December 9, 2008

Chris Larsen running for Sturtevant Village Board

Chris Larsen has announced his candidacy for the Sturtevant Village Board, in the April 7, 2009 election.

Larson, 40, is a warehouse coordinator at Butter Buds Food Ingredients. A 1986 gruaduate of Horlick High School, he is married and has a daughter. This is his first run for office.

His campaign statement says:
Sturtevant is a growing and vibrant community that is trying to maintain its small town feel while competing in the 21st century. My goal is to make sure that happens. We need to ensure that Sturtevant will remain a destination for business and job growth while preserving the neighborhood feel one gets walking the village, or attending a festival.

People here have strong feelings and long-planted roots. In talking to people around the village, they expressed that the village needs to keep taxes as low as possible while providing the services they have come to expect. They also expressed that Sturtevant needs to remain an independent village. They don’t want us to become Racine west, or an extension of Mt. Pleasant.

While I have only been a village resident since 2005, my wife Terri is a lifelong Sturtevant resident, and I have fully immersed myself in the history of our village, and will use that history to shape the future of Sturtevant.

There are challenges forthcoming in the next two years and I pledge to listen to the people of Sturtevant and make decisions based on what is best for the future of the village. I want to offer new ideas for addressing the issues Sturtevant faces. My vision for Sturtevant is to be a place where you would want to raise a family and a place that is attractive to new business of all sizes. I am very excited about the opportunity to serve the citizens, residents, taxpayers, businesses, and employees of our community. I would appreciate your support on April 7, 2009, and am asking for your vote.
Campaign updates will be posted on his website.

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