February 3, 2009

Special election timetable

The JT reports today the City Council is poised to move up the special election to pick a new mayor. The aldermen realized they could save $36,000 by holding the primary on April 7, the same day as local elections. The general election would be May 5.

The likely decision is an early loss for soon-to-be appointed Mayor Tom Friedel, who had advocated for a May 5 primary with a June 2 election. Friedel argued city residents need more time to pick a new mayor.

It also means Friedel's short stay in the mayor's office will be even shorter. Moving up the election date effectively cuts Friedel's term a month short (a significant amount of time when you're looking at a max of four months in office to begin with).

Moving up the date also shortens the amount of time candidates will have to collect the 200 signatures needed to run for office. If the primary is held April 7 and the General Election is May 5, candidates need to turn in their signatures by March 10. If the primary election is May 5 with the General Election on June 2, candidates can begin circulating papers on March 18 and have to turn them in by April 7.

Here's a breakdown of the timetable from City Attorney Rob Weber.


  1. Interesting how you have published a, presumably attorney-client privileged, communication between the city attorney and the aldermen. How did you come to get your hands on such a thing?

  2. How are the alderman protected by Attorney privileged when they work for we the people?
    Also think Pentagon Papers/Free Press.

  3. any of the candidates should already have 200 supporters. i know the one my wife and i support has the numbers.

    hey racine, wake up, and lets have one election and no primary. save money and lets do this thing O-N-C-E!

  4. My Candidate is ready to go Now! Jody Harding didn't wait until the Mayor found himself in a scandal, Jody was ready to bring Common Sense and reasonable responsibility to City Hall as soon as she is elected. She's a CPA and is familiar with tough choices and Slush funds and how to flush them out.

    Jody even supports SAVING the Taxpayers money by eliminating the City Administrator at $100,000.00, because isn't the Mayor supposed to be the "City Admin"? Common Sense folks. So vote in April or May She's ready now!!

  5. Thanks for giving yourself a plug, Jody.

  6. Colt is torn between Jim K/ Peter K!

    Maack/Helding = Becker

  7. I cant see any of the peoples running as being a good mayor for Racine. We need a mover and shaker for this, and so far nobody has any record of making things happen. I also saw another articel on hear that Rob Turner is running and he is going to stay at the state capitol and have 2 jobs - ON THE TAXPAYERS MONEY -he never did anything for us anyway - what a jerk.