February 1, 2009

Why is Brian Urlacher scowling? You would be, too!

Brian Urlacher has a number of reasons for scowling.

First, of course, there's the fact that he's not in today's Super Bowl. Was it really two years ago the Bears got beaten by the Colts? The wound still hurts.

Second, Arizona vs. Pittsburgh? Who really cares? Give us the Packers, the Bears -- even the Vikings. Cardinals vs. Steelers just doesn't get the blood boiling.

But no, that isn't why Urlacher's angry. Mostly, it's because he's about to be renamed by Jeff Shawhan, Racine's champion snow sculptor, who was putting the finishing touches on the Bear's All-Pro Linebacker's image this morning, carved out of an eight-foot tall block of snow. After much debate, Shawhan decided to rename No. 54 Girlacher, and was about to carve a tutu into the base of the statue as a finishing touch.

It's all for the amusement of the patrons at Scores Sports Bar on Washington Avenue, which is owned by Jeff's "little" brother Rich (who, while younger than Jeff, is quite a bit bigger). The game starts at 5:20 p.m. today, but the party begins whenever you arrive.

Just be sure to say hello to Brian Urlacher... um, Girlacher, when you come in by the main door off the parking lot in back. And if you see Jeff, be sure to wish him luck at the Chicago snow sculpting championships in two weeks.

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