October 13, 2008

Obama, McCain signs being stolen?

It wouldn't be an election without reports of political signs being stolen out of people's yards. This one is a little different because Obama's yard signs cost $7, which makes this a theft. (McCain supporters: If you've had signs stolen, let us know and we'll add your complaints to the list.)

Here's the report on the stolen Obama signs:
I've heard from friends who live on the north side that their yard signs for Obama have been repeatedly stolen; Sonja Becvar, who lives on the corner of North Street and LaSalle, has had hers taken more than twice, and she says that her neighbors on LaSalle Street have all had their signs taken, some in broad daylight.

Here's a report on stolen McCain sign:
We had three McCain/Palin signs stolen from our front yard last Tuesday night...I did call the police and filed a complaint. I had purchased the signs from the McCain website and they were $7 each. They have been replaced. We live in Franksville. ~Sandra Swantz


  1. It must be three weeks before an election. The stolen sign reports are starting....

  2. I don't have any signs up to be stolen, but here's what happened over at my place on Oregon St north of Lockwood on Tuesday.

    I pull into the driveway. Upon getting out of the car, I'm greeted by someone canvassing our neighborhood.

    "You willing to answer a simple question?"
    "Good. We're from the Election Board and would like to know who you're voting for."
    "You certain?"

    At this point I notice that she's wearing a button that reads "Vote for a Democrat."

    "Wait," I interject as she turns to leave. "You're from the Election Board? Do you mean the Racine board?"
    "No. I'm from New York."
    "Oh, so you're not a civic employee of Racine."
    "No, I'm from Wisconsinites [and mumbled the rest of the name]. It's a non-partisan group."

    She then turned away, at which point I read the back of her jacket which read, "Healthcare for all."

    I was stunned. She called herself non-partisan when she clearly wasn't...are there people out there who would actually believe that non-partisan groups present themselves that way?

    By the time I came to my senses she was in a van with her co-workers and drove away (No, she wasn't running from me, it was beginning to rain).

    Now, I don't mind giving information to people canvassing for Democrats--or anyone for that matter. What stunned me was that she initially presents herself from a group that sounds like it's a government-funded agency, and then being asked to clarify, she still claims to be non-partisan, even though she's blatantly wearing partisan stuff. (Her button said, "Vote for a Democrat"!!)

    Why? Why does this person feel she needs to lie about the nature of the group she works for? What is she hiding (or hiding from)? I just don't get it.

  3. You might want to call the local GOP Office, they are keeping a list of stolen and destroyed signs. You can add mine to that list.

    Also all of these hand painted signs all over town from the unions are illegal, none of them have the appropriate disclaimers (authorized and paid for...)

    That is a more serious issue.

    But then since when did the Democrats have to follow the rules?

  4. many signs (both campaigns) over-sized (per the law) too....