December 9, 2008

Woodward running for Caledonia Village Board

Here come the spring elections ... Caledonia resident Curt Woodward announced today he's running for Village Board. (Potential candidates take note: Sending a well-written press release to the local media is a good way to start your campaign. If you're running for office, let us know.)

Here's Woodward's announcement:
Caledonia resident Curt Woodward announced his candidacy today for the Village Board of Trustees.

“Caledonia is such a wonderful place to live,” said Woodward. “I decided to run to help make sure our community continues to be a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

Woodward has been involved in the community for many years and is the owner of Retail Fixture LLC, a small business providing custom fixtures to retail industry world wide. Woodward and his wife Lisa founded the firm over 15 years ago and have grown it from a few employees to now over 100. In addition Woodward recently opened Artistry Furniture and Gift Gallery in downtown Racine.

“My parents always said that if you want to keep something great you have to work hard to make it happen,” said Woodward. “My lifelong dream was never to run for public office, but after being encouraged by many, many community leaders, I felt it was my turn to step up.”

Since becoming a Village, Caledonia elected officials have been working hard to move our community forward. Woodward wants to be a part of insuring that the Village maintains an adequate balance of growth and development along with the high quality of life so many residents have come to love about the Village.

“We need to make sure that our community grows but we also have to remember that families won’t be able to afford to live here if we don’t keep property taxes in check,” Woodward said.

Curt is an avid outdoorsman and lover of nature, along with the four acre pond he had dug, one of his proudest accomplishments is that his property contains hundreds of trees planted by him and his family.

“I look forward to running an aggressive campaign going door to door in every part of the village. I want everyone to know that I intend to work hard to earn their votes,” Woodward said.

Woodward is a member of RAMAC, Grace Lutheran Church LCMS, were he is a Trustee and usher captain, ARE (Association of Retail Environments) NFIB, Downtown Racine Corporation, RCEDC and has coached youth basketball for over 8 years.

Curt & his wife Lisa have five children Jade 19, Andrea 18, Joseph 15, Samantha 11 and Jack 5.

Woodward is running for seat #5, currently held by Bob Bradley.


  1. Yeah Retail Fixtures! They only hire thru a temporary service and keep a high turn around on employees so they don't have to pay benefits on a large majority of their employees! Good looking out for the people that work hard for you Kurt!

  2. Anon: A disgruntled ex-employee that probably hurt himself & failed a drug test.
    I have worked at Retail for years and can vouch that it is a good private company to work for. Curt is a good guy and will make a fine Board member. He is a deticated man that has made a good life for his family through years of hard work and is very deticated to the community.
    Anon, next time pick up some of that urine cleanser. Maybe you'll then be able to keep a steady job.

  3. Kcin97 A disgruntled ex-employee that probably hurt himself & failed a drug test. I worked there on 2 different ocassions you think they would hire me twice if I failed a drug test LMAO! Out of the 100 employees how many are permanent with benefits and fancy parking spots? Maybee 20 or less and Curt wants a better life for families! Hard work and dedication to your employer should provide that. You slaved there for years becuase you probably ran a CNC machine am I right? Yeah he made a good life for him and his family that is exactly what I was trying to do. He was usually racing his car or motorcycle while we were all keeping the place running! Just because the products had Woodward on the side didn't mean Curt was actually making and creating them! Now I work for a GOOD employer permanatly and I got what I want I just hope you slave for what you don't got.