those that have a higher tax rate, however they also have the higher incomes and in many cases their business depends on "those other people" to support it.

    Just as freedom is not free, neither is the services provided in our community. Most of our population has no idea what it truly means to be broke/poor. For if you did, there would have been no plans for a banner in the first place.

    America is full of over-privileged babies that always want to cry about how much they don't have. There's a whole world out there that would trade places with your "Status" right now!


  139. Kay, get a grip! The world is NOT ending.

  140. If anyone would like to attend our next meeting/picnic on Sat. July 18Th, Please send me an e-mail with a request. just type PICNIC in the re: line. Any e-mails not referring to the picnic will be sent to BULK mail and deleted.

  141. What's with this party line bs.. Democrats suck as much if not worse than Republicans. In 2006, the Democrats won the majority, and did nothing. In 2008, again, they've made all sorts of promises and done nothing to deliver on those promises.

    It's time to throw them all out and start anew with representatives of the "people" not "corporations"...

    The outrage at the people who paid for a banner that simply stated the truth is unfathomable. The facts are the facts, and that is that Lehman and Mason voted for the budget that the Governor approved that will raise taxes on us all. I suggest instead of playing ostrich or looking to deflect the blame to previous administrations the people involved in party politics ought to take a hard look at what their candidates stand for and ask this simple question.

    Does the candidate/politician stay true to their word? Because in my world, they're all in it for themselves and screw the constituents.

  142. HunterJohn- I do not condemn your right to express your opinions. In my opinion, the money used to spread your message could have been better spent in a more positive manner in a more conducive venue. I imagine it costs hundreds of dollars for the printing, flying, pilot, etc. You're propaganda drop was as effective as throwing pamphlets out and HOPING that the right people got the message. I may respect the passion and drive of those who want to get their message out. I do not applaud the manner. I also do not agree with your message. It isn't difficult for me to agree to DISAGREE and walk away, move forward and direct MY passion and MY beliefs in the manner I deem appropriate- on election day.

  143. Joan,
    Thank you for standing up for my 1st and 5Th Amendments. You don't agree with my view therefore it is reasonable for you to think it was a waste of money. One mans message to the masses is another mans propaganda. You see I have disagreed with many repubs and voted against them when their ideology conflicted with mine. I don't support ANY party, just the individuals who agree with the Constitution as written and our Bill of Rights. Your talking a lot about you passion but I'm not clear on what it is. With the political atmosphere dems & repubs, sliding us down a slimy slope into a cesspool of fascism, what is your passion? Mine is Freedom, small government and low taxes. As for all the rest, I have no use for government at all.

  144. I have read all the comments about the banners that were being flown during the parade on Independence Day. I was not there and I did not see them, so the comments have been interesting to say the least.
    The first thing that struck me was how many people are out for blood and demanding to know who funded the banners. There were blame darts flung everywhere but there was no care to read the posts that stated it was funded by individuals. Shouldn't this fact make those that hated the idea that "a group funded this" feel better that it was the public that dug into their pockets? No, because then it was blamed upon "the rich". How sad.
    Next, there is talk about how much this was in poor taste. Why? If I remember the liberal mantra, "If you don't like it, don't look at it", so don't look at it. I do not remember that Freedom of Speech was not allowed on certain days. True, with freedom comes responsibility, but this does not cross that boundary.
    I also read a lot of comments about how we are being represented. Funny, the "representation" that was being talked about "they were voted in." Representing the people is more than being voted, it is listening to the people during their time in office. I know they received many calls, faxes, and e-mails to vote no for the alleged "balanced budget", did people call their representatives and tell them to vote for higher taxes? Hmmm...
    Also, the reason for people not wanting their taxes raised is because they are the people that are working FOR the money. I am not aware of anyone that is working with the intent of not seeing a paycheck. I know I am working for a paycheck. If I did not NEED money, I would not NEED to work.
    But I like to have things. Things like clothes, a vehicle, gas for the vehicle, a house, furniture, heat, food, and, oh my, fun. I know, how capitalist of me.

  145. Joan - you really agree with Mason on 17 year olds voting? You know voting with one hand and holding their pants up by the critch with the other hand, or busing pregnant students within 2 miles of school -and that will reduce infant mortality? Hell my wife use to cross country ski and jog when she was pregnant. And lastly this taxing budget he just approved. Corey has to go before he spends more money on his frivolous ideas.

  146. Crotch that is.

  147. As a committed progressive, I encourage the funders of the negative attacks on the 4th to keep up the good work!

    Here are some additional suggestions that are sure to be equally popular...
    - drop negative flyers in kids trick or treat bags
    - Staple attack ads to turkeys before thanksgiving
    - How about some "baby Jesus hates Obama" billboards right be christmas. Thats a sure winner!

    And most importantly, just stay with the personal attacks. And dont have any fresh ideas. Thats a sure way to convince people to support your position!

  148. Perhaps some of you folks need to read the Declaration of Independence before comment.

    You can read it here.


    The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776 for the sole purpose of revolting against the stranglehold the King had over the American Colonies.

    Here is a passage:

    "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

    Not only was it appropriate to defy one's government with these planes, but many Americans believe that it is their duty to disagree with their government.

    If this hurts the feelings of the liberals, so be it.

    As far as politicizing July 4th, are you kidding me????

    There has never been a political event in American that was ever as big as this day in 1776. Not only is this day political, but it is the most powerful political day in our country's history.

    Those of you claiming that July 4th, Independence Day, you need to go read the Declaration of Independence and find out what July 4th really means. Perhaps you can teach your families next year what Independence Day really means and why we celebrate that day as Americans.

  149. So on the 4th we should all revolt against the government. In favor of what exactly?

    The revolutionary war was against England, not our own constitution.

    You've been out of power for what, like a few months and all of a sudden the constitution sucks? You America haters are unreal.

    Anonymously attacking men without warning in front of their wives and children is bad taste, but I'm glad you did it so everyone can see just how disrespectful you are of this country and our ELECTED officials.

  150. I wonder how all of you pretending to be concerned about "the poor families" of Lehman and Mason felt about the left dragging the family of Sarah Palin through the mud, and mocking her disabled infant son?

    Frankly, I'm surprised Mason's family was even here for the parade, since they live in Madison, along with Cory the Carpetbagger.

  151. Attacking Palin's family is wrong too. Now admit attacking Mason and Lehman in front of their familes is wrong as well.

    Bad taste isn't exclusive to a party and must be called out whenever it happens.

  152. Let me say that any attack on family is coward-est. When accusations are lies, it's liable. The attacks on Sarah's kids were grounds for a law suit. The banners that flew over the parade, though embarrassing were truthful and not directed what so ever at family. I don't see how you can equate a fact with an attack.
    The attacks against Sarah's kids were direct lies.

    They said:
    1. Trigg is not her son.
    2. Trigg is her oldest daughters son.
    3. Accused her husband of incest.
    I'm sorry but there is no comparison between stating a fact of taxes being raised in a recession with 17% unemployment in Racine and the lies made up by the fascist who are scared to death of a real Conservative leader.
    I wonder if they even know what the unemployment rate is in their district?

  153. It is RARE that I post here- but this topic (and you'll have to read some of the first posts because it became so off base) triggered my response. As far as replying to posts that are written anonymously- I will not. Simple as that. No true patriot hides behind false identity.

  154. You are so right Joan.
    I know I'm done.
    Bye all.

  155. Joan - that's lame. You just can't answer the post, good excuse however.

  156. Urban Pioneer7/08/2009 11:44 AM

    If informing Parade goers, who might be voters, know that Lehman and Mason just raised their taxes...is embarrassing for these men..then maybe they shouldn't have voted that way! Perhaps they should have actually controlled the free spender Governor over the past 6 years. Instead of pretending to balance a budget by looting from every employee and the Road building funds..year after year. Once you run out of "funds" you have to live with what is left. Doyle and the Dems...and the Republicans in our State should have been freezing the budget at 2004 levels..and we would have a surplus today even in these difficult times. Instead we just increased taxes by 5 Billion dollars, and will be opening the Prison doors to release thousand's of people prematurely. Will that make your neighborhood safer? Will it reduce un-employment?

    This is the most American way of expressing yourself. Privately funded message, not using the media filter. On the most Patriotic and Political day of the year. While I didn't contribute to the message....I support those who did!

  157. You Liberals cant stand the fact that a concervative group is playing the political game on your level, did you forget what you did to Sara Palin, look who's calling the kettal black!!

  158. Too bad we couldn't have paid for this on a plane.....
    Get ready for a property tax increase.

    Thanks to Doyle, Lehman, Mason, Turner and the Dems.


  159. Here's a banner for you:

    What you don't NO makes us stronger

  160. you must not know much because your
    own party is pushing you and the rest of us into poverty, when are
    you going to see the obvious and do somthing about it, it's not always about Republicans or Demacrates it's about taking the correct action for whats rite.

  161. You are not poor.

  162. come on be honest with yourself we are not heading in the right direction, our kds weather Republican, Demacrate, or third party they are looking at 15% to 20% intrest rates in the next comming years on a house, car or anything pricy they are thinking of purchasing.

  163. Says who? The same people that couldn't see this economic crisis coming?

    Pick your poison. These problems were years and years in the making. We keep talking about the burden on our grandchildren. WE are the grandchildren. All of these mistakes do not come without a price. Interest rates or even more catastrophic job loss. Both parties knew this and agreed to TARP.

  164. I agree, now lets see what party will screw us on Cap and Trade, and if this passes we will see even more job lost, and I am sick and tired of Obama saying he inharated this, when is he going to step up and become a President, lately if somthing dosn't go his way he puts his tale between his leg and puts blame on the past administration, he sounds like a broken record, this is getting old fast, then we have Biden *#@

  165. I am proud someone decided to stand up for what's right. It couldn't have been MORE of an appropriate time. After all the 4th is founded on our separation from the "KING".

    Wake up people! Why do you enjoy constantly being bamboozled? The government should be working for you, not you working for the government.

    Stand up you WIMPS!

    Show your true love for the fallen soldiers.

  166. Half of these comments sound verbatim from Hannity and Beck. I don't understand the blind faith. They all have their own interests at work, not yours. We all have to learn to think for ourselves.

    All of these issues are far more complicated than the one or two soundbites that get allocated to them. You can't just listen to one side and expect to get the truth.

  167. funny you only meantion Hannity and
    Beck, you mention blind faith what about the four big networks ABC, CNN, CBS AND CNBC.

  168. I watch CNN and don't find them terribly one sided. I also watch FOX, but for as much as they bash
    MSNBC, they are just as bad on the other side.

    Plenty of newspapers have liberal tendencies, but talk radio is pretty slanted to the right. On the web there is plenty of both sides. Makes me wonder where all of this mainstream bias comes from. You can get news geared toward your beliefs very easily. If that is all that you listen to, then you never get the full picture.

    I find some of the WPR programming on the radio to have some pretty good discussions and they do a good job of exploring both sides of an issue.