December 11, 2008

Update: Nativity Scene is up ... pyramid in doubt

Update: The Nativity Scene is up. Here are a couple of photos:

And, I just talked with Al Sorenson, who built last year's atheist pyramid. He wasn't aware the creche had been built this year, and wasn't sure if his group would respond with the pyramid. It cost $700 last year to insure the pyramid, and the pyramid itself is warped. So it would take some work, and some money, to rebuild the display at get it back up. Sorensen said he wasn't sure his group was up for it again.

Update: We're told the Nativity Scene was built Monday night and is up. We're heading down this morning to check it out.

Monument Square, December 19, 2007

The single most read post in RacinePost's brief history was on Dec. 19, 2007. Pete wrote about the ideological battle between a Nativity Scene and an atheist group's pyramid on Racine's Monument Square.

The symbolic dispute gained national attention. TV stations interviewed Racine's Al Sorenson, who built the pyramid. It made the JT and papers around the country, and it drew over 10,000 readers to this little website thanks to a link on

So what's going on this holiday season? Did the two sides renew their public dispute?


There's no sign of either the Nativity Scene or the pyramid on Monument Square this year. The only sign of Christmas is the city's Christmas tree on the square's southeast corner.


  1. We love the Nativity scene and we aren't particularly religious. the pyramid is hideous and we would rather just have Monument Square truly have the spirit of Christmas. To hell with the athiests!

  2. Athiests can't go to hell. I still think the nativity to be inappropiatlly put on city property. Let the churches do religion.