October 16, 2008

Red Apple site of latest school computer theft

Another Apple computer was stolen last night from a Racine school, making 69 such thefts in recent weeks, with a total value of about $60,000.

The district sent the following note to all employees this morning:
Unfortunately, another school was broken into last night. The extra police patrols around our schools discovered a broken window at Red Apple very early this morning, and one new Mac flat screen computer was stolen from an office. It appears that the additional security measures that have been implemented limited the loss.

The first line of defense against computer thefts is staff driven protection measures including drawing of shades, moving computers into areas that have alarms during the nights and weekends, and the other security measures that were mentioned in previous e-mails. Please continue these security measures until further notice.

At this point, no new computers will be installed into schools until the investigation is complete or additional security measures to protect computers have been implemented. The district is in the process of exploring additional security measures to guard against thefts.

If you have any information on any of the thefts, please report it to Crimestoppers. All staff is asked to continue to cooperated with the police investigations and the security measures.
Police discovered the theft about 1:30 a.m. when an officer found a broken window at the school. The Journal Times reports that the missing computer belonged to a staff member, and not the school district.

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  1. The computer stolen belonged to the RUSD and was used by a secretary in an office. There was another computer (a laptop I guess) that another staff member had with them. The JT story is not clear...so it goes.

    Would love to see you look into the insurance issue. Not having these computers insured unless they are stolen at the same time for a sum of 50,000 seems just plain wrong.

    It is a shame that we have come to this.