February 1, 2009

Racine Unified would gain $19.4 million under feds' stimulus plan

Note: Well that's embarrassing. Pete covered this story a week ago. I'll leave this one because there's some new info, about Milwaukee and Kenosha. But count me as demonstrably slow on this one.

Racine Unified could receive $7.5 million for new construction under the stimulus program passed by the House last week. (See the statewide breakdown here.)

The construction money is part of $19.4 million in total additional aid for the district over the next two years. It's the second highest total amount of aid among all districts in the state, but is a paltry sum compared to the Milwaukee Public School System's $204 million, including $88.6 million for new construction.

The Journal-Sentinel reports MPS would get 28 percent of the stimulus dollars set aside for education in Wisconsin, despite having no plans for new construction and 15 vacant school buildings.

In additional to construction funds, Racine Unified would receive $11.9 million in 2009 and 2010 for special education.

By comparison, Kenosha Unified is scheduled to receive $14.8 million over two years under the stimuls plan, including $5.4 million for new construction.

The J-S story raises the question about what "construction" means in the stimulus plan. It doesn't necessarily mean new buildings, according to a federal official.
Rachel Racusen, spokeswoman for the Democratic majority on the House Education and Labor Committee, said "school modernization" might be a better label than "construction." That could include renovation of existing facilities, she said. Improving energy efficiency, dealing with environmental hazards such as asbestos and repairing roofs might all be included.


  1. "$11.9 million in 2009 and 2010 for special education"

    So only a few students will actually benefit from this stimulus plan. The only way to get out of this mess is to give funding to students that can make a different and special education is not going to drive this country forward. Our country continues to put money into the "black hole" known as "special education" while the real students suffer.

  2. Another 19.4 million waisted not like is tax $ or anything.. After all The Son of God has given His Blessing to the hyperinflation to come. Can you say Zimbabwe? 2000%

  3. Let me remind you this stimulus package is intended to stimulate the economy. Aside from a few teaching jobs, how does 11.9 for special education have anything remotely to do with creating jobs for the unemployed!

    This stimulus package is a complete pile of piggy pork for Obama supporters!

  4. Anon 9:54

    Hate speech will not do! Please turn yourself in for reeducation

  5. How about blowing some of it on a hot lunch program that actually serves, I don't know....healthy food.
    Have you seen that menu? Lunchables are better for kids. And just like lunchables, Racine Unified lunches are served on disposable dishes. They teach green and healthy in the classrooms, but this is their example.

    We could put some cooks, nutritionalists, and dishwashers to work.

  6. colt - ah yes, in the Hope and Change America, any dissent against the socialist obamessiah will be considered hate speech and not tolerated. My computer is probably being monitored as we speak. One good thing - I think you'll be going to that reeducation camp with me ;^)