January 19, 2009

Molly MaGruder adding 'high-end' consignment

You've worn that pretty dress once too often -- all your friends have seen you in it -- so what do you do?

Until last summer, you could consign good, clean clothing to Act II, Racine's premier women's clothing resale shop, and pass it on to someone else -- perhaps earning enough in the process to go shopping again. But after 33 years, Act II owner Rose Kaprelian shuttered her doors, blaming the recession (and upcoming street renovations).

Well, that same "recession" has only gotten worse -- and another retailer is picking up the slack. The owners of Molly MaGruder, 330 Main St., are adding a consignment department to their contemporary clothing boutique.

Dorothy Ward and Laurie Pettit say they have heard from many of their customers how much they miss having a high-end, stylish consignment store in Racine, so they are adding this service to their existing business as a way to expand and enhance Molly MaGruder.

"We will take high-end ladies contemporary clothing and accessories on consignment," Ward said.

The store and the client will split the selling price of the item 50 / 50. Ward said, "How much store space we will devote to consignment will depend on how much stock we have. We will still carry our new items. We will start as soon as we have inventory (very soon I hope). I believe at present, there really isn't any competition since Act II closed."

Molly MaGruder will start accepting Spring and Summer items immediately, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. Anyone who has items to bring in should call 262-898-9080 or email for guidelines for consigning.

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  1. This is a great idea. It's nice to have this option again for both selling and buying.