January 22, 2009

Ron Thomas is NOT running for Mayor

Amid all the already-announced candidates for Mayor, the "seriously considering" candidates, the others quietly mulling ... well, here's a firm "no" from a former Alderman and mayoral candidate in 2003.

Ron Thomas is not running for mayor, he makes clear in this announcement:
Good morning,

While it is flattering to get phone calls asking me if I will consider being a candidate for Mayor of the City as I was in 2003, the reality is a firm no.

I have been contacted by a State Legislator, one of the candidates for Mayor, as well as a couple of City Council members and an elected official from Caledonia. Working for the United Way allows me to be very involved in the infrastructure of this community and I feel that is my strong suit. Working for the United Way of Racine County that is a non profit I would have to take a leave of absence without pay as I did in 2003. Being out of the system for six years is another incentive not to place consideration my involvement.

I am grateful for the calls and comments but my future is not as an elected official .


Ron Thomas


  1. I can understand, but am sorry to hear you won't be running for Mayor. I believe you would be an effective leader for the City. Good luck to you!

  2. ...that is a non profit I would have to take a leave of absence without pay as I did in 2003...

    Would a for-profit pay for his leave of absence?

    ...out of the system...

    I would think the mayor would be in the eye of the 'system'.

    Regardless, sorry to hear the hard working middle class family folks in Racine won't have you to kick around.

  3. Thats too bad, Ron would be a great mayor for Racine.....I hope you would reconsider Ron.

  4. Ron, You would make a good mayor. But having to run for your job every two years isn't the greatest thing. Good luck, sorry to see you aren't running.