February 3, 2009

Miller House foreclosure sale cancelled

For the second time in two weeks, a high profile foreclosure auction of a Main Street landmark was cancelled

Last week, it was the Christmas House. Today it was the Miller House. No reason was given for either cancellation.

The Miller House, located at 1110 South Main Street, is owned (was owned?) by Rickey and Shea Leech who, according to the court filing, owe $672,948. Its current assessment is $415,000.

Preservation Racine members who toured the house last week said even that lesser number is far overstated. They shake their heads sadly at the condition of the house, pointing to features that once adorned the interior, but which are no longer present. Such as a carved fireplace mantel and a cast-iron "birdcage" elevator. Gone, they say. Another said a recent appraisal valued the 1899 mansion at barely $100,000, a perfect definition of a fixer-upper.

1 comment:

  1. feel so bad for the Leech's. They have tried so hard. The City of Racine is not friendly to small business's. The City is Great at making promises but not delivering.

    Its just a matter of time that all of a Main Street looks like a bomb went off.