October 17, 2008

Textbook mom says she won't vote for Obama

The Racine mom who started the controversy over an excerpt written by Barack Obama in her middle-schooler's text book said she can no longer support Obama for president.

The mom, who agreed to an interview in exchange for anonymity, said she initially supported the Illinois senator. But after learning more about the issues she started to reconsider. Now, she's completely turned off to Obama because of the "sneaky" nature of the excerpt that appeared in her son's text book.

"It seems so underhanded," she said in a phone interview. "At this time, there would be no way I would vote for Obama."

The mom kicked off a wave of protest against the Racine Unified School District and publisher Houghton Mifflin Co. over a 15-page section in a middle school literature text book. The excerpt is from Obama's autobiography, "Dreams from My Father."

The Racine mom said she was most upset about a photo that showed Obama giving a speech at the Democrats' 2004 national convention. On one of the campaign signs in the photo you can read the web address for a website supporting Obama.

"That photo shouldn't be in there," she said. "There should be nothing political in the book."

The mom did call and complain about the textbook to the School District, but did not identify herself as the person who wrote the initial email. She doesn't want any personal attention on the issue, which has spread nationally through news wires, blogs and Fox News.

The mom said she would like to see the 15-page excerpt removed from the textbooks. She does not favor throwing out the books, because it would be too expensive.

In response to the issue, Racine Unified is reviewing its textbook selection guidelines.

Here's the post on Real Debate Wisconsin that started it all.


  1. StoptheMadnessNOW10/17/2008 2:45 PM

    Awww, c'mon!! Do we have any assurance that this person even exists?? Of course not!

    That's the danger of anonymous sources as they taught in journalism school (and presumably still do).

    It's also the danger of the blogosphere becoming a news source these days.

  2. yea, right. She was leaning towards Obama. But reports for the most blindly partison website in the area. Sounds like another "Joe the Plumber" fakes to me.

    Just another one of Fred Dooleys false outrage peices.

  3. My goodness! She 's not going to vote for Obama because he's in a textbook. Boy o boy!!! What good sense that makes. The excerpt was included before he even announced his candidacy. And she will deny herself because of something sooooo petty; what good sesnse that makes.

  4. Anon, you are a coward and an idiot.

    Dustin interviewed this woman personally. Go ahead and keep making your ridiculous attacks.

  5. I did interview the textbook mom. She exists.

  6. If you are going to make false claims, you should be willing to back them up.

    Dustin, I'd consider banning this coward and liar.

  7. So an excerpt from a best-selling book written by a historical American author should be banned from a textbook? Burn the books now! Anything regarding politics should be banned from the schools? Let's get rid of history and government classes because a politician's website may be seen in a picture.
    Good grief!!!