December 9, 2008

Goodbye, Dewey; hello, 'neighborhoods' at Library

If you haven't been to the Racine Public Library lately, you may have missed some improvements in library service.

Easier to find materials: Library staff are creating "neighborhoods" within the adult collection, keeping keeping all related materials from the collection in one area. Where books may have been previously shelved in a variety of areas according to Dewey numbers, some will now be found together under one general section.

The first neighborhood is the Travel Section, which now includes information on hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, etc. Mystery and Romance books have been organized the same way, with collections of short stories, hardcover and paperback books now all in one area.

Video movies have also been reorganized, with VHS and DVD videos now shelved alphabetically together rather than by separate format.

Wireless printing now available: Patrons who regularly use the Library's wireless service on the second floor, will now have wireless printing options available as well. With the simple download of the virtual printer driver, users can send their print job from their personal computers to the Library's public Internet printer and print copies for 25 cents a page. For an instruction sheet on how to proceed with wireless printing, visit the Adult Reference Desk.


  1. Okay - so some will still be filed under the Dewey system and some will not? That sounds more confusing than it's worth. I understand grouping things together, but it'll be harder trying to find them on the shelves - especially if people start moving things around.

  2. In fact it is better because things are more logical. I like romance novels and sci-fi, and I didn't know that there were more of these types of books in the non-fiction section. So now that they have grouped them together they are easier to browse through. I am happy that the library is making as effort to make things easier to find.

  3. There shouldn't be romance and sci-fi novels in the non-fiction section, because those 2 types of books are FICTIONAL! If they have a Dewey Decimal number, it's either a biography/autobiography or a research=based scientific book. The fiction books are alrady categorized by type (Romance, etc), so there's really no reason to move things around.