October 16, 2008

Huddle up! Local Republicans rally McCain-Palin volunteers

The local Republican Party added us to their mailing list and sent out this football-themed pep talk to its local volunteers:
Racine County embraces the football season in the final 2 weeks of the campaign.

The Racine McCain-Palin Victory Center announced today that the campaign season has hit the 2 minute warning!

What this means is this Saturday, October 18th, is our last Super Saturday before the biggest push of the season…and we need everyone to get off the bench and huddle up.

We have a game plan for Saturday. We need all of our reserve players to come out and devote a minimum of 2 hours of time in the field between 9:00 am - 6:00 pm and here is how you can contribute to the team:

Yard signs!! You’ve seen them around town and we need to get another 500-600 out. Additionally we have some large signs that will require 2 people with a truck!

Doors!! We have “walk books” so you can choose the distance and neighborhood you are able to walk! We will also be combining this with a lit drop…no knocks for the lit…just a drop.

Phones!! Call our Victory Center and reserve a time and phone just for you. We have plenty of phones and numbers that need your attention.

Our location:

In Racine
6500 Washington Ave


  1. Hasnt the McCain campaign abandoned Wisconsin?

  2. Didn't you hear? McCain's camp is now using automated messages to try to scare people from voting for Obama. The funny thing is, they are turing people away from McCain! And they must have low volunteer numbers since they have to resort to using automated messages.

  3. To Anonymous said.

    Yoy are a loone

  4. I have gotten a robo call and it turned my husband, who was undecided to go for Obama. It was a nasty robo call and tries to link Obama to a terrorist while people are economically hit and need help.

  5. I'm sorry, but I have to call BS on all these stories of the robocalls turning people from undecided to Obama. There is no way they were undecided.

    Ayers participated in domestic terrorism. Obama launched his Chicago political career in Ayers' living room. How is that now relevant?

    What if the unabomber had escaped prosecution on a technicality and from that point on led a non-violent life. At times, he expressed regrets that his past endeavors were not more successful. He goes back to teaching college and does quite well. Let's say in 2030, a young Republican launches his political career from the living room of the former unabomber. Do you really think people then will say it is no big deal. The sad part is that they probably will, because we seem to have no memory in this country

  6. You;d have to be a real chump to volunteer when the party has already abaondoned the race here.