July 4, 2009

And a few more pictures, just for fun

Those spontaneous cheers and applause on TV? Here's the secret...

And, finally, a few random photos from the parade that just didn't seem to fit in any other category.

Abe and George rode Segways, right after the Harleys

A colorful clown from the McMynn Tower

Horlick cheerleader flashes an enhanced smile

Intense Racine Scout in Drum and Bugle Corps

Theresa Peterson, Lil' Irish Leprechaun

A Baby Boomer Biker

'Drop and give me 20!' Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Central Bark's mascot rode in the parade

From left, Nicholas Rossi, David Hotchkiss, Ernie Rossi, Chelsea Oscarson
and Marie Hotchkiss in their annual family costume competition

Chef and bartender Gary Gibson dressed
in a hot dog costume; picture sent to us by 'Coolcats'


  1. I really enjoyed the live bands. I missed the guy who rides the big huge wheel down the street. The shriners were a blast.

  2. what about the SUPPORT OUR TROOPS float