October 8, 2008

14-year-old dies after Wheaton-Franciscan misdiagnoses her

The JT's lead story this morning is about 14-year-old Kieana Young, who died over the weekend after Wheaton-Franciscan All Saints sent her away three times with the wrong diagnoses. Kieana died of congestive heart failure at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee.

The story actually developed on the JT's website three days ago when a reader posted a blog about a conversation she overheard in the beauty salon. Comments on the blog updated Kieana's status, and eventually her passing.

Wheaton-Franciscan isn't talking about the incident, and Kieana's mom is planning a lawsuit. It'll take years, but the courts will sort this one out.

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  1. Pretty risky on your part don't you think. Assuming information as Fact without knowing all of the facts.