December 11, 2008

Another Festival Hall show has moved out...

More bad news for Festival Hall: Another long-time event has left the building.

Last summer, it was HarborFest that deserted the grounds, taking at least a year off (and following Salmon-a-Rama's shrinkage).

Now it's the Journal Times' Home Show that's leaving. The event has been a fixture for years, filling both Festival Hall and two floors of Memorial Hall, with shuttle buses hauling showgoers back and forth.

Word has come that the Home Show will take up residence this year in Regency Mall, utilizing -- for just one weekend -- the space vacated by Linens and Things. That store was filled in October by a Halloween retailer, and is now occupied by Giant Book Sales, a discount book seller here for just three months (unless it chooses to move across the corridor into the space Steve and Barry's bankruptcy will leave empty after Christmas).

Everybody's scrambling in retailing, doncha know.

It appears that the Home Show -- scheduled for March 13 - 15 at Regency Mall, will have approximately the same space it had at the Civic Center. Linens and Things' store has 27,500 sq. ft., just a hair less than the amount offered by Festival Hall's 16,700 sq. ft. plus Memorial Hall's 4,800 upstairs and 8,095 downstairs.


  1. And of course we were told that Jim W was the issue, perhaps there is a lot more going on.

  2. Stop the press!
    So the J-T who saids they love Downtown Racine so much that they- J-T backs the Nazi like DRC,(IMHO) to the point of not reporting the real news about downtown.
    Now the J-T is jumping ship like rats on a ship?
    Yes the J-T friend of Racine's downtown friend of the civic center.
    And Dustin you want me to subscribe why?

  3. Maybe they should just tear it down and put a HUGE water fountain up for the kids to play in!

  4. It used to be a fly-by-night sort of entertainment but the city had to get their hads in the profits. And build a big luxurious hall...and then charge an enormous fee to use it. It was nice and profitable and 'local' long time ago. Too bad. They charge way too much rent for the place. Can you imagine what they would charge for children to use a water park, what with life guards, sanitation, insurance. For all we know they may be investing in condos 'because the hall shows no profit'. Remember the government thinks 10 years ahead.

  5. This city's Government thinks?

  6. I don't go to Racine's mall, except as a last resort. I do go to Festival Park.