January 23, 2009

Tavern League tops $15,000 for Thoughts for Food

The Racine City Tavern League, which has sponsored the “Thoughts for Food” musical fund-raiser for the 12th consecutive year, this year contributed $900. That will be matched by the Tavern League of Wisconsin Foundation, bringing the total donations to the Racine County Food Bank from these two organizations over $15,000.

This year's Thoughts for Food, the 17th, takes place on Saturday, March 7, at eight local venues hosting more than 30 different acts, in the River North neighborhood. Stages are located at Chartroom Charlies, The Eagles Club, Redline Tavern, George’s Tavern, Coasters Pub, Michigan’s Pub, The Racine Yacht Club and The Rhino Bar.

Tavern League members provide their establishments as venues for the event, supply many of the volunteers and and act as collection points for food drive. Proceeds since Thoughts for Food's inception total $287,000.00 and over 70,000 pounds of food.

The Racine County Food Bank, a United Way Partner Provider, in its past fiscal year, delivered over 800,000 pounds of food, free of charge, to food pantries, emergency shelters, community meal sites and social service agencies throughout Racine County.

Here's our report and photos from last September's Thoughts for Food2 event on the south side of the Root. Pictures from last March's Thoughts for Food event north of the Root are HERE.


  1. Wow! And all the talk about the
    " Powerfull Tavern League"
    Thanks to ALL it's members.

  2. It's not just talk. Wisconsin's Tavern League lobbies our legislature hot and heavy to prevent the implementation of reasonable laws regarding drinking in our state. Read the Journal Sentinel's series, Wasted in Wisconsin. We trail every state in holding people responsible for their actions under the influence of alcohol, and we lead every state in the consumption of it. The cost to our state is in the millions of dollars.

    Yes, what the local Tavern League does for local food banks is good. Does that mitigate releasing hundreds of drunk drivers onto our streets every day? Al Capone set up soup kitchens for those affected by the Great Depression. Guess he was a great community leader, too.

  3. About a hundred bucks a venue. For the busiest night of the year. Gee fellas, that mighty generous of you! Most likely tax free as well.

  4. Orbie

    The Tavern League does not lobby to prevent the implementation of reasonable laws, they lobby against laws that will not address the problems. They have always supported tough measures against repeat offenders and high BAC drivers which is where the problems lie. They lobbied against the .08 BAC law because it targets the social drinker and not is not the level of impairment where fatalities occur. There are as many fatal accidents at .02 as there are at .08. There are alot more a 0.0 BAC, thats why they are called accidents.

    Members of the Tavern League do not release hundreds of drunks onto our streets, problem drinkers do that themselves and they don't need a tavern to do it. Millions of Americans drink socially and drive home safely and responsibly every day. I'm sick and tired of all the neo-prohibitionists blaming the Tavern League for all of societys problems.

    I don't have a problem with holding people responsible for their actions under the influence, I have a problem with holding the Tavern League responsible.

    I would like to thank the "Powerful Tavern League" for all of the good that they do in our community. The Taverns are usually the first stop for folks going through hard times seeking fundraising assistance and they rarely say no.