October 8, 2008

City jumping the gun on polling place change?

Update: The City Clerk's office said that polling site is being changed at the request of Knapp Elementary. The school asked that they not be used for voting, which is understandable given the disruption Election Day would bring to the school.

But the change still appears to violate state election law and could be confusing for voters. Why not make this change two months ago?

Original Post:

The City Council is considering a last-minute change to one of its polling places less than a month before the Nov. 4 general election.

Based on the minutes from last night's council meeting, Mayor Gary Becker suggested moving a polling place from Knapp Elementary School to the Workforce Development Center. The council voted to send the idea to the Executive Committee for consideration.

But that hasn't stopped the city from listing the Workforce Development Center as the new polling site on its website.

There's some question that this may even violate state law. Here's the statute:

5.25 Polling places. (1) All elections under chs. 5 to 12 shall

be held at the polling places provided in this section. The places

chosen shall be public buildings, unless the use of a public building

for this purpose is impracticable or the use of a nonpublic

building better serves the needs of the electorate, as determined by

the authority charged with the responsibility for establishing polling

places under sub. (2).

(2) In cities over 500,000 population, polling shall be at the

places established by the board of election commissioners. In all

other cities and in villages and towns, polling shall be at the places

established by the governing body.

(3) Polling places shall be established for each September primary

and general election at least 60 days before the election, and

for each other election at least 30 days before the election.

But here's the real question: Why change a polling site less than a month before a major election?


  1. At least the city's former city attorney used to keep them out of trouble, now it seems anything goes.

  2. it is part of the mayors overall plan to get obama elected. ask why only certain inner city community centers are open weeks before the election. vote early vote often !

  3. I would guess that City government screwed this up by just not doing it in the time that State law allows for. In other words - gross incompetence (again.)

    Let's hope there is not any confusion in that voting district on election day and that all who want to vote, are able to find out where to vote.

  4. Who cares anyhow, big deal........I saw it on CAR25 weeks ago, so they have had the info up and out there

  5. I don't get CAR 25 cause I have Dish Network. Not everyone gets that channel so it can't be expected that everyone sees it.

  6. Excellent question? You guys are sharp!!!!

  7. This moves the polling place further into the more democratic areas of the district. Plus. it makes it easier to drag all the HALO people over to vote straight ticket democrat.

  8. Wait - the HALO people didn't all get letters from John McCain telling them that they needed to register in Uzbekistan and that their polling place is on Saturn? As for CAR25, was that polling place info on between the documentary about aliens, under the direction of George Bush, blowing up the World Trade Center and the half hour show about the guy who absolutely loves his children?

  9. I am sure that Becker will have signs in Spanish so his illegals can vote after all Obama the Son of GOD must be elected

  10. Call your Alderman! Becker can't get away with this blatant pro Obama move! He is overlooking the law because it helps his cause. Notice how the council sent this to the Executive Committee, so a small group a lapdogs can ram it through! Woof, woof, boys!

  11. Aldermen: If you vote for this knowing it is against the law, you are breaking the law. Just a thought.

  12. Is someone going to notify the state elections board on this?

  13. What good would telling the elections board do? They are violating federal election laws as we speak.

    It doesn't matter who requested the change - the law is the law and the polling place should not change until next election

  14. i believe this state of wisconsin government accountability board jurisdiction

  15. Polling places should have never been changed for the 13th district anyway.. It was at in a perfect place. Knapp school was a bad chioce from day one. Never have a polling place in a school unless classes are suspended for the day.
    The City counsel has made a lot of bad choices without consideration.. Its business as usual.