June 30, 2009

Flags unite 1700 block of Villa Street

Flags along the 1700 block of Villa St.

Neighbors in the 1700 block of Villa Street got into the holiday spirit last weekend by hanging flags outside of their homes. A walk down the street on the city's near south side gives way to a lovely row of American flags prominently displayed on homes. They're just in time for this weekend's Fourth of July festivities.

The neighborhood activity was sponsored by State Farm and Neighborhood Housing Services. NHS has helped organize neighbors on the block into a block watch group, which hosts activities to foster relationships among the residents.

The Block Captain James Oates and neighbor Sylvia Rodriguez distributed flyers along the block inviting neighbors to participate with State Farm and NHS. State Farm agent, Michelle Christiansen, invited agents to help hang flags. Oates invited participants and neighbors to a cookout at his home afterward.

The event fits NHS's goal of renewing pride, restoring confidence and promoting reinvestment in the neighborhood.

A resident trims shrubs outside of his home in the 1700 block of Villa St.

More flags along the street.


  1. Villa St. is looking good.

  2. thanks for those pics of villa street.

    i'm not crazy enough to walk down there.

  3. This is great! Excellent way to get to know your neighbors. Neighbor looking after neighbor, helping each other out. Reduce crime.

  4. Villa is nothing like it used to be. Things can change. There are alot of great gardens and great neighbors looking out for the place now.

  5. You're crazy if you don't take a walk (or at least a drive) around the 14th - 18th hundred blocks of Villa, Park, College and Wisconsin. A gem of Racine. Historic and unique homes so close to the lake. Yes, there is some decay and problems but the positives should be noted and appreciated.

  6. There is nothing crazy about that area of Villa. I live on the 1400 block and I am very pleased with the direction our neighborhood is going in. Thank you Racine Post for highlighting an area that many negative people are not willing to open their eyes to. We need to be positive about our city in order for it to become an even better place to live!