July 3, 2009

First Friday: A prelude to the Fourth

First Friday came and went last night, with the usual music, shopping and attractions Downtown -- face-painting clowns... ice cream, beer and hot dogs for sale on Monument Square... free snow cones... horse buggy rides... that sort of thing -- serving as an appetizer to tomorrow's July 4th parade. As usual, it was a great time to wander from store to store, listening to the music, running into friends (and former Mayors Tom Friedel and Jim Smith). Here are a few pictures:

Scott Scheuber of Groove Factor at Monument Square

Jeff Ward played in Crosswalk Park

Racine Unified Summer Show Band led off the evening's music

And then there were horses...

...and very big cookies for the little kids...

...and cars at the Heritage Museum, like this '40 Willys for older kids.

Dover Flag and Map is ready for the Fourth

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  1. The TV coverage of the parade was pretty bad, although better than prom. At least there isn't a 400 pound black guy saying "right on" every other minute.